My Pup (Slow Updates)

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10.The Meeting

Liam’s P.O.V

After getting my baby girl ready, I make sure to pack everything she might need in her backpack, a dummy, diapers, blanket, her water bottle ect, oh and we can’t forget Blu and Bell. Making sure she never leaves my side we, start to make our way over to the pack house where the meeting is being held. Not knowing how Lillian will react to being in a room with lots of men, I made sure to have some toys put in my office to distract her with. The meeting is about the attacks that happened at Blue Moon. With me having come back early with Lillian, my beta Todd Lund and head warrior Lucas are leading the debriefing.

When we arrived my little one spotted the toys I had brought for her, I did have to scold her though as she ran over to them, I don’t want me little one to fall and hurt her perfect little body do I now. Once she had settled and started to play the members of the meeting started to arrive, it included myself, my beta Todd, head warrior Lucas and my gamma Milton, along with a couple of the pack elders. Only the people who had accompanied me to Blue Moon truly knew about Lillian, the rest of the pack have heard rumours, and obviously that slut Caroline knows about her. Oh, Goddess this is a mess, I will have to schedule a pack meeting so I can introduce her before the mating ceremony.

Once the meeting started we went over the basics of some pack stuff then moved on to the issue of Blue Moon. At one point my baby fell asleep so I scooped her up in my arms and cradled her to my chest. Not long after she woke up and went back to playing.

“So do we know anything about why these rouges attacked Blue Moon?” I asked whilst looking at my little playing she is in a little world of her own, acting as if her toys could speak back to her. Caroline never did anything like this, now looking back at it the relationship we had wasn’t real, she was just acting so she could get her way, she thought she was going to be my Luna, at the age of 38 I was thinking about it, I have spent nearly 20 years looking for my mate, but now I have found her I’m not letting go.

“About that.. -my Beta speaks up- we uncovered some quite unsettling things, it seemed that Blue Moon was having quite a few problems with a certain group of rouges” “The ones who attacked?” I interrupted “Yes, and the way they were dealt with was to offer a payment for them to stop attacking and move on, at first it was money, of increasing amounts, but then that wasn’t enough. Then it moved on to allowing them to kidnap and rape females of the pack, to impregnate them to grow their numbers, but even that wasn’t enough to make them move, they were extorting Blue Moon and it turned into blackmail as well, so a new arrangement was agreed upon, one in which the Alpha of Blue Moon was going to deceive the Rouge leader which resulted in the attacks. Goddess how to I say this um”

“Just spit it out!”

“Right sorry Alpha, what they agreed upon was to allow the Rouge leader to mate, his daughter, they only knew of the Alpha having one daughter and that is London, although never seeing her they heard of her beauty, the Alpha agreed to it, but instead of London they were going to send... um, send- I could see that he was looking over at Lillian with unease, that alone confirmed my suspicion- they were going to send Lillian, but when it the time came for the exchange, no one could find her, it turns out her grandmother along with help from some of the kitchen staff sealed off the basement to hide her, that’s why the rouges attacked because they never showed up with Lillian” he whispered the last part but I heard it crystal clear. Sending Zeus in to a rage I stood up sending my chair falling to the ground, picking it up and throwing it at a wall, startling the other people in the room.

Marching over to Lillian I scoop her up, smashing her tightly to me, breathing in her scent, calming me down. I notice her trembling in my arms, SHIT I must have scared her, fuck. “EVERYONE OUT” I shout clearing the room in a matter of seconds. “shhh baby don’t worry I didn’t mean to scare you, daddy is sorry, don’t worry baby no one is going to take you away from me” I try to calm her down. She must be so confused.

“Take me away? NO no no no no, me no going anywhere me stay with daddy!” oh my precious baby girl. “what do you mean take me away daddy? I want to stay with you!!, I thought I was staying with you forever” she cries into my shoulder.

“Yes my sweet Lilly you will be staying with me forever and ever, no one and I mean no one is going to take you away, now come on its getting late and I still want to spend some time with my little one before you have to go to sleep, I will have a surprise for you tomorrow baby, so that will cheer you up” kissing her head we make our way back home, he clinging on to me like a baby monkey does their mother, and I like a Alpha wolf protecting his pup.

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