Wrong Side Of The System

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Im Going Crazy!


I woke up with a pounding head this morning and no matter what medication I had decided to take it still pounded against my skull. I had just arrived at my office and checked my schedule. All the words seemed to blur together as the room spinned. Hearing a light knock on the door, "Come in." I said to whoever was on the other side. My headache went away momentarily as I saw the person that entered my office.

She looked beutiful. Ana had a black dress shirt on that was a bit see through, luckily she had a undershirt on too. She wore a black tie around her neck that made her look more professional and ready to work. Skiny black jeans hungged her legs making her appear casual yet sofisticated with some small heeled leather boots. The boots made her look tough and gives off a menacing vibe while the smile in her face made her look aprochable. She had no visible makeup on and her hair fell down her back and sholders in in fresh looking waves. Some black glasses rested on her face, they weren't their any other time i had seen her, they looked cute on her though.

Apparently I was staring for too long because she started waving a hand over my face. "Is it the hair? Darn it its the hair, I shouldn't have let Diego mess with it knowing I hadn't brushed it this morning." She said frantically as she started pulling her hair up. Before I could protest she had her hair up in a messy bun with small waves curving around her face making her look professional. I couldn't decide how she looked more beutiful, with her hair up or down.

I cleared my throught before I registered too much into her. "Take a seat." She sat down in the chair infront of me. I picked up the file that I had previously placed on my desk and opened it. "It say here that you graduated with a master in the buisness field, a minor in both regular and graphic design, and a Batchelors in architecture." I stated with raised eyebrow.

"Yes sir. I started attending college when I was 15 during high school. Finished my buisness career early and decided to venture a bit into architecture while finishing my master." She looked unfazed. I was impressed, she really did seem to be the the best candidate for my P.A. She didn't throw herself at me like all the other girls, she actuay had a useful set of skills and appeared to be genuinely interested in the position. I didn't know if I would be able to stay professional with her, no I have to be.

"Do you have any previous experience?" "I was the secretary of my dean of institute throughout my academic career and was a teachers aid for various classes. I also have previously worked with people and design, i had a payed internship at an independently owned graphic company." She had quite some experience and was perfect for me, i mean the position, but I didnt want this intrewview to end just yet.

"Why should you get the position?" I saw her bite the corner of her bottom lip nervously. "Well, I would really enjoy working here and being part of such a fine company." "Thats not what I'm asking." She looked at me suprised "Well with all honesty sir, I love working and learning. This seems like the perfect opportunity to learn for one day i hope to be the sole owner of my own company." I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she said she wished to own her own company. She has so much light and energy in her, she's amazing in every aspect.

I stood up from my chair, "Well i don't see why this intrewview should continue." I paused as she stood up and started playing with her hands. "You seem to be the best fit for the position." I smiled as I saw her face light up. Before i realized she lunged at me and wrapped her arm around my torso. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will not throw away this opportunity."

I started blush from the close contact and how tight she was holding me. No matter how innocent this hug may seem it still aroused a problem for me. I was not like a regular man that get exited with every women he sees, but she wakes up a side of me I never knew existed. She finally pulled away leaving me disappointed, pull yourself together shes just a girl.

"When do I start sir?" "Tomorrow at 8." "See you tomorrow then Mr. Romano." She stood strait and saluted me before walking out the door. Cazzo! And I thought her calling me sir drove me crazy with need, her calling me Mr. Roman drove me up a wall. I'm going to die of need and desperation before I turn 26.



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