Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 12

Friday December 12, 2014

"My ass and hips are so sore." I whine to Nathan as we sit together at lunch. He chuckles and Ames looks at us amused. "It's not funny I blame you if you hadn't been too rough this wouldn't have happened!" The loud chattering the cafeteria masked my over dramatic behavior.

"Well excuse me, but you were the one who was misbehaving and caused me to be a little too rough, if your would have just lied still your actions wouldn't have caused me to get rougher." He says and takes a bite out of his salad with an amused look on his face. Ames was turning almost purple with laughter.

"Well it's still your fault putting all that weight on me in the position we were in didn't help at all." I fight the smile playing on my lips. Keep it together Hayden!

"You know you loved every moment of it, don't lie." He leans in to me, his mouth at my ear. "Even I could tell you had a hard on... Before falling out of the car that is." He laughs at my bright red face.

"How was it you managed to fall out of the car again Hayden?" Ames said and I sighed. She had laughed so hard the first time I told her this story.

"Okay so Nathan was between my legs in the car, the passengers side you know and he pressed me against the door too hard while kissing me and the door finally came open and I hit my hips and ass on the curb." I say and they both start laughing....Ames had outed the fact that she knew about Nathan's certain affection for me this morning when she was asking questions about the bruising on my sides.

"That's why they say to do those things "behind closed doors" you two." I get this feeling that somebody is staring at me and turned looking to see everybody who had been cruel to me staring at me. Nathan and Ames catch wind and she stands up, not listening to Nathan as she goes over to the table.

"Stop glaring at him...your all pathetic... I expected this out of you jake but the girls should all be ashamed of what they did." A few looked down guiltily but Brit didn't she rose to Ames' challenge.

"How could you call us pathetic after what you did. You act so innocent but we all know what occurred between jake and would probably be on your knees for Hayden...if the little fag was straight." I flinched and Nathan's eyes darkened, [I have never been called something so hurtful]. Ames glowered at Brit, who's smug look might just get wiped off of her face.

"I could have killed him for what he did too Ames. He has changed over these last couple of weeks, jake, I can't stand him anymore when he used to be my best friend." I patted Nathan's knee and he smiled at me. What had he done to Ames, though? The girls were neck and neck as I stood, somebody needed to stop them before they got in trouble.

"You slut!" Ames shrieks. "You have men left and right and you can keep jake I don't want to touch him with a ten foot pole if I can help it. One mistake won't mark who I was a crappy minute anyway." I put my hand in front of my mouth covering a chuckle and jake sees it.

"Oh haha you thought that that was funny, didn't you nerd?" Jake says as he starts towards me. He gets closer by Nathan, gets up standing up in front of me.

"What the hell, Nathan?" He yells the cafeteria is now watching, gathering around the group of kids. "You wouldn't have looked at a kid like him a month ago! What the hell has happened to you Nathan?" He was unnecessarily screaming at Nathan who's face was one that mocked boredom.

"I met a kid like that and I actually figured out that I liked him a lot better than those guys who made fun of him...I tried to make our friendship work and Ames tried to make a relationship work but you didn't even try to change your ways." Nathan and jake were face to face almost, the only thing that broke their eye contact was jake looking down at me.

"This is all your fault!" He screeches and Nathan pushes me behind him. Jake just looks at Nathan with a defiant glare and tries to reach behind him; however Nathan had grabbed him.

"He's mine... Don't touch what is mine anymore." I flush and Nathan looked around at all the people not giving a shit if they heard him or not. Jake looked around at the others around...a brief moment of fear crosses his face but it quickly fades.

"Back then you always needed only a girl to satisfy your needs...why is Hayden special...he doesn't have a vagina Nathan. You may be bi-sexual but....." I couldn't hear anymore, he was whispering so lightly now compared to five seconds ago. I look around and people stare at me.... I don't realize why until I look down. My chest was bleeding, but I couldn't remember when jake had gotten ahold of me to make the wound.

"He's perfect jake, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with Hayden on a daily basis and if you don't like that and can't come to terms with that then we can't be friends. What happened in the past was fun but you and I both know you are meant for women. Me however I'm meant for whatever I please and that makes me all too happy." He wraps his hand in mine and people in the cafeteria looked down seeing our hands looped together. "I don't care how many people know but if people are going to know then they should know that I'm falling for a complete nerd, but I wouldn't have him any other way than he is." I see a few looks of disgust but all together it's mostly just shock that masks their faces. I flush and steel a small glance towards jake who looked like all the emotions had just dog piled on his face.

"Hayden Grey." I heard my name being called out and looked around trying to see if I could find the person who wanted my attention. The counselor came through the crowd and waved me to him. "Come with me I need to talk to you." He says and I unwrap my hand from Nathan's, following the counselor. He leads me towards his office and I wince as the mark Jake had made across my chest was stinging.

"Why did you bring me down here?" I ask as he sits down in his chair. He smiles at me and gestures for me to sit down on his black leather couch. It's quiet for a moment then he speaks.

"Hayden, you've been getting into quite a bit of trouble here lately." He says and I look down, he was right but it was because I hadn't had something like this before, what I have with Nathan causes conflicts with the ones around us. Ames had left an entire group of friends because they treated me badly, they were both giving up so much for me.

"I know, it's just that, I have friends now. My friends will stand up for me and I them. Is there something wrong with that?" He shakes his head, his eyes softening, his hand moved a bit before he fisted it tightly like he wanted to reach out but couldn't.

"I know, it's just that, back then I didn't have anybody. Now I have a group of friends who stands up for me. I don't see anything wrong with that. His eyes soften as he looks away from from me. There is a momentary pause before he shakes his head and reaches up, placing his hand on my head.

"I'm glad that you have found a clique to hang out with; however, they are getting you into a good deal of trouble too. I don't believe that Nathan Davis is the best company for you to be around. " my breath hitches and I feel my temper start to flare. My pain from the confusion that Nathan had caused me before I had known his true feeling and reactions fueling my sudden anger.

"You can't say that." He looks at me surprised and I don't give him a second to defend himself. "You don't even know Nathan personally so you can't speak ill of him at all!" I can feel the tears of anger start to fill my eyes and the counselors eyes widened as his lips parted. Quickly he looked away, clenching his teeth together. After a moment he looks back to me with a hurt expression.

"I apologize Hayden, but my opinion of him is not a good one. However, my opinion of you is something else entirely." His hand moves from atop my head to my cheek, wiping away some of the now falling tears with his thumb. "You are so smart and kind. Nathan is not nice. He uses people and I do not wish for him to use you." His other hand touches my cheek and he is now cupping my face in his hands. "You are a very smart man. You deserve a man who will treat you the way you deserve." His face grows closer and I am frozen in place, unable to move, even as his lips touch mine. I feel his lips move against mine, but I don't react. Cole Matthews, my school counselor, is kissing me right now. He moves away and trails his lips down my face, to my neck.

"So beautiful." He kisses my neck and starts to become more demanding. "Oh god." He pushes me back against the wall and I grab his hands, trying to pry them off of my face.

"Mr. Matthews please stop." My face was flushed in embarrassment as he moved his hands and held me down with one while the other skimmed my sides. He squeezed my back in a strange spot that made a strange sensation shoot through my body, I liked this sensation, it made me weak in the knees, but I wanted it to be Nathan that touched me that way. His knee slides between my legs. "Stop." He nibbles on my neck, his body moving against mine, grinding against me. He moves away from me and I take my chance, bolting towards the door, only to be thrown on the couch.

Winded, I lay on the couch as he smiles and climbs over top of me as I try to wiggle, attempting to get away."You need somebody who can love you, hayden, the way you need to be loved. Nathan can not love you like that , but I can." I shake my head at him, not wanting him to touch me, not even wanting to breath the same air as him. One of his hands grasp both of mine and hold them above my head. His other hand trails downward, going under my shirt. I don't have time to protest before his finger runs over my nipple. My breath catches and he doesn't miss a beat as he pinches the now raise nub.

"Please, stop, I don't want you like this." It's a whisper, that's all I can really manage because of my bodies natural reactions. I never have wanted him to touch me this way and yet, even though I don't like it, my body is reacting like it normally would. His hand leaves my nipples as I try to break free from his grasp. He doesn't seem to notice much as his hand trails down until he is squeezing my inner thigh.

"See you like it, I knew that you would." His voice is gruff and I was trying to get away from him, using every ounce of my upper body strength to try and break my hands free. I'm just about to break myself free when I feel a hardness brush against my thigh. He let off a light moan and I feel my face go bright red. "Hmm, Hayden, your face is bright red, does hearing me moan make you hot and bothered?"

I don't answer, frozen, my mind thrown into shock. I can feel his breath against my neck as he continues to kiss at the skin. My fingers twitch and I start to feel again. Fear registered in my mind as my heart starts to pound and my body starts to shake. My leg raises and with enough force to make him screech in pain. He rolls off of me and I jump off of the couch, running to the door. I throw it open as the bell rings and look around the empty office. I hear the counselor make a grunting noise and look back to see him getting up. With that I ran to the office door and opened it, high-tailing it out of there. The people in the hallway all looked at me as I stood in the doorway panting.

"Hayden!" I run out without looking, out into the crowded halls. I don't pay attention to anything surrounding me, only try to get away from him and everything.I feel somebody's hand wrap around my arm and I turn around, noticing its Nathan, but I am so shaken that I fight even him. I get away and run towards the parking lot, it's no time before Nathan has me picked up. He carries me towards the exit of the school and out towards his car.

"What the hell is going on Hayden? You were with that counselor I thought...did somebody hurt you when you left the office?" I shake my head. "Did somebody in the office hurt you?" I remain silent...he would cause unnecessary trouble if he knew what had happened. Nathan throws me into the passengers side of the car and then runs to his side, getting in, and starting the car. We pull out of there and it's quiet, he is driving around, he called us both into the school and that's when I decided I needed some form of sleep.

"Hayden did that counselor do something to you?" I flush, the counselor had crossed so many professional and personal lines that I had no idea where to begin explaining but with few words I knew well.

"He used me...just like everybody else." Then I fall asleep slipping into the world of dreams.

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