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Girl in Lace

╔═══*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*═══╗

✧・Sebastien Renouard・✧

╚═══*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*═══╝

“You don’t have your usual evening date today,” Johanna Anderson reckoned as she nestled beside Sebastien for a hug. Her eyes were curious as they looked into his pale ones for an answer. He didn’t supply her with one, which caused a frown to perch itself on her brows.

“You didn’t accidentally knock up some random woman, did you? Although I suspect even that wouldn’t be enough to stop your mischievous ways-”

Sebastien chuckled at the panic in her voice before petting her gently on the shoulder.

“We’ve been best friends since high school, Jo. You know me, I’m not that irresponsible”

Johanna’s lips caught into her teeth in thought before she nodded and handed him a glass of red wine. He took it gratefully from her hand before looking out at the crowded ballroom of the charity event that they were attending.

The music pulsed gently in the air as people in varying dresses, suits and tuxedos swayed to the music. Some just chatted on the sidelines, getting acquainted and making connections. To Sebastien, however, it was not about making connections or having a good time. It was simply about keeping up a good image. A strong reputation.

It was about upholding the Renouard legacy and filling a role.

And being present made all of that happen, however much he hated being to this type of pretentious and extravagant events didn’t matter. He chose this path, and he loved the business side of it, just not the ‘keeping up with the pretences’ side.

Johanna suddenly spoke, breaking his line of bitter-some thoughts.

“You’re right. You’re responsible enough to not impregnate one of your late-night endeavours, but not enough to be in a serious relationship”

Sebastien didn’t take her dig at him too seriously. He knew Johanna, and she has been urging him to stop fucking around since a long time ago. It was Sebastien who didn’t listen. It’s because he knew Johanna had the kind of love that only came once in a blue moon. The kind that was strong, all-consuming and passionate. The type he didn’t believe he could ever have.

The type he believed he didn’t deserve. Not even in a blue moon.

So he gave her the same excuse he’s been giving her for the past year.

“Serious relationships are too difficult”

Joanna scrunched her lips into a scowl. But that was all she could bring herself to do. She had already argued with him about this in the past, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to change his mind. He was too stubborn for his own good. So she changed the topic to something more lighthearted.

“Carlos and I are getting married this June!” She announced happily.

Sebastien’s eyes darted towards her hand and he finally noticed the small diamond perched on her wedding finger. It wasn’t huge or grandiose, but knowing Jo, he knew she loved it. She was a simplistic girl despite her rich background, and that he could admire.

But he felt a pinch of betrayal at Carlos, who hasn’t even told him beforehand about the engagement. The little fucker. Carlos was Sebastien’s business partner and best friend. It was through him that he met Johanna. And because they’ve been dating for so long, Sebastien had already expected him to pop the question one of these days.

What he didn’t expect was for him not to tell him before going down on one knee. He’d very much have loved to see it happen. Despite his coldness towards the idea of love and relationships, Sebastien valued his friends’ happiness above everything else. And he could only imagine the cheerful look on both Carlos’ and Jo’s faces during the proposal.

Emotion clubbed at his chest as he pulled her into his arms for a tight hug.

“I’m happy for you, Jo,” He whispered in her ear. “But I’ll kill Carlos”

She laughed, pulling out of his warm embrace. Tears adorned her eyes. Happy tears.

“He wanted it to be a surprise, and you can’t keep surprises-”

Sebastien felt gutted.

“I can. I don’t understand why you’d think otherwise!” He accused her with mock hurt shadowing his eyes. She laughed, wiping at her tears before something caught her attention behind his shoulders.

Sebastien tried to turn around to find out what exactly that was.

“Don’t!” She stopped him in his tracks. “Don’t you dare turn around!”


“It’s her!” She hissed between her teeth as if he was the one acting like a petulant child. “She won Miss Universe this year!”

That explained everything, Sebastien thought. Johanna was a fashion fanatic and has been since high school. She’s also been watching the pageant competitions religiously for the past five years.

“I want a signature but I’m too scared to ask, she’s so-” Johanna looked up at him, her eyes pleading. He knew exactly what she wanted. He looked back at her incredulously.

“What? No. You should get it yourself since you like her so much”

Johanna’s eyes grew heavy with pain, “I just got engaged. Yet you didn’t even get me a congratulatory bouquet...”

Fuck it.

Sebastien spun around, pulling Johanna around with him. If she wanted a photograph, he’ll get her a photograph. But she’ll have to suffer through the ass-kissing with him.

But that’s not what they were received with.

They were met with a glamorous smile that astounded him.

His eyes collided with brown ones and for a split second, he felt like he was imagining it. But he knew he wasn’t. Because if this was a dream, neither of them would be standing in this crowded ballroom. Neither of them would be here fully clothed. And she... she wouldn’t be looking at him with that platonic look in her eyes.

His gaze cascaded down every feature of her face as he memorised it for the second time that day. Her sharp brown eyes tilted like a cat’s as they held his, her red lips lush and parted. Usually, he wouldn’t hover over a woman’s face for that long, but with her... he couldn’t. There was this enigma about her that made him look on forever.

She was the most beautiful woman he’s ever had the pleasure to lay his eyes on.

He wanted to caress her cheeks, touch her lips to his and watch those exotic pupils of hers roll to the back of her hooded eyes as she came from immense pleasure. He wanted to have her long, waves of black hair sprawled onto his bedsheets as he made sweet, sweet love to her.

The sudden sound of a throat clearing pulled him out of his reverie.

“I’m Evangelyn Cruz” She held out her hand for him to shake.

“Evangelyn...” He couldn’t help but wrap his mouth around the name himself. And he liked it. A whole damn lot. He liked the sound of it, the tune of it, musical and mysterious. Like her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Evangelyn”

Without taking his eyes off hers, he wrapped his firm hand around hers and held it gently. He just held it. And smiled. That million-dollar smile he knew pulled on a woman’s heartstrings. When her cheeks flushed pink, he smiled to himself in pleasure.

“I’m Sebastien Renouard” He introduced himself with that boyish smile dancing on his lips.

An elbow came crashing into his side, making him part his eyes off the Asiatic beauty in front of him.

He looked to his side to find a very quizzical-looking Johanna giving him a glowering look. He knew that look. It was a warning to not fuck around. But he didn’t know whether he could hold back this time. His eyes trailed back to the hypnotic Filipina’s.

“Forgive me, this is my friend Johanna Anderson. She’s a big fan”

Johanna smiled brightly at Evangelyn. Evangelyn smiled right back, and he felt a pang in his heart. God, he loved her smile.

“I’ve watched all of your conquests. You’re really quite something!” Johanna praised.

She was, Sebastien agreed silently as he ran his eyes down her figure again. She was tall, with perky breasts and wide hips. And her legs. Don’t fucking get him started on her legs.

They went on forever. And he had the sudden urge to feel them wrapped around his hips as he thrust into her. Hard. Fucking her recklessly before taking his time and making love to her slowly. Gracefully. Like he knew she deserved.

Sebastien wanted her. He wanted to ravish her, ruin her and shatter her. He wanted to spoil her for any other man that would ever want to have her.

He wanted her to be his.

But her avoiding eyes told him she wanted nothing to do with him. And he intended to know exactly why that was. He wanted to break her walls and make her his.

Only his.

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