My Pup (Slow Updates)

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5.You're Safe Here

Liam’s P.O.V

I walk closer to her, I have a need to be closer to her. “Lillian, you are safe here I need you to know that” I sit on the bed so I am closer to her standing height, she is so small she comes up to my chest. I just want to pick her up and hide her away from the world.

‘Why is she so silent? And why can’t I communicate with her wolf?’ What?

‘What do you mean you can’t communicate with her wolf? Is she blocking you?’

‘No, the connection is there but she isn’t talking she is making noises like a pup’

“Lillian, can you answer some questions for me?” she nods yes “ok”

“When I found you, you were trapped in a basement -she nods again- how long were you in there for?” “um, I don’t know… it was a while I hadn’t eaten for days same for having a drink, my grandma managed to get me a slice of bread… through a gap I made with the ramming the door with my shoulder... s-she to-told me that h-help was coming a-and-d then-n she n-never-r came b-back” she starts shaking, her eyes tearing up.

“Ok Lillian I need you to calm down, nothing bad is going to happen to you, whilst I’m here” I take a hold of her hand and rub my thumb over her knuckles. “Your parent’s, have they always treated you like this?”

“Not at first, when I was born they were happy, well my dad was… my mum didn’t like me because I look like her, and my siblings hated me I don’t know why... I think it was because I was so much younger than them and took up dad’s attention -she takes a deep breath- over time my dad hated me because of things people started saying about me even though it wasn’t true. When I was eight I was attacked by rouges, which resulted in this -she pulls down the collar of the top and turns around so I can see her shoulder it is covered in a giant claw mark- no one tried to help me they left me for dead, my grandma found me and got me the help I needed”

“Right, and after that?”

“The treated me like a slave, the basement was my room... that why I was down their I’m guessing they blocked the door during the attack”

“Here eat this, I hope it’s ok I didn’t want to give you anything that would upset your stomach” I pass her the toast.

“This is great, I’m used to scraps for the leftovers. That’s if I was able to get to It before the other kitchen staff cleared the plates”

“Is that why your so tiny?”

“Um kinda, but if you haven’t noticed Lune is really tiny as well, that’s because um well I’m a runt”

“Lune? Who is Lune?”

“Lune is my wolf, well my wolf pup” she says with a small chuckle.

“She didn’t develop properly, so she is the same size as a pup and she can’t talk, she never was able to….. So she just acts like a pup all the time…”

She finished eating the toast and started to yawn, I know she won’t be comfortable with sleeping in my bed so I take her to a guest room, that will be hers till I get her nursery set up. I don’t care if she doesn’t know what a DDLG relationship is yet, she will be my little and I will be her daddy. When we reach the door, I open it and step back so she can go in first and take in her new room. It is bright and airy, with a clean palette of white and creams. It has a double bed with piles of cushions and pillows. It has a tv but I will take away the remote I don’t want her watching it yet. There is a walk-in closet which is empty now, but there is also a private bathroom. It already has the necessary items needed for her to clean her self up, I will leave another one of my shirts on her bed whilst she is in there.

“Right, this will be your room for now, there is a bathroom to your right if you want to clean up, I will leave some more clothes on the bed for you whilst you are in there. In the morning we will talk more about getting you your own room and getting you some more clothes.”

I start to walk out of the room when a little hand grabs my thumb “My teddy, it got left behind” “Teddy?” “Yea it is a blue and white teddy, my grandma gave it to me I can’t sleep without it”

“Oh right um, some of my men are still at your old pack, I will make sure they bring it back with them, but they wont be back for another couple days” she looks like she is about to burst tears are starting to stream down her face “Hey hey hey shhh, it’s um come with me- I should be doing this, I take her to Caroline’s nursery she will have to chooses a teddy from her collection- chooses from one of these for now” the pink room is filled with teddies.

She makes her way over to the giant pile of stuffies, with wide eyes, sniffing the air, I know she can smell another females scent in the room, I hope she doesn’t link it to Caroline just yet, whilst I am getting Lillian’s new room done I will make this one back in to a normal guest room. When we has decided she pull out a small blue triceratops stuffie that Caroline never played with so I hope she wont notice that Lillian now has it.

“This one” she whispers stroking the soft fur. “What are you going to call it Lillian?” “Um I don’t know my teddy is called Blu, so I think I will call her Bell after the flower Bluebells” ‘Oh my she is so precious’ Zeus says. ‘I know’

“Come one Little one, lets get back to your room, so you can get cleaned up and then off to sleep” we walk back to her room and she sets the dinosaur on the bed.

“Lillian, I have a couple rules, ok? -she nods- you are not to roam around on your own, and I have to know where you are at all times, we will go through every thing else in the morning but for now get a shower and then get some sleep -I walk towards her and go to put my hand on her cheek and she flinches- hey calm down I'm not going to hit you. I will never hurt you -I out my hand on her cheek and stroke my thumb on it, I bend down and kiss her forehead the tingles intensify- sleep well Little one I will come get you in the morning”

“Goodnight” she whispers back, I walk out the door and close it, I go to get her another t-shirt she is still in the shower when I get back, I write out a note saying

’Remember you are safe here I will always look after you, good night my little Luna. Love Liam x’

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