My Pup (Slow Updates)

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Liam’s P.O.V

I wake up with my little one still snuggled in to me, I hate to admit it but this was the best night’s sleep I have ever had despite what happened before we fell asleep. My princess is still asleep and I hope it will stay that way whilst I get some work done. It’s currently 6am begin an Alpha does have its downsides especially now that I have my little angel I just don’t want to leave her side.

Carefully lifting my baby off my chest, I tuck her in making sure that her dinosaur is next to her, she shifts making me think she will wake up but she doesn’t, she grabs a hold of my pillow and buries her face in to it take deep breaths. So precious.

Making my way to my room I have a quick shower and change into clean clothes, im slightly hungry but I can wait as I want to make my baby breakfast and eat with her ‘I also know some other things I wouldn’t mind to eat of her’ Zeus says, ever since we held her last night he has been a horny mutt, making my way to my home office, yes, I have 2 offices, one at my house which is the alpha house and one in the pack house. I boot up mu laptop and decided that I need to go over all the rules I will have for my little. I have enough assurance that she will agree to be my little she is my mate even if she says no. Opening the file name Bitches Rules, I change the name to Princess’s Rules, these rules are all about my sweet innocent Lillian, not the bratty bitch Caroline., so the name needs to reflect that.

Going though the rules I am finally happy with them, I have also changed some of the rewards and the punishments. Obviously the more serious the rule breaking the more serious the punishment. I won’t use the most serious ones on her straight away with her past and the way she was traumatised by it, but when she gets comfortable here I will start to introduce things.

I get some more work done and it is now 8:30 so I decided it is time for me to go awake up my little one, so we can have that talk. Walking down the corridor I make my way to her temporary room, that reminds me I also need to ask her what she wants her room to look like. Slowly and quietly opening the door I peek my head in to see she is still sleep, walking over to the bed I sit on the edge stroking my pups hair “Lillian- I say gently as not to spook her- Lilly baby, its time to get up- she stirs slowly opening her groggy eyes- that’s it come on little one time for breakfast” I pick her up and place her on my hip, she places her head in the crook of my neck mumbling a good morning. “Good morning to you to” I say and kiss her head.

I realise now that I am holding her just how light she is, all the years of abuse and not eating properly has caused her body to stay the size of a child.

“Hey Doc, need you to make a house call today, will tell you more when you get here”

“Yes Alpha I can be there in a hour”

Walking down to the 1st floor I head to the kitchen and set Lillian down on the counter. “What do you want for breakfast?” she stares up at me like I have grown 2 heads. “I asked you a question” her lip starts to wobble make me start to worry, “hey what’s wrong? -she just shakes her head at me hiding her face in her hands- Lillian I can’t do anything unless you tell me what’s wrong”

“I’m s-sorry-y I’ll m-make it now-w please don’t h-hurt me!” she exclaims trying to push me way from her.

“Lillian stop -I encase her in my arms bringing her to my chest- calm down I asked you what do YOU want for breakfast, I didn’t say where is my breakfast, please Lilly stop” she stops struggling and I set her down on a stool I give her one more hug and kiss the top of her head. “Now stay there whilst I make OUR food, hmm lest see pancakes ok?” she nods before I start I wash my hands and get us some drinks I have all my littlies stuff in a separate cupboard so she won’t be is from where she is sitting. I put a glass of water in front of her I’m doing this so I can see if she is able to drink out of a cup or if I need to give her a sippy cup. All of the litties stuff that I have is what I used for Caroline but, so I will order Lillian her own and throw the old stuff away when it arrives.

I make the Chocolate chip pancakes and place them on to plates, as soon as I set the food on the table Lillian dives in using her hands. “Ah ah ah, no not like that we use knives and forks Lillian” she picks them up but struggles to use them so I decide to cut up the food and feed her myself “here baby let me” she looks at me funny when I lift the fork up to her mouth but soon gets into it. Once we have finished eating I do the washing up all whilst being watched by a set of curious eyes.

“Liam, about what you said last night, c-can we talk about it now..” she says in a small voice.

“Of course we can-I say sitting down next to her- but I just want to say no matter what I will always want you ok” “ok..” she whispers.

“Now the reason I said daddy is here, is because I am a what you call a Daddy Dom and a Caregiver and I want you to be my little. Now what I mean by that is I want to take care of you, I have noticed in the short time we have spent together you share some of the same tendencies as other littles I have had in the past, do you understand so far? -she nods whilst staring up at me- now that means you can act like a child all you want if you don’t want be grown up you don’t have to, but that means you will need someone to take care of you, you will need a daddy and that would be me”

“I-I want that”

“Really you’ll be my baby girl?” she nods her head franticly whilst smiling at me, I pick her up and place her on my lap hugging her close taking her scent, Zeus is even more happy than he was before.

“Right then so we will need to set you up a nursery, and buy you all new things, what theme do you want your room to be?”

“Dinosaurs, BLUE DINOSAURS!!” “Then you shall have blue dinosaurs”

“Baby I have some rules now you have agreed to be my little ok, I will need you to read them out to me and tell me what you think”

I pick her up and carry her to my office so I can show her the rules she will have to follow. Placing her on my knee I open up the document so she can read it.

“Princess’s Rules:

1.Always call me Daddy when little

2.Always tell Daddy what’s wrong

3.Don’t swear

4.Don’t be violent

5.Don’t be a brat

6.Do what Daddy tells you

7.No touching your Princess parts

8.No walking around on your own

9.Daddy must always know where you are

10.Eat all your food

11.Limited sugar

12.Nap time is a must

13.Limited TV time

14.Mon-Fri 9pm Bedtime

15.Sat-Sun 11pm Bedtime



2.Time out


4.No cummies

5.Early bedtime

6.Sent to room

7.Stuffies taken away

8.No TV

9.No sugar


1.Extra TV time

2.New stuffies

3.New clothes




7.Pillow Forts

8.Later Bedtime

9.Extra Daddy time”

“Very good little one, do you have any questions?”

“What’s cummies?”

“I’ll um tell you about that another time baby”

“Ok… daddy” ‘Such a good pup’ That she is Zeus, that she is.


Hey, guys please tell me what you think of this list, this is my first time writing a book like this and I wasn’t sure. I am open to feedback so please if you have any recommendations at all about what you would like to see in the book and what you think about what has already happened please let me know.


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