Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 10

Wednesday December 10th, 2014

Ames had told me yesterday that they wouldn't be at school today, a family thing, one that Ames didn't fight going to.Ames has this hatred for her family members that nobody truly understands, her cousins in like New York are like total perverts is the reasoning for her fighting to go with Nathan on the nineteenth. I make my way to third hour and just as I walk in I see jake already sitting in his seat, must be my lucky day. He looks up at me a smirk playing at his lips but I'm reassured by the thought of Nathan beating him to a pulp if he dared to hurt me. I sit through geometry with a smile on my face and got some of the notes I missed yesterday. I head to the cafeteria once geometry is over. Today is going well, even with the lack of interaction that usually comes from Ames and Nathan.

"Hey girls!" I greeted with a wide smile and waved. None of them returned my greeting, not even Brit. "Um its a little odd isn't it, today, what without Ames and Nathan here?" Brit. snorts out a small bit of laughter, such a snobby laugh that I actually had to double take to make sure it actually came from her.

"What are you their stalker or something? No, wait, I know, maybe your with Nathan. All those times your both out of class or yesterday when he drug you out of here without any reason." My eyes were wide, I was simply shocked...nothing else could describe this. Why is she acting like this?

"N...No we are just friends, not even, Nathan is only protecting me so me getting hurt doesn't hurt Ames." Brit smirks, she looks evil in every aspect, even more so when jake walks up beside her and puts his arm around her waist. My good mood and appetite are suddenly gone. I felt sick to my stomach on so many levels.

"Whats wrong, little Hayden, you're upset by the fact that your nothing except a disposable toy for everybody around you. People like you, Hayden, don't have friends...but people like me, well we get whatever we want." I turn abruptly and walk out, the lump rising in my throat told me the tears would eventually fall, I needed to get home fast. I get to the office quickly and sign out. I fought back tears all the way home and because I had done it so many times before, I succeed. I walk into the house to see my father in the kitchen, cooking no less.

"Hayden? What are you doing home so early? You aren't skipping school are you?" I shake my head, I am a spitting image of this man but we are nothing alike. He is more built in the torso than I and his face is angled differently. He watches me, lips parted as he let out an inaudible sigh, as I walk towards the staircase. He reaches out and grabs my shoulder but I just shrug him off. "Hayden?" He questions again and annoyance starts to pool in the pit of my stomach, mixing with the hurt placed there by Britney and Jake. I turn and make my way up the stairs, aware of my fathers footsteps as they echoed behind me. I open my bedroom door and his hand reaches out, grabbing it from behind me, he had followed me all the way to my room. I sigh and turn so I'm looking directly at him.

"I'm not going back to school, not today at least, I have straight A's so my grades are well enough. " I sit my stuff down beside the bed before gracefully belly flopping onto the black sheeted mattress. They had ignored me and stuck with jake. Father turned and left just as the tears started flowing down my cheeks. My sniffles and whimpers weren't heard by anybody except myself and the walls that surrounded me. Had I known that getting friendly with people and making 'friends' would become this painful, I wouldn't have let it happen. I let out a sob at that moment, because I knew that I was lying to myself. Three in the afternoon rolled around and I knew that father would go to get Easton, he was more reliable than mother, but not by much. My crying becomes louder while they are gone but when I hear the front door shut I my sons are locked in my throat. I heard the sound of small sound of Easton walking upstairs, they stop just outside of my room.

"Hayden, are you okay?" I don't answer, the sobs escape my throat if i parted my lips to speak. "Are you taking a nap, big brother?" Oh how I wish I could preserve his innocence. I close my eyes letting my tears stream down my cheeks. "Oh your having a nightmare like mine, aren't you? It's okay to cry Hayden I'm here." I open my eyes and look to my brother who was attempting to hug me.

"It's no nightmare, Easton." I feel tears falling down my face and swallow my sibs so I can speak to him. "I've lets some people who I thought were friends be really mean to me and they have hurt me." His body stills before he is gone and I hear him rummaging through something. I turn and look at him, seeing him on the floor looking hectically through his back-pack. "Easton, what are you-?" He stands, thrusting a band-aid in my face.

"I have one last band-aid! Please take it so you aren't hurting anymore!" I stay on my side, looking at him with wide-teary eyes. After a moment of mindless staring, I reach out and gently take the band-aid. He watches me as I once again stare at the band-aid for a moment.

"Thank you, Easton." I murmur, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. Nathan's Markus dulling and yet just looking at it made pain strike just under it. I feel the tears falling down my face again and mentally curse myself for crying in front of Easton. The humiliation of being this weak in front of my little brother made more tears fall. After a moment the bed dips down a bit and before I can say anything, Easton is sticking the band-aid on the hickey.

"There! Now you aren't hurting anymore!" He looks up at me and smiles brightly. I sit there looking at him and soon his smile starts to fall. "Are you okay? I didn't hur-?" I cut him off by grabbing onto his shoulders and pulling him into my embrace. Tears now fall down my cheeks, unchecked, as if my pain was melting away. "Hay-." He was saying until I cut him off.

"Never go away, Easton, never change yourself." I mutter in his ear and I feel his small arms wrap around me. It's maybe ten minutes later when I uncurl my arms and realize that he is now asleep. I'm sorry Easton, sorry you had to see that. However, I will protect you, always, you are all I have.

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