The House Our Love is Built On

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Mila just got out of an abusive relationship and is now living in a house that her step brother’s friend owns. She doesn’t know that the moment the owner sees her she will be his forever. Will she willingly go to him or will she risk losing love because of her haunted past. And what will her brother think when he finds this out?

Romance / Erotica
Mia Pair
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Chapter 1

I stand there staring at my dead parents. The man on the right is my step dad, Jason, and my mom on the left. My tears have dried up and my only focus now is trying to find a place to stay that is far, far, far away from William. He is my very abusive and manipulative ex and murderer of my parents, I saw him kill my family with my own eyes. The police haven’t caught him and I am scared everyday of my life. I blame myself; he only wanted me to go back to him, and if I went back they would still be alive though they wouldn’t let me go back to my abusier’s arms. My parents were my safe haven, my protectants, and they opened their doors to me after over a year of William keeping me from them. Mom and Jason held me while I cried and told them everything that had happened. A hand touched my shoulder pulling me out of my thoughts and instantly making me jump. I turn around and see Michel-my step brother who is ten years older than me. I can see pity in his eyes looking down at me. He only knows what most people assume with my situation. Because of our age gap we never had much of a relationship, we don’t tell our friends about each other cause there really is nothing to tell. He was shipped off to boarding school right before I was born, and only came back on holidays. Surprisingly he never had hatred for me. Many considered me the ‘golden child’ while he was the black sheep, he became rebellious after his mom left him and Jason in the dust. My father left about that same time and I never got to meet him. Jason and my mom meet at a coffee shop. Cliche I know. She was only a couple weeks pregnant with me so she had no idea. They hit it off instantly and got married right after I was born, then only about a month later Michel was sent away.
“Mila, look I know you need a place to stay...but I am not staying in town, so I will drop you off at a buddies.” Shaking my head and silently pleading him not to leave me with a man I didn’t know “Mila look at me when I speak, please.” Slowly lifting my head he motions me to follow him to his black car. I’m not much of a car person but I know it is a Toyota Camry. Once inside I turn my head to look at him. “Jace, my buddy barely lives there. Right now he is in England for business and won't be back till you are in Florida with me. You will live alone for about a year and start looking for your own apartment. All I can do is nod my head at him. We drive in comfortable silence for about 20 minutes. We stop at my parents house and he tells me to grab my stuff and throw it in the back. I only have a bag of stuff from my life at William’s house. He never let me get anything new and I had lost an ungodly amount of weight that most of my clothes didn’t even fit. I’ve been away now for a few months now and have been able to gain some back. Mom also took me shopping so I now have a suitcase and another bag of my possessions. I go to the bathroom to take one last sweep of the room. As my eyes skim the sink they land on my body. I look into the mirror and finally see myself again. I am nothing special and really just average. I never understood why William chose me, he was way out of my league. I think that made it easier for me to let him hurt me because I thought he was the best I could do. My reflection shows my darkish brown hair that just passed my shoulders thrown in a ponytail cause otherwise it is just a mess. My eyes travel to themselves and I stare at the chocolatey brown orbs that are framed with bushy eyebrows. My eyelashes are nothing special. My cheeks have always been a shade pinker than most so it looks like I am forever blushing, my lips are a bit plumper too. I finally look at my scar covered forearm from self abuse when I was a teenager. Then to my average sized 34 C chest. I have thick thighs and a little food bump from my weight gain. My ass isn’t anything to talk about either. I have a what’s called “rectangle” shaped ass. So like I said, average. Realizing I’m taking too long I grab my stuff and head back to the car throwing it into the trunk. Once I get in the car Michel drives another 20 minutes away from the only ‘home’ I’ve ever known and to a new one where I have to deal with my own feelings alone and by myself with no one to protect me.
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