Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 13

Saturday December 13, 2014

I am awakened by the sound of my bedroom door opening. The sun was barely even risen and it's orange Rays were only just touching my curtains. I turn and standing in the doorway is Easton. He is soaked in sweat and I can see the faint tear stains on his cheeks. His hands cover his mouth and as he looks at me with wide eyes, so full of fear. He must have had another nightmare.

"Hey buddy, what's wrong?" My voice is hoarse from lack of use but it doesn't phase him. He just stands there in my doorway for another moment, before moving closer to me, and placing his hands on the side of my mattress.

"I had a nightmare, big brother. C-Can I sleep in here with you?" I nod and lift him, by his under arms, to the other side of me. He sits there trembling and all I can think to do is smooth away the hair that clings to his face.

"What was your nightmare about?" I ask as I turn to grab my glasses off of the nightstand. He covers up with my blanket and I could feel his cold sweats against my skin.

"You got hurt, really badly hurt." I smile at his worry quickly reassuring him that nothing was going to happen to me and that I would always be there for him. He curls up into my embrace and soon is snoozing peacefully, he's had nightmares as long as I could remember but I can't remember why. I soon drift back into sleep once I see that it's barely four in the morning. I wake a few hours later and Easton isn't in my bed anymore. I get up figuring that he had wandered towards the living room to watch TV or something. My assumptions are correct and I quickly go into making breakfast. I'm sitting down at the breakfast bar with Easton when I hear my phone buzz. I hop down and retrieve it from the area beside the stove, it's Nathan.

Hey Ames and I were wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow, Ames wants you to bring Easton...she insists it.

I smile at the text and quickly reply.


I barely have time to start eating before he has messaged me back.

My house, I'll come and pick Easton up tomorrow. My parents are actually eager to meet you.

This makes me pause, had he told his parents that we were together?

Why do your parents want to meet me?

I start shoving my face full of pancakes and Easton chuckles. "Big brother slow down your going to get the hiccups." The phone buzzes and I sit down the pancakes.

They know Hayden, I'm very open with my parents and they don't judge me, you're the only one they have wanted to meet though...I'm pretty sure they will love you. Much like I do.

I flush, he didn't even have to touch me for a reaction, his words alone were enough. The phone buzzes and I look down to see its Ames.

He's concentrating so hard on texting you I think his brain might fry. :D

I reply to her quickly.

Ah but the messages are so sweet how could he not.

Next I go back to texting Nathan.

You will have plenty of time to love me tomorrow and to make me react in various ways. I have to finish breakfast really quickly.

Ames buzzed back but I didn't look at it only started eating again. I looked at Easton who was looking at me with wonder. "Are you taking to Nathan and Ames?" I nod and swallow my pancake. "Are you and Nathan dating?" I choke on the pancake.

"Um...I don't know but we are going to go hang out with Ames and Nathan tomorrow." His eyes light up and I smile.

"Ames is pretty, don't you think big brother?" I choke once more but on my drink this time. He has a small crush on cute.

"Yes she is pretty, just not my cup of tea." We both laugh and finish breakfast before I check my phone again. Nathan's text was first and nearly made my heart stop.

Ah so your going to let me love on you tomorrow...this may be fun.

I quickly reply and all the while my face is red and my fingers keep hitting the wrong buttons. I decide to just call him. The phone rings and rings and then finally he answers.

"Hello little Hayden." His voice is more of a purr.

"You know that's not what I meant by that." I say and stand, going towards the bathroom. Once locked in I am able to talk freely.

"A man can dream can't he?" I heard him chuckle at my speechlessness. "Your blushing, I can tell."

"N...No, I'm completely normal." I hear Ames in the background and then there is shuffling on the other side.

"Give me the damn phone Nathan! I need to ask Hayden something!" I chuckle at their siblings quarrel as it continued. I hear Ames voice on the other end as Nathan mumbles something.


"Yes!" She had startled me for the moment.

"My brother is an idiot on some level-"

"Hey! And here I was being so nice!" Nathan intervenes.

"Anyway, if he for some reason screws up with you don't give up on him. He's being nice and you haven't even had sex yet." I was now flushing and the phone was being fought over once more.

"Excuse her she's on some form of a gay love thing and wants this to work like nothing else." I frown and try to speak but I can't. " hm, Hayden? Are you there?"

I sigh and force the words out of my mouth. "D...Don't you want this too work too?" There was a coughing on the other side and it was female and not Ames.

"Of course I do and Hayden my mom wants to talk to you." I freeze as I hear the sound of shuffling on the other end.

"Hello Hayden darling." I murmur a hi and she continues. "I can't wait to meet you tomorrow, Nathan and Ames have told me all about you." I flush and chuckle a bit.

"R...really?" I stutter and I open the door to the bathroom. Easton comes running out of the living room and into the bathroom, shutting the bathroom door once I'm out of the doorway.

"All good things dear. Your a very good influence in Nathan...he's fighting with people for an actual reason now you'll have to tell me how you two met tomorrow...for now I've got to go." She says and hangs up.

I move my ear away from the phone and look at it for a moment. "What's wrong, big brother?" I look away from the phone to see Easton looking up at me, his head tilted slightly, his hair flopping lazily in front of his eyes. He will need to get a haircut soon.

"Nothing's wrong, I just got off the phone with Nathan and Ames." His eyes light up at the mention of Ames and I can't help but smile at him. I waited for Nathan or Ames to text me but it was as if his mothers words were the final say for all of them. Tomorrow is going to be a strange day.

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