Known Cure (Savages of Sicily #2)

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"You can pretend, love. But you can't ever forget, I won't let you." ~~~ With everything in the palm of his hand - money, success, and power, Noah Zanetti, was both admired and feared. He knew how to work a scalpel, both to fix you, and rip you apart. It was unfair that he managed to look sexy while doing both. But a person can't have everything now, can they? There's just one thing Noah wants more than anything, but can't have, and his temptation comes in the form of his boss's sister and his teenage lover. Dive into this not-so-romantic journey with Noah Zanetti and Valerie Valentino, as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of life while trying to keep their biggest secret hidden from their family and best friends.

Romance / Thriller
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No matter how powerful, wealthy or good looking you are, there are always going to be things you want, but can’t have.

It feels like God purposefully put them in front of us, to mock us, and to show us who’s actually in control.

You may watch, but you can’t touch.

And that’s when, the biggest, wealthiest, and most powerful men fall down to their knees and beg. Because the things we know we can’t have are the things we crave the most. That’s human psychology. We’re programmed in such a way that we can’t control our desires for something forbidden, and that becomes our downfall.

Like the apple was to Eve.

When we’re told something is illicit, our curiosity lights up, and the light doesn’t die until it’s satisfied and well-fed. The attraction for it is so hard, and so intense that it almost consumes our entire world. It gets our adrenaline pumping, and our hearts racing.

The quality of a thing being forbidden adds to its charm, and seduces us until we cave in.

However, some people have better control over their desire than others. They can watch, they can crave, and yet live without having it.

But I hadn’t ever been one of them.

If I wanted something, I took it. No regrets, no hesitations.

And when God put an irresistible temptation in front of me, I was helpless against its seductive charisma.

She was an aphrodisiac beauty, walking around the room with one sole purpose; to drive me crazy. I knew she was off limits, but for her, my love and lust knew no limits.

In my life, I had told a lot of my patients to have self control, and take precautions if they wanted to get better or healthy, but honestly, I hadn’t ever practiced the concept of self-control myself, and with her around, I understood how painfully hard it could be.

Easier said than done.

It was like putting a delicious chocolate cake in front of a chocolate lover who was fatally diabetic. He knew how awfully good it tasted, and still had to control himself from eating it.

Here, I was the diabetic patient fighting the irresistible temptation of devouring the cake that came in the form of Valerie Valentino.

Or should I say...Valerie Zanetti?

Trigger Warning: mention of sex trafficking and human trafficking throughout.

Author’s note: Everyone has their own narrative of what trafficking is supposed to be, but after all the days I’ve spent researching, I’ve realised while it can have different shapes and forms; in the end, it’s still trafficking. It’s when a person is stripped of their rights and freedom and preyed upon, because they’re weak, helpless and vulnerable. A human being is worth more than just money. They’re worthy of love, respect, honour and compassion.

To anyone who’s been through the trauma of losing themselves or their loved ones; You are so brave and so strong. I am in awe of your strength. x

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