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2. I'm On My Way

Liam’s P.O.V

It has been a couple days since I received the phone call from Blue Moon, and we are finally on our way there. My wolf Zeus hasn’t shut up about it either, he has been acting like a puppy instead of the serious wolf he normally is. I don’t know what has got him acting like this but he better act properly when we get there.

‘Oh hush, you know why I’m acting like this’ Zeus pops up in my head. ‘ERR no I don’t, you’re just being stupid’, ‘Fine whatever you’ll see’ as I put up the block between us.

“Now Todd tell me about this pack”

“Ok well it is the Blue Moon Pack, the current Alpha is Craig Jacobs, Mated to Jasmine Jacobs. 3 Children 2 boys 2 girls, Eldest is Owen 28, Middle is twins James and London 25, as for the youngest child there is no information apart from the gender. The pack has 300 members so quite small with only 80 of them being warriors. Most live in cottages around the pack lands the Pack house houses 55 people at this moment in time. The alpha Family lives on the top floor. Has had trouble with rouges in the past but has gotten worse in recent times with 2 attacks in the past week or so. Has request help from us in regards of training and border patrol until the issues is underhand.”

“I’ve heard some rumours about this pack including abuse of pack members, so keep an eye out about that Todd” “Yes Alpha”

The rest of the journey we went over the plans we had drawn up, with every mile we spent getting closer and closer, Zeus was getting more and more restless.

‘Zeus dude chill out, we have done this stuff before, we will be in and out before you know it’

‘You still haven’t figured it out have you. Just wait and see’ with that he disappeared. I have been thinking about why he could be like this but to be honest nothing I have thought of has seemed to stand out at all.

“Hey Todd, has jasper been restless at all?”

“Um no Alpha why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason I’m sure it’s nothing....The sooner we deal with this rouge problem the better, so we can get home”

Lillian’s P.O.V

**1 Day Earlier**

It has gotten so cold that I had shifted, even if Lunes fur wasn’t much warmer, we were able to bury our-self under the pile of dirty clothes as far into the corner as possible, and snuggled in to Blu, my teddy. Now you’re probably thinking why haven’t you tried to mind-link someone for help, well I have everyday and everyone has me blocked. I think they secretly hoped I died in the attacks, so they have everyone ignoring my pleas for help, so they can play it off as I died. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened when I was 8 I was attacked what I didn’t mention before was that the pack didn’t help me they left me out there to die, I only survived because my grandma found me and took me to the infirmary for help.

I could hear movement above me once again it sounded like they were getting ready for someone’s arrival, I know Nana had mentioned that someone was coming to help but I doubt they would help me. I’m the pack slave I’m sure they have them as well. as far as I know it is normal to have a slave that does all the chore around the house. I just hope nothing goes wrong when they do arrive, I would love to get out of here but at the same time its down here I’m not getting hurt, and I don’t have to do other people’s jobs. Sure I might die but at least it will be because I have starved instead of dying to a rouge or because the beating I received from my father or brothers was to much for me to handle. I just hope help comes soon, I don’t know how much longer we can hold out. We are becoming weak, we were underweight before but now we are nearly skeletal. We cant move around as we don’t have the energy so all we do it just wait.

Liam’s P.O.V

**Present Day**

“We are 30 minutes out Alpha, when we get to the border there will be a group to escort us up to the pack house”

“Very well, Todd when we get there I want you to go with Lucas to help him with the training and the integration of our warriors to the patrol roster. I have to talk to the Alpha”

**30 Minutes Later**

Just like we were told as soon as we arrive at the border there is a group of wolves 1 in human form the rest shifted in to their wolves. “Alpha Clarke to see Alpha Jacobs”

“Yes Sir, my name is Dominic me and my group will be taking you up to the pack house just follow us” and so we follow, as we get closer I catch the faint scent of citrus and honey. It is very faint but I know what it means. MATE! ‘I told you, you’d understand when we got here, we must find mate and take her home. I wonder what she is like, I bet she is beautiful and strong just like the Luna we need’

‘Yes, we will find mate but we can’t go home yet, we have to help this pack before we do anything else’

When we reach the pack house her scent is stronger. But still faint, it’s like she isn’t here anymore. ‘We must go find her!’

‘No Zeus, we have a job to do she can come find us if she is that desperate, and if she doesn’t then we will look for her whilst we are looking around the pack for weaknesses’ He didn’t reply to that. It’s true though, I’m one of if not the strongest Alpha’s there is in the world, I can go a couple days without my mate, especially when it seems like she isn’t here anymore.

We exit the car to be greeted by the Alpha family along with their beta and head warrior. Alpha Jacobs is a shorter man at I’d say 5’11” balding with greying hair and a patchy beard. Next was his mate Jasmine thin woman very busty, with long black hair and blue eyes. The children seemed to be younger versions of their parents all favouring their father with auburn hair taller than their mother, the boys lean, and athletic where the girl had a snitched in waist large breasts and a rounded arse, defiantly up my street. The youngest seemed to be missing though probably off doing what every children do I suppose.

“Alpha Clarke thank you so much for helping us in this hard time, my mate Jasmine and children, Owen, James and London. If you follow me we can go up to my office and get to talking, our staff will take your bags and place them in your room we will show you to them later.”

“Thank you, Alpha Jacobs, I thought you had 4 children?”

“Er yes we do, our youngest Lillian went missing during the 1st attack and we haven’t had the resources to look for her and defend the rest of the pack as well”

“I see well we will help with that, this is my Beta Todd and head warrior Lucas, they will be helping with the training and the integration of our men into the patrol roster. So if you get your head warrior so they can talk that would be great so we can then go talk”

“Yes he will meet them at the training ground round the back of the house, now if you follow me to my office which is this way” he leads me though the house and just like he said our back were taken away, by staff that seems to be treated less fairly than they should. At least they look healthy I had reports for neighbouring packs about slavery in this pack but I’m glad to see that it no longer an issue.

As we pass the staff quarters Alpha Jacobs seems to get nervous, and then it hits me her scent is stronger, I stop following him and head in the direction of her scent I know I said I wouldn’t go looking for her but the way Alpha Jacobs is acting has got me intrigued. She wasn’t in the kitchen dinning room, or the staff quarters, her scent just seems to stop at a dead end the corridor ends with a book case, and it just ends here. “Alpha Clarke what are you doing? – he asks nervously- my office is back this way”

“What is behind this door?”

“Nn-nothing, that bookcase has always been their”

“Right, I apologise I thought I smelt something so your office is this way?”

“Todd there is a bookcase at the end of the corridor for the staff quarters find out that is behind it they are hiding something and I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT”

“Yes alpha I will get straight on it” With Todd set on the task in hand I can deal with the Alpha and the rouge problem.

Lillian’s P.O.V

My nose begins to twitch and Lune becomes more alert, what is that smell? It is delicious its like the smell of dust after it rains. Lune starts to whimper as she tries to get up. We make it to the bottom of the stairs but we can’t make it up. All we can do is still there with our muzzle resting on the bottom stair, hoping that they will find us. Oh god what if its our mate. I haven’t heard much about how you know you are mates but the smell attracts you and apparently when you look in to their eyes you just know. After a couple of minutes, the scent beings to fade meaning they have left. They didn’t find me, I slowly moves our shaky legs and crawls back to the pile of clothes snuggling back into Blu, our eyes slowly close and sleep takes over again.

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