My Pup (Slow Updates)

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8.Daddy's Little Girl

Liam’s P.O.V

After going through all the rules, me and my little one go back down stairs as the pack doctor should be arriving soon. I’m not sure how she will react to the doctor so this will be interesting. Walking in to the TV room, I sit Lilly down on the sofa. “What do you want to watch baby?”

“I get to watch TV?” she says excitedly, “Yes you do, let’s see what’s on shall we” Loading up Netflix I make a profile for her and set the privileges to child, don’t want my little one watching something that she isn’t allowed to. After scrolling for a couple minutes, we settle on watching a one of the cartoon Scooby Doo films. 10 minuets in there is a knock at the door.

Kissing her on the head I make my way to the door, “Hello Alpha you asked me to come over”, welcoming him in we make our way to where Lilly is. “Baby -I say to get her attention- this is Dr.Carlson” She turns around wide eyed, lets hope this is because she is wary of new people and not doctors.

“He is here to look over you, so I know what to do to make you healthy again- I turn to Dr.Carlson- Carlson this is my mate Lillian”

“Hello Luna, can I examine you?” He asks whilst slowly making his way over to the sofa. I also go over to her and pull her on to my lap just in case she tries to run away. When Carlson sits down he opens his medical case and pulls out a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff.

“Now then Luna I just need to listen to your breathing for a second can I do that” she is staring at his bag like something bad will come out of it. When he makes a move to put the stethoscope to her chest she flinches and tries to get off my lap. “Hey Lilly clam down it won’t hurt you, it will only be a little cold.” I try to calm her down but it isn’t working. “Lilly where is Bell? Why don’t you go get her” she nods her head and rushes off to the kitchen, coming back into the room she is clutching the dinosaur close to her chest like shield.

“Baby he can’t listen to your chest if Bell is up there, come here and sit on my lap, Bell can sit on yours” and so she does, hiding her face in the crook of my neck Carlson is able to check her breathing and it is all ok. We were also able to check her blood pressure without any problems as Bell seems to be distracting her just fine now. It is a bit on the low side, so Carlson will need to run some more tests. We also measure her height and weigh her. She is 4ft11” and weighs 6st8lbs which is very underweight for even someone her size.

Now for the hard part if she didn’t like a stethoscope she is going to freak out about having to get blood draw. ‘Our little pup is defiantly going to need some rewards after this’ Oh I know she is Zeus. Gathering her up in my arms we walk back to the TV so she can finish her film. In the corner of my eye I can see Carlson preparing the needles. “Lilly I need you to stay very calm and still, I promise you baby that this will only hurt for a second then it will be all over and we will go do something special things ok?” she looks confused but then Carlson grabs her wrist and starts feeling for a vein in her arm, she catches a glance of the needle and starts to freak out, trying to get Carlson off her and out of my hold. I find myself holding her tighter to my chest trying to push her head to my chest as well so she can see. With her moving around so much Carlson can’t find a vein, so he stops trying, and mind-links for a nurse to come over to help. She might be small but she sure does have some strength to her.

Whilst Carlson is out of the room she starts to calm down, “Baby you need to stop moving the faster this happens the faster I can reward you”, Carlson comes back into the room with a nurse. Carlson holds Lilly’s arm still whilst a nurse tries to find a vein. Lilly is still trying to move but Carlson holds her still enough. When the nurse finds a vein, she reaches for the needle. This sets off the crying and screaming, “Lilly, baby please stop crying” I’m crying to calm her but it isn’t working holder her head to my chest I keep saying reassuring things and kissing the top of her head trying to calm her.

As soon as the needle is out she shifts, wiggles out of her clothes and jumps off my lap, making a dash for the door. With her being so small it was easy for her to dodge us and our attempts to stop her. With her little legs she doesn’t move very fast. Seeing an open door, she runs through it and hides in to room.

I go through the doorway to see that she has hidden in one of the downstairs guest rooms. With her being tiny there are a lot of hiding places for her to be in. Calling out her name a couple times she doesn’t make an appearance. So, I decide it is time for Zeus to meet his little mate. Shutting to door so she can’t run, I take off my clothes and shift into my wolf. Allowing Zeus to take control I slip into the back of my mind whilst he pushes forward. He sniffs around the room and finds her hiding behind a bedside table. Instead of shifting and moving it to get her out we stay in this form and lay down patiently waiting for her to come to us.

Zeus is a large black wolf with bright yellow eyes, the complete opposite to his pup counterpart. Eventually after 10 minuets of waiting and a couple of whines from him. Lilly/Lune makes her way out of her hiding stop and caustically waddles over to us. Zeus tries to stay as still as possible whilst she inspects us, when she makes her way back round to our head, Zeus sticks his nose into her fur and purrs whilst inhaling her scent. He is happy to be with his mate, I am ok with him being in control as he knows not to try anything, whilst she I skittish.

Lilly thinks it’s a good idea to try and climb us so Zeus stands up making her fall, with a little whimper she gets up, nudging her with our nose we push her towards the bathroom, moving over to the pile of clothes I pick up my shirt and put it next to her pushing the door closed with our head we then change back to my human form and get dressed.

I hear a soft knock on the door and see a little head peaking around it. “Hey baby girl, come here” she runs over and buries herself into my chest. Brining my arms tight around her I inhale her scent and kiss the top of her head “Your daddy’s little girl, and its my job to make sure ok. I’m sorry your got scared baby but I needed to make sure you were ok? Do you forgive me?” She nods and mumbles a sleepy sounding yes. Picking her up I walk to her temporary room, lifting the clovers I lay her on the middle of the bed and make a pillow wall on either side of her. “Have a nice nap baby I will get you when its lunch time” kissing her on the forehead I got to my office to get some more work done.

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