Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 14

December 14, 2014

Nathan and Ames knocked on my front door at seven am this morning and drug Easton and myself out to the mall...said something about christmas but I was still asleep well mostly. The first thing that woke me for the first time was Ames jumping on top of me in my bed, Easton had let them in...knowing they were coming. My ribs were in a decent amount of pain from Ames landing on me but I wasn't going to complain.

We go back to Nathan and Ames' house but Nathan keeps me in the car with him, even after Ames and Easton are in the house. His lips were on mine, I couldn't stop him as his hands found their way down my button up shirt, unbuttoning it as they go. His lips go to my neck as I gasp and groan. "Nathan we have to go inside." His lips leave my body as his hands move around my waist, squeezing the space and returning his lips to mine

"No, staying out here with me should be fine." He says and squeezes that spot hard causing me to gasp. His tongue darted into my mouth and I can feel my body reacting in ways it hasn't before. His hands move down farther and farther. Touch me down there, just do it. He moves away after a moment and left me there, my body was humming with want for him. "We should go in now." He says with a smile and gets out.

"Really? Wow." I say and let my head fall back letting my head hit the window. I sit there for a minute or two and then button up my shirt, heading inside. I was greeted at the door by Nathan who had a mischievous smirk playing in his lips.

"Oh is this him?" It was his mothers voice, I recognized it from the phone call yesterday. I turn and see a taller women walk out of the kitchen. I don't have time to even blink before she has her arms wrapped around me. "Oh your so small, even I could crush you and Nathan has twice my muscles." After a moment she let me go and I looked over to see Ames' amused. Their mother lets me down and I back away, thankful she hadn't felt the bulge forming in my jeans from Nathan's touching. "So Hayden tell me how did Nathan and yourself meet?" I look to Nathan and Ames who look at each other. Nathan simply shrugs his shoulders.

"W...Well-" I didn't know what to say...more or less I don't want to get Nathan into trouble.

"Nathan bullied him...that's how they met, but how they got together was me. I stopped Nathan and jake from bullying him one day and it all went from there. Really it's kinda cute." Ames said and patted her brothers shoulder. Their mother looked at me with a surprised expression.

"Is that the truth?" I look away but feel my face flush...fuck even Nathan's name made me react at this point.

"Yeah...but I never really did mind when they bullied me...Nathan didn't really do anything it was usually jake...jake was the bad one." I say and move back towards Nathan. "He's really only protected me from jake and the others lately. They gave up their friends for me...I can't truly understand it...but they did it." Nathan's arm wraps around my waist and squeezes the spot that he had squeezed in the car. I bit my tongue, not making a sound even though I desperately wanted too.

"Well that's not at all what I had expected to hear but I'll let it slide since something so beautiful came out of it. Also Amelia, I don't want you around that jake character, if he is hurting your brothers boyfriend then he isn't a good influence." Ames scowled at the usage of her full name but nodded, her brown hair bouncing. She had the same pale color of skin as her mother...they looked a like.

"Of course mother I have already told him that I don't want him a thousand times before and he still won't listen...he keeps trying to call me to see if I will go out with him...I simply ignore his calls." She says and turns going to the living room where Easton sat waiting for us. Their mother, Caroline, as my mother had called her waved at Easton and he smiled waving back before turning and going towards the kitchen.

"Go upstairs and I'll come up with Ames in a minute...we need to talk to you about jake. My room is last door to the left." He whispers in my ear and I obey, quickly climbing the stairs as he goes to talk to Easton.

Once upstairs I go to his room and look around. The blue walls made a calm sense wash over me...however there was a feeling of intense want for Nathan lurking in the crotch of my jeans.

My body had reacted to Nathan's touch more than it had before and he had noticed. Right now I had a hard on because of how his hands were skimming my chest and squeezed my turn on spot. The bedroom door breaks open and I see Nathan and Ames, I quickly cover the noticeable bulge in my jeans with a pillow.

"Hey hayden." he purrs and I jolt. Nathan was making it worse, make him stop. Ames gives me an odd look and then her eyes light up.

"Shit! Nathan I'll be right back I forgot my cell phone" Ames rushes out of the room and nathans eyes narrow into slits as he examines me.

"Your sweating and look like as if your in pain. Are you feeling okay?" I twitch, even his voice is arousing. I hear the door lock and look up to see him coming towards me. He takes the pillow and throws it, leaning over me, his leg brushes the bulge in my pants and he looks down surprised. "Oh I see Hayden is horny." he says and smirks his hands reaching towards my jeans, I stop him.

"No don't it's really sensitive." I whimper and his smirk becomes wider.

"Let me get rid of it for you Hayden." he says gruffly and I nod eagerly...I wanted it gone. "Get under your covers." he instructs and I do, he follows too. He turns me on my side and pulls me so I'm right up against him, then he undoes my jeans, it feels so much better already, not as constricting.

"That feels better, Thanks." I go to move but he pulls me closer, pulling my boxers down.

"I'm getting rid of it Hayden, not making it better. Otherwise it will get painful for you." he says and kisses me on the cheek. He pulls me from my boxers and I feel him touching the tip. A gasp and small moan came out of my mouth, I was so embarrassed. He lets out a small sigh and goes into stroking me, I couldn't help my moaning, but shoved a pillow into my mouth to muffle my moans.

"Hayden." I squeeze my eyes shut and throw my head back to his shoulder. I was at this point thrusting into his hand, it felt so good. I wrapped my arm around his head and gripped a handful of hair, bringing his lips mine. The arm wrapped around my waist moved behind me, grabbing my ass, tight. I gasp and tighten my hold on his hair. It's Not ten minutes later that I'm on my back with my legs around his waist and my lips were moving against his hungrily as he started undoing his pants had been flung across the room along with my boxers.

He had sent me over the edge with just his mouth, how could these things feel so good. He's pulled himself free from his jeans, pushing them down. He looks to his nightstand and reaches over, pulling a bottle of lubricant out. I pulled his lips to mine again when he tries to move away. He smiles against my mouth, he had unleashed something inside of me.I wanted Nathan not just his heart but his body, I wanted him inside of me. The bedroom door swings open despite the lock and Nathan and I froze, slowly looking back to see a shocked Ames.

"Oh...Ames um...I can't explain." Her face was red when she realized that both Nathan and I had our pants off. She looked at her brother, who's head was turned towards her.

"I'm going to go downstairs and see what Easton is two can continue um...yeah." she says and then walks out the door, closing it and making sure the lock is latched.

"Well now that she's gone." his lips went to my neck, but my mind was no longer fogged with want... I was having second thoughts about sex now.

"Um Nathan..."

"...Yeah mood ruined" he shakes his head and sits up on his knees, tucking himself back into his pants. He looked down at my naked body, which now had me feeling self conscious and smiles. He runs his hand down my stomach and gets down next to me, his mouth at my ear. "Mine"

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