My Pup (Slow Updates)

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Lillian’s P.O.V

I wake up to light kisses all over my face, my eyes fluttering open I’m greeted with the sight of a Greek god. Piercing emerald green eyes, that just take my breath away. “Come on baby girl time to wake up” shaking my head a snuggle back into the pillow. “I guess you won’t want your surprise then?” Liam, I mean daddy says I have now noticed that he is holding something behind his back. That has peaked my interest, sitting up the duvet falls off me. I can feel the coldness of the room and remember that my window was left open. Looking back at daddy o notice he isn’t looking at my face anymore but rather my chest. Looking down I see that the shirt I am wearing isn’t fully buttoned up, falling off the shoulder revealing my chest to him, quickly covering myself up. Daddy snaps out of his daze groaning a little.

“Oh my little one you don’t have to hide yourself from daddy- moving my hands out of the way, so he could see my chest again- such a pretty little thing. Now your surprise, I think someone has missed you.” moving his hand to in front of him to reveal.

“BLU!!!” I scream at the top of my lung snatching him off daddy clutching him to my chest, I start to sob, looking up at my daddy I give him the biggest smile I can. “Thank you daddy!!!” I crush myself into his chest. “You’re welcome princess -cradling me to his chest- you know baby girl you look very sexy in my shirt” running his nose up and down the crook of my neck.

“Daddy what are you doing? -looking at him with my innocent blue eyes- Daddy that feels weird…” removing his nose he then places me back on to the bed.

“Nothing baby girl I’m doing nothing, anyways come on it lunch time, put on those clothes and we can go get something to eat.” Nodding my head I pick up the clothes and start to head towards the bathroom. “No baby, get changed here so then if you need help daddy can help you”

Taking of my clothes notice daddy staring at me, bending down to put on the trousers I see a bulge in daddy’s trousers. “Daddy -I whisper- what’s that?” pointing towards the bulge.

“Don’t worry about that baby just keep getting dressed” and so I do, the clothes fit me now,, the outfit consists of light blue ripped high waisted skinny jeans, a pair of floral boots that daddy says are called Dr.Martens and the best part is a green and pink dinosaur hoodie that has pointy scales going up the sleeves and down the hood. I also have a backpack that is covered in dinosaurs is so CUTE!! “Do you like the clothes baby?”

“Yes daddy thank you! -pulling up the hood- IM A DINAOSAUR ROOOAR” hugging him tightly, hearing him groan I let go shuffling backward, I hear him mumble something about blue balls? Whatever that are… I will have to ask him later.

We make our way down to the kitchen, to see lunch already made. Daddy picks me up and places me on his lap. I see that my food is on a different type of plate to daddy. My plate has dinosaurs on it so does my cup, I love it. After daddy has done feeding me my food, he then finishes his own, we had yummy sandwiches.

Daddy now must go to a meeting at the pack house, but doesn’t want to leave me on my own, so I am going with him. He makes sure I have everything in my backpack, and that I have Blu and Bell, and we are on our way. Daddy make sure that I am always by his side, I am not allowed to wonder off.

Arriving at daddy’s office, I notice toys in the corner of the room, my eyes flicking back and forth between them and daddy. I get his attention by pulling on his hand looking down at me I point to the toys. “Yes, you can play with them baby, when everyone gets here you will need to be quite ok?” nodding my head I run over to the toys only to be scolded by daddy for running. Eventually every seat is filled, and the meeting is underway.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, but what ever they were talking about upset daddy and made him very angry. Throwing his chair at the wall he marches up to me, scooping me up breathing in my scent, all the while everyone in the room is staring at us wide eyes, and I staring back at them. I hadn’t noticed how many of them there were, my eyes start to tear up. Hiding my face in daddy’s shoulder, trying to hide from them all.

“Everyone OUT” daddy shouts at them, they all rush out one after another. Daddy just stays stood there cradling me, “shhh baby don’t worry I didn’t mean to scare you, daddy is sorry, don’t worry baby no one it going to take you away from me” take me away what?

“take me away? NO no no no no, me no going anywhere me stay with daddy!” I scream clutching as hard as I can on to daddy. Lune is whimpering also at the thought of being taken away. I don’t want to be taken away. This isn’t the 1st time I have been told I was going to be sent away but this time I don’t want to. I have someone to hold on to now.

I have someone to love…..

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