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4. What Happened To You?

Lillian’s P.O.V

** 1 Hour Later** (Still in the car)

I do not know who this man is, but I do know that he smells yummy, and Lune agrees that’s for sure, she is constantly trying to get closer to him. The closer we get the safer I feel so I don’t mind.

It has been about 1 hour since we got in the car and one of the 1st things he did was try get me to eat but I wouldn’t even though I need to I just can’t I don’t have the energy. I managed to drink some water out of the palm of his hand, and now I’m bursting to go toilet.

I start to whimper. “Are you comfy there little one” He says whilst tickling me behind the ear. I had kicked off the fuzzy blanket and burrowed into his jacket, I turn around and stick my head out looking up at him, continuing to whimper starting to wiggle hoping he gets the message.

I see the water bottle still close and manage to nudge it with my nose. “Are you thirsty?” I shake my head no “Oh, hang on little one I got you -he reaches over the back of the seat and pulls out a bag, I give it a questioning look- now don’t you worry” He routes around in the bag and pulls out a diaper…. Why would he have one of them? “I’m going to lay this out and put you on it, we don’t have the time to stop, ok?” And he does exactly that when he places me on the laid-out diaper and it was quite big certainly bigger than a baby’s diaper.

I just couldn’t go, “Come on little one you need to go, and this is the best I can do at the moment, come on now, I won’t think any different of you, if it helps I wont look” he turns his head and looks out the window. Lune is still whimpering in my head, I can’t hold it any longer and I just let go. I am grateful he wasn’t watching otherwise I don’t know what I would have done, I feel disgusted with myself, I know I act younger than I’m supposed to sometimes but I never thought I would be using a diaper again.

Liam’s P.O.V

Now you are probably thinking why I have a bag with diapers in it, I know my little Luna is. It was the diaper bag I used for Caroline, I saw that is was in here when we were packing up so we could go to the Blue Moon Pack, she was probably going to try and hide away so she could come with me. Luckily, she didn’t or it would have been a very different trip, I know my little one is already scared, I think meeting Caroline and the way she acts would have made things even worse. As for the diapers when she acted out I would put her in one, I don’t think she was a real little, she just wanted to be with me, but I didn’t care at the time as she still did what I wanted her to.

‘What age do you think she will be?’ Zeus asks out of nowhere, he is even more protective of our little Luna, especially since she is so tiny, when they said she was a runt I didn’t know she would be this small. ‘I don’t know Zeus, but we don’t even know if she is a little’ I reply whilst slowly picking her up as to no startle her. ‘You need to clean her, look she is so sleepy so hasn’t done it herself’ He is right after picking her up she went back to sleep, I guess it’s the warmth I give off. I carefully get a wet wipe out of the bag trying not to make to much noise as to not wake her up. Ah please don’t be freaked out by this, I lift her small wiggly tail and begin to wipe her, luckily, she doesn’t wake up but she does jolt when I first put the wipe on her arse I’m guessing it’s was because it was cold. She begins to shiver once again so I wrap her up in the fuzzy blanket she was in before and cradle her in my arms.

** 2 Hours Later**

After a long car journey home, we have finally made it back to our pack, Lillian is still asleep, but I don’t mind she has been through so much. I tell the driver to go straight up to my house I don’t want to overwhelm my little mate so my house is the best place for now. I need to take care of her. When we pull up the drive I’m greeted with the sight of Caroline sat on the front step. She rushes up to me attaching herself to my free arm. “Baby, you’re back, I missed you so much -she tries to kiss me but I move out of the way this sudden movement wakes up my little one, making Caroline notice her- OH MY GOD you got me A PUPPY!!” she squeals and attempts to grab my baby.

“NO -I push her to the ground in one quick move whilst holing Lillian closer to my chest- she is not yours, she isn’t even a dog. She is my Luna and you will NOT try to grab her like that ever again. BETTER YET DON’T TOUCH HER AT ALL!!”

Zeus is begging me to let him out so he can teach her a lesson but I don’t want to scared Lillian she must be so confused right now, I just want to get her inside, and take her up to my room so I can get her to change into her human form.

I walk pass the crying Caroline into my house, well I guess it isn’t just mine anymore. I go upstairs to my room, which is sleek and modern looking with cool greys and blacks running through to room.

I place Lillian on to the bed and walk over to my closet and pull out one of my long sleeve t-shirts for her to wear, I will have to take her shopping for her own clothes that I have to approve, but this will do for now. I walk back over to her and place the t-shirt next to her and crouch down to her height. “I’m going to go make you something to eat, do you think you can change into your human for me and put this on -pointing to the shirt- when I come back I want to talk to you ok?” she makes this weird noise and leaps for my hand to lick it, “I’ll take that as a yes” I say with a slight chuckle.

I make my way downstairs and into the kitchen, I have no idea of how long it has been since she last ate, so I need to make something that won’t upset her stomach. Toast, I will make her some toast, putting 2 slices in to the toaster I look through my cupboards to find something to put on it, I settle for Nutella, hopefully she will be ok with this. I finish making her food and head back up to my room. When I reach the door, I knock saying “I’m coming in” I open the door only to see an angel staring back up at me. Porcelain milky white skin, crystal blue doe shaped eyes, with long thick lashes. Black ink hair that curls towards the end, I just want to run my fingers through it looks that soft.

She looks up and our eyes meet, in that one moment time stands still “Mate” she whispers so quietly I almost missed it.

“Hello little one, I’m Alpha Liam Clarke of the Shadow Warrior Pack, who are you?” of course I already know who she is but I want her to say it. “M-mm-my n-name is L-il-lillian I’m no one” and with that one sentence I have hundreds of questions but the most important one I have is.

“What happened to you?”

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