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3.Where Is She?

Liam’s P.O.V

When we make it to the Alphas office I am still trying to figure out why I could smell my mate but not see her anywhere.

“Once again I just want to say thank you for helping us”

“Well I have a couple of questions, when you called you didn’t mention anything about your daughter going missing, why is that?”

“Um well she is always running off playing and such, you know like kids do”

“Right, well you don’t seem to worried about her being out there alone or potentially with a group of rouges”

“Well to be honest we think she might be dead, she wont answer our calls”

“Did you feel her leave the pack?”

“We lost more than just her that day so I can’t say for sure”

“Ok well we will need a picture of your daughter and her name so we can help look for her”

“Um we don’t have any pictures of her as she hates being on camera but she is small about 4’11” Long wavy black hair, and er blue eyes like her mother, her name is Lillian she is 18”

“Something is right Todd I have a description of the missing persons they are acting as if nothing is wrong and that she is a child when she is 18. She has long black hair, blue eyes small at 4’11” replies to the name Lillian, make sure all our pack members know they are to look out for her and to report to me when they find her”

I have asked around and there used to be a door behind the bookcase but everyone says it got blocked off years ago, I shall looking for this girl now”

“I have a feeling about her, I’m going to see if I can get behind that book case if they don’t give me permission I’m just going to rip it down, ask around about the girl what she is like and such”

“Will do Alpha”

**2 Hours Later**

“Alpha I have done some digging and no one has seen the girl in 10 days, as far as I can tell no on saw her in any of the attacks, it was almost like she vanished, I have been getting mixed feedback from the pack members as well some are saying that she is a loved member of the pack and others are saying she is scum and is treated like the slave she is, I fear that it is the later that they are talking about, when asked to guide me to her room so we can get a scent no one would take us there it’s almost like she doesn’t live here or at least they are trying to hide something from us about her”

“Thank you Todd, you just confirmed my suspicions, I think I know where she is now”



I make my way out of my room and to the dining room, where all my warriors are waiting for me.

“Warriors, Your Luna is here, she is being hidden from us turn this place upside down and find her. Earlier you were given a description of Alpha Jacobs youngest daughter I believe your Luna to be her so work off the same information, GET TO IT, TODD WITH ME”

Todd and myself make out way to the staff quarters down the corridor when we are interrupted by one of Jacobs’ sons “What are you doing!?, you have no reason to be doing this my sister was taken from us she isn’t here”

“Oh yeas she is -I slowly stalk towards him- and she will be my LUNA, there are 2 ways to play this out the easy way you tell us where you have put her or the hard way where me and my men tear this place apart till we find her, NOW WHERE IS SHE?!”

He stays silent “If that’s the way you want to play it so be it, TODD GET A CROWBAR AND A AXE START TAKING UP THE FLOOR BOARDS” “Right away Alpha” he says with a smirk on his face and off he runs. “Now are you sure you don’t want to tell me you have one last chance because I will find her”

“She is a nobody, just a runt that no one, but our old hag of a grandmother loved, but she is dead now, so she is all alone in the world. My sister London is a much better match for you than that slave will ever be”

“THAT IS MY MATE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT” Todd get back just in time, “Todd pry up the floor boards, I’m taking care of the book case, he throws me the axe, I line up for a swing BANG and another BANG. I keep going at it until the door is visible it hasn’t been sealed off as there is a gap showing and her scent is getting stringer and stronger I pry the door off its hinges and blot down the stairs to be met with nothing.

The boy runs down after me “See I told you she isn’t here” I sniff the air, she defiantly is out of the corner of my eye I see a pile of clothes wiggling, the closer I get I start to hear whimpering, with a little noise poking out sniffing the air. I crouch down and move the shirt to reveal a small white pup. I take her in my arms and try to calm her down, she is shivering and crying, there is hardly anything to her she is just a bag of skin and bones.

“shhh, hush now little one, I have you, no one is going to hurt you anymore, I’m here now, its ok” I keep saying over and over in a voice you would use on a child. I make my way upstairs to see the rest of my men retaining the Alpha family. Lucas walks up to us and she hides her face in the bend of my arm trying to hide. “Alpha what do you want us to do with them?” I don’t care do what you see if, they abused your Luna for god knows how long, and then trap her in a damp basement for over a week, trying to blame it on the rouges”

“NOOOOO, I had no part in this she is my baby, I didn’t want her hurt” Luna Jasmine screams out whilst trying to get to her eldest daughter who is wailing about having so much to live for, the alpha is silent just standing there, the boys are tying to break free of the guards hold.

“I highly doubt that Luna, from the people we ask you all treated her like scum from the day she was born palming her off on to others, you even had her grandmother killed during the 2nd attack by locking her out of the safe room” that information just makes my little luna shake and whine even more. “Todd, Lucas I trust I can leave this to you, oh and make it hurt” “Yes Alpha” they both replied and went to it. I took my little Luna out to our car where some of my warriors were waiting for us, getting in I wrap a blanket around her and we are off back to our pack we are off home.

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