My Pup (Slow Updates)

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Lillian’s P.O.V

Just as Liam said the bathroom was fully stocked up with clementine scented body wash and lotions. After being trapped in a basement for nearly 2 weeks, my eyes are still adjusting to the bright lights that are illuminating the bathroom. I walk over to the floor length mirror finally getting a look at myself my hair is matted, dark circles adorn my eye area, my body is filthy. After 5 minutes of trying to figure out how to turn the shower on, which is 1000% better than the one I had to use back at my old pack. Scrubbing my skin raw until it turns red I am happy that I have cleaned myself, I was disgusted with the colour of the water when I wash my hair I almost cried.

I wrapped myself in the fluffy towel that was on a HEATED RACK, like what! I walking back into the bedroom I notice that it is now dark out, I walk over to the windows and draw the curtains. Going back over to the bed I notice a new shirt, lifting it up smelling the scent of my mate on It. I quickly throw it over my head, shocked by how soft it is, I hope he doesn’t want this back… because I might just keep it.

Lune has finally settled down she was really scared, as was I to be honest, we were trapped in a basement whilst rouges attacked twice, then found by my mate who revealed to me that my Nanna has died because of my mother. I’m just glad that Liam found me, maybe now I can be my true self, I hope Liam doesn’t judge me for it. Although thinking back to the pink room with the crib and the giant pile of teddys made me wonder… Pulling back the duvet clutching Bell to my chest I snuggle in to the warms that now surrounds me, combined with the smell of my mate, sends me off into a peaceful sleep. Well that is what I hope for.

I wake up startled clutching my heaving chest, my once clean body is now sweat covered and shaking. I need to be small, I need to hide. Shifting in to my wolf I burrow in to the mountain of pillows dragging my dinosaur in with me, well trying to it is now the same size of me. Making a den I snuggle into my mate’s shirt and try to fall asleep once again, but completely fail to do so, Lune isn’t helping either she is even more afraid than I am. The nightmares that is my life is now plaguing my dreams. Then it hits me the smell that was from the pink room, I dig deeper in to the cushions, hoping they won’t find me.

Caroline’s P.O.V

That little bitch thinks she can steal Liam from me, I didn’t put up with his weird fetish just for some little runt to turn up out of the blue and spoil that for me. I managed to get a new key for Liam’s house whilst he was away, did he really think changing the locks will keep me out? I follow her scent to the guest room across the hall from my room.

‘Let’s teach this pup whose boss’ My wolf sandy pipes up, she was even more shocked about her arrival than I was, we don’t care for our mate, I rejected him as he was a low-level warrior. We have our sights set higher Alpha status for example. Opening the door all the lights are turned off and the bed is empty… moving closer to the bed I notice the slight shake of the pillows and the small whimpering.

Creeping over I move the pillows to revel the little mutt. “Say bye bye” I say to her in a sickly-sweet voice.

Liam’s P.O.V

I just hits 7pm and I have just finished the work I missed whilst at Blue Moon, when I hear small yaps and barks coming from down the corridor.

‘Mate trouble’ Zeus growls in my head as soon as I hear mate, I’m out the door running down the corridor. The barking getting louder but with another voice added in now Caroline….

I brust through the door to greeted Lillian in her wolf form shaking under the bed with Caroline on the floor arse in the air, arm stretched out trying to grab her.

“Just get back here you mangy mutt and get in the bag!! Ahhgg BITCH!” she still hasn’t noticed that I am stood in the door way, but Lillian has, when she gets the chance she bolts for it and hides behind me. “Where do you thi” I cut Caroline off mid-sentence “NO WHAT DO YOU THHINK YOUR DOING” I shout at her whilst scooping up my little pup up in my arms.

“Andrew get to my house NOW! I need you to escort a unwelcome visitor to the cells”

“Yes Alpha”

“Un well I was just, you see I was walking past when I heard crying so I went to see what it was and she was crying buried under the pillows, so I went to help then she fell of the bed and got stuck under it…”

“right and you expect me to believe that do you!!” “yes..” she squeaks out. I growl at her ready to lunge as Andrew arrives in the nick of time.

“Andrew just in time, escort Caroline here to a cell” “er yes Alpha” Andrew drags off a screaming Caroline as I try to comfort my little Luna.

“Shh little one she is gone now, don’t worry daddy is here” I realise what I have said after the words come out of my mouth. “Come on now everything is ok now” eventually she calms down. “I’m going to put you down and turn my back I want you to change back and out the shirt on so you can tell me what happened ok baby?” I kiss her head and place her back on to the bed and turn my back.

I hear the cracking of small bone and the shuffling of covers, I had a whisper of a its ok and I turn back around to see my little angel snuggled back into bed with her new stuffie tucked in as well. “Are you going to tell me what happened” I say whilst sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I I h-had a ni-nightmare and woke up scared… so I shifted and hid under the pillows, I tried to go back to sleep I really did but then I smelt the bad lady and she knocked me off the bed whilst throwing the pillows to the ground, so I hid under the bed and then that’s when you came in”

“What did you dream of little one?”

“I was back in the basement, but you didn’t save me, you found me and rejected me because I was so small, then sealed the door back up and and…” she starts to cry so I pull he into my lap and cradle her in my arms reassuring her I won’t go anywhere. She clutches on to my top when I try to lay her down again, so I kick off my shoes and lay down with her on top of me. “Liam…” “Yes little one?”, “Why did you say daddy’s here?” “That is a question for in the morning, just focus on trying to go back to sleep, ok” I lean down and kiss her forehead and stroke her hair, she snuggles in to my chest, making Zeus purr with delight.

“Good night baby”

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