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Have you ever just wanted to be loved? Well that is what these two lonely people want. Liam Clarke the most ruthless Alpha there is, with what some people perceive to be a weird kink he is a Daddy Dom, but he had grown bored of what his current 'Little' could offer him, but that would all change on the day he got a call asking for the Shadow Warrior Pack's help with dealing with a rouge situation. Lillian Jacobs, the packs slave and punching bag, even though she is the daughter of the Blue Moon Alpha and Luna but they do not help they ignore her existence making it even worse, with no love from her parents or pack mates and overall mistreatment she has never been loved and had started to regress in to a state where she has a mental age of a child. All she wants is for her mate to rescue her and take her away from this place. On the Eve of her 18th birthday her pack is attacked by rouges.

Romance / Fantasy
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Lillian’s P.O.V

My day starts the same as all the others with a pounding in my head from the beatings I took last night for reasons I do not know. I turn over to look at my alarm clock that has a smashed face, 5am, time to get to work. I get up and change into one of my 2 outfits, a pair a old ragged jeans that are to big so I have to use a piece of rope I found to tie them up around my waist, and a oversized t-shirt that I was wrapped up in as a baby and used through out my child hood and teenage years. Slipping on my second-hand converse I tiptoe my way up the basement stairs and into the kitchen, to make the packs breakfast. I don’t get breakfast sometimes if I’m lucky I can sneak some of the leftovers but that isn’t very often. My petite frame partnered with my height of 4ft 11 makes me look like a child. It doesn’t help that I am the alphas daughter well I WAS the alphas daughter that was until he disowned me due to me being the runt of the family. I shifted when I was 12 years old and my wolf has remained the size of a pup, and never developed the communications skills needed to interact with other wolves, then again neither did I, I learnt to speak of replicating the pack when overhearing conversations, and one of the village elders taught me how to read and write even if it is basic I can still string a sentence together if needed.

I finished cooking all the food and transferred the food under the heat laps to keep the food warm, the pack has around 300 people, with 50 or so living in the pack house (where I am now) but some of the border patrol guards come here to eat before/ after their shift. I can hear the loud bangs and shuffles of feet of the pack making their way down, this is my queue to go hide in the kitchen and make myself busy, the last time I was caught in the dinning room during a meal time I got 20 lashes on my back, as the do not wish to look upon my face whilst eating all I do is remind them of what a disappointment I am. Whilst walking down a corridor I hear some guards talking about rouge sightings near the northern border. Rouges scare me as they do most people but it is even worse for me because on my, I was attacked by some when I was 8, I ran to hide in the forest to get away from my father and the beating he was going to give me because I pushed my brother off me whilst he was bullying me. The attack left me mentally and physically scared I have giant claw marks down my back and right calf. I try to forget about what I just heard and went on with my daily tasks.

**5 Days Later**

The past 5 days have been the same as all the others, but the pack has been on edge as the Rouge sightings have been even more frequent, I am trying to not focus on it but I can’t help feeling that something bad is going to happen. One good thing I have to look forward to is that fact it is my 18th birthday in 2 days and all I can think about is my mate and him taking me away from this retched place and for him to love me unconditionally just like I will him.

All I can do till then is hide in the background and try to not get in to trouble and receive anymore beatings till then.

Little did Lillian know is that hiding the background and the shadows would be the best possible thing she could do that night.

**7 Hours Later**

I awoke to screams and shouting coming from the floors above me, I crept up the stairs to see what was happening but I couldn’t open the door something heavy was blocking me from opening it. After a couple more tries I managed to open the door a smidge so I could see what was happening. The rouges had attacked. I bit my tongue to stop myself from screaming and backed away from the door I didn’t know what to do so I went back down as quietly as I could sat in the corner of the basement with on my tattered mattress hugging the life out of a blue stuffed bear that I was given when I was born rocking back and forth. After hours of silently crying the all clear was given, our pack warriors had fought and won against the intruders. I was safe for now.

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