My Pup (Slow Updates)

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11. The Plan

Liam’s P.O.V

It has been a week since the meeting and Lilly has gone even deeper into her little space and I am loving it, always having my little one with me. The only time she is not with me is at bedtime, her room has been completed, not trusting her to stay in her bed now I am having to put her to sleep in her crib, the 1st time I did this she threw a giant fit which resulted in no daddy cuddles. She seems to be getting better, although when I went to check on her in the morning, I found Lune instead and she had an accident. Every time Lune comes out now, I must put a puppy nappy on her, Zeus does not like this at all as he thinks he should always have full access to his pup, which he is getting even more persistent about now, he really wants to have his way with both Lilly and Lune, which is not happening anytime soon, Lune is too small for him and he is not touching Lilly until I do first.

Lilly herself has also shown increasing signs of Lune becoming restless, unknowingly rocking herself on my crotch when sat on my lap, that makes it hard to control myself. I really need to talk to her about the mating process when she is next in her big girl head space, she needs to be prepared to what is going to happen to her, tomorrow will be her introduction to the pack, after they have been made aware of her that is when I will start making plans and preparations.

I look over at the clock on my desk and see that it is 12:30 time to wake Lilly up from her nap and feed her lunch, making my way down the corridor looking through the gap in the doorway I see my little one sat patiently waiting for me to come get her. She is good what it comes to this, she is the perfect submissive always listening and doing as she is told.

Walking over to her crib I notice she is sat up right, different to her normal slouched sleepy stature, “hello princess how was your nap?” “It was good daddy, but I’m hungry” she replied whilst pointing at her stomach, picking her up I start to make my way downstair to the kitchen as I’m about to put my baby in her highchair she starts to fuss and reaching out for a normal chair, “no daddy I sit at big girl chair today” as I thought she is feeling older today. “Princess how old are you right now?” “11, daddy”. Ok I wonder if I can get her to me a big girl today so I can talk to her about what is happening.

“Lilly Baby can you be a big girl for me please, daddy needs to talk to you about something important”, she nods her head, ok its not or never.

Lilian’s P.O.V

Daddy has been very stressed recently ever since the meeting, Lune has been pining for Zeus even more than when they had met. She keeps on saying mate I know that he is my mate Daddy has explained it all to me we are soulmates bound for life, so I don’t understand why she keeps on saying this. She has even been taking over my body without my say so I don’t like it when she does it, it’s scary but when she does, I always get this funny feeling down below when I’m sat on daddy lap. I feel like something is going to happen soon, I keep hearing whispers between daddy and his friends about another meeting after heard that I clung on to daddy even more.

After my nap today I woke up feeling older, so I sat waiting for daddy he is always pleased when I wait for him in my crib. When we get downstairs daddy asked me to be a big girl and I instantly started to panic, I don’t want to be a big girl, but I must try for Daddy “Lilly tomorrow something is going to happen, there is going to be a lot of people, but I don’t want you to panic Daddy will be right next to you and will never leave you ok? – I shake my head trying to hide it in Blu – Baby come on now you must listen. Tomorrow I am going to introduce you to the pack as my Luna, and after they know about you, we can start the mating process, that is where I mark you here – he says as he runs his lips over my neck making me shiver Lune perks put at this – and after I have marked you I will finally be able to have my way with you baby, me and Zeus have been waiting for this since the 1st day we saw you and it won’t be much longer, I love you Lilly” “I love you to daddy”. “Now some one little one time for lunch – my tummy rumbles at that – then we can get to planning”

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