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Impromptu Intreview


I woke up to a hard knockingand Canelos constant barking. I grabed the pillow next to me and pulled it over my head, trying to catch a few more hours of sleep. After trying this for a good 5 minutes I realized it was useless and sat up in my bed.. I lookes around my room and realized that Canelo was no longer in my room, where he usually sleeps. The noises that woke me up where coming from the door.

My dog was going crazy, jumping up at the door, barking, and just nuking a lot of noise. "Canelo vete pa ya!" I yelled after him and pointed at the couch. He ran with his tail between his legs. I opened the door ready to kick however the hell was disturbing my sleep.

As soon as i opened the door Diego stampied in yelling. "Hey man que te pasa pendejo!" I followed him to my room. He walked into my closet while i threw myself on the bed and curled up with Canelo, once he jumped up on the bed.

"Why are you sleeping?" He came out of the closet with an outfit in hand. "Because it 5 in the morning and we be tired." To prove my point my fur baby yawned.

Diego made his way to the farther end of the bed. I felt it before i saw it and next thing i know i was laying on the floor and being dragged into the shower. "You need to shower for the intrewvie you have today!" That woke me up fast.

"Que intrewview!" I said as i got into the shower. "I didn't tell you? You have an intrewview at my workplace and imma take you eith me. I fistpumped the air and got ready as fast as possible. I put on the white shirt and black pants Kalimba had picked out for me. I was about to reach for my converse when Kalimba stopped me. "Nuh uh, you need yo wear something nice." "They are nice." I whined. He pulled up some black niced looking short boots. "They have a bit of heel but its ok for you." Jokes on him i loked those boots anyways.

I looked at myself in the mirror while putting my hair into a bun. 'This is missing something, do you have an extra tie?" I asked turning aroud. "In the car, vamonos."

We a walked to his car. He opend the trunk, grabed something from inside. He threw a black tie at me. "Thanks" I said and put it on. "Come on where going to be late.


"Here we are." He parked the car and we got off. I was starstruck at the big beutiful building infront of my eye. "Ready for the intrewview?" "Do I need to pay bills?" We laughed.

We walked into the building and my my jaw dropped. It was beutiful, a perfect paradise to work in. I hadnt noticed i stopped walking until Kalimba was draging me to the elevator.

There already was a girl inside bye the time we got there. "Hi Diego." She greeted, "Hello." He responded. "Who is she?" She asked discusted, "Greeting alien my name is Anaisabel, but you can call me Miss Hernandez." I said sickly sweetly. She looked offended by my response to her, dont know why if shes the one that was being bitchy. She opened her mouth to what I assume is say a lame comeback but the elevator opened and she had to walked out in a huff.

"Ah niña, you haven't even done the intrewview y ya estas haciendo broncas." He shook his head and broke into laughter along side me. In no time rhe elevator had arrived at the top floor, where the intrewview was at, and we walked out.

"You nervous?" He asked smirking. "Yo? Nah," i walked forward confidently, "you no what, si tengo chungos de miedo." I said as i scurried back to his side. He laughed "Are you laughing at my pain?" "No," he grabed my sholders firmly and looked deep into my eyes, "your going to be fine ok. Your gonna nail this thing."

I smiled at his encouragement. I walked off towards the office feeling less scared. "Wait!" I felt Diego pull at the tie that was holding my hair up into a messy bun making it come cascading down. I turned to look chew him out. "You looke better like this." He gave me my liga and ran off before I could even open my mouth.


Aloha guey!

So we bout to get a job? Hope so, our girl is very capable.

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