Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 15

Monday December 15th 2014

I waited in the back foyer with Ames and Nathan, trying my upmost best to avoid the counselor who was looking around for me. He had past by three times in the last ten minutes but we were tucked away in a set of benches hidden away from plain sight. Nathan had promised that he wouldn't let the counselor touch me and I believed him, the almost sex had brought us closer than before and I loved it. He was more protective than before because now he knew that I wanted him just as he wanted me. Ames had apologized to us a thousand times for interrupting us and ruining the first chance of making love we had. We almost immediately forgave her after all we had seen the shocked and embarrassed look on her face when she opened that door.

The bell to get to first hour rings and Nathan leads me hand in hand towards first hour. I felt strange and the looks people were giving us didn't make me all too comfortable. Some people, mainly me but some girls, gave us disgusted looks but then I saw those who smiled at us and it made my heart feel warm with joy of acceptance. Nathan wasn't shy about anything either, if he wants to kiss me and we are in front of a crowd he will and not care what people think or say. Nathan pulls me into first hour and the jocks who sat in back gave us a disgusted look but quickly go ashen when they realize who they are looking at. Even with Nathan's "coming out" of being Bi-sexual, people didn't mess with him, he was still the same guy that would kick their ass if they dared to say anything that would prove to be against me, Ames, or himself.

"Don't worry, he won't call on you first thing it will be next hour or in geometry." I give a small smile at his comforting words and he puts his hand on my knee. I nod and he pats my head with his other hand, careful not to mess up my hair.

"I hope he doesn't call me at all but he was already looking for me this morning and I hope it was just for an apology...I don't like how he touched me and even in such a light manner, only you can touch me an any way sexual...well I only feel comfortable with you is what I mean." I say and he smiles, leaning in and kissing me on the cheek...he did just as much public displays of affection with me if not more than his girlies that he used to have when he was bullying me.

"Nobody will dare to make you feel bad or to harm you in any way physical or mental, they would hear from me and my fist if they did, I promised I would keep you safe." He says and places a hand on my cheek. A near by girl, I don't know her name, is blushing and fanning herself while the jock boys are acting like they are gagging. The girl looks over and sees me looking and all I do is smile which makes her hide her face and flush even brighter.

"Could you please take your loving somewhere's sickening to watch two guys do the things you are doing." A jock says and Nathan looks back and I can't help but shrink. Before he can do anything however I hear a female voice speak.

"I think it's adorable, the way any gender can be in love with the same sex, why I don't see any reason for it too be repulsive them kissing is just like you boys kissing a girl, neither of them has a vagina though and that seems to make it oh so controversial." The girls nose never left her graphic novel and I quickly noticed that it had two guys on the front...barely dressed. The jock boys scoff at her and laugh, she falters a bit and I feel a bit of rage bubble up inside of me.

"Why don't you homophobic idiots just go shove your tongues down a girls throat instead of meddling in my life." I say, looking towards the jock with a stone cold glare and then at the girl with tender eyes and a warm smile.

"Thank you-"

"Jessica....but you can call me Jesse and it's nothing really I believe in equality and that means the same rights for everyone no matter what sex they like." I smile at this girl, you didn't meet many people like her.

"Well Jesse, my name is Hayden and this is Nathan, would you like to have lunch with us or something, Ames and you would get along just fine." I say and she smiles, Nathan simply puts his hand on my back, he liked to touch me and that wasn't always a good thing. The final bell to start class rings and I move back to my spot in the front as more and more people ran in before the teacher could count them late. The teacher didn't appear until five minutes after the late bell and everybody who was coming had come in.

Once class started my mind began to wander. Soon class was finished and I met Nathan and Jesse by the door. Jesse goes off to her second hour class and Nathan walks me to mine, not caring if he is late to his. The counselor calls for me in second hour but we are taking our semester finals and I can not make it. I sigh in relief and focus on my test, I find the test and would have finished with it but made sure not to finish in time for the teacher to send me to the counselor. The same thing happens in third hour and then before I know it I'm walking with Nathan, Jesse and Ames to our small table build for only five or six people.

"Hayden?" His voice rings from behind me and I take my sandwich out taking a bite out of it before turning to him. "Hayden, I need to you to come with me back to my office." I shake my head and Nathan gives him a glare while Jesse sits there with a confused look on her face. Ames leans over and whispers something in her ear that seems to make the whole situation clear to her.

"No, I'm eating and I am not ready to come back to your office, I can no longer trust you with me. " he frowns and stands, looking around. I smile at him and Nathan grabs the back of my neck, pulling me towards him with the counselor watching intently. His lips are quickly on mine and with that the counselor leaves, stomping his way out of the cafeteria.

"So that guy wants you...but you don't like him at all because your in love with Nathan?" Jesse says and I nod once I'm released from Nathan kiss and catch my breath.

"Yes I trusted him and he took advantage of me, wanting me to leave Nathan and let him do wicked things to me." I say and Nathan smirks making the girls look to him.

"I'm the only one allowed to do wicked things to you Hayden Grey." He says and his hand goes to the inside of my thigh. I flush and look away, taking a bite of my sandwich once more.

"Stop being such a hornball, Nathan." His hand grabs mine and moves it to the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. I go bright red and try to move my hand but he won't let me.

"Stop being such a tease then and then I may consider my hornballish tendencies." He says and then let's my wrist go. My hand quickly goes to his thighs and I hear Ames and Jesse chatting about something.

"I'm one of the valedictorians chosen for my class but I'm only a sophomore so things may change you never know." I smiled at her, I am valedictorian for my of them at least and that is an honor for me.

"I believe you will maintain your valedictorian position. I've maintained mine for as long as I can remember." I say and Ames and Nathan look to me. I hadn't told them that I was valedictorian for my class.

"Hm so you get to make that big speech at the end of your high school career...I have got to see that." He says and smile but frown at the realization that he graduated this year, I wouldn't have him here everyday next year. "Hey, you'll be okay without me during the day, Ames is here and let's face it...she can cut a bitch." We all laugh and Ames just smiles and nods, a smirk quickly peeling across her face. "So no worries." He says and kisses my forehead. Jesse's face turns red and she shuffles a bit. Ames looks over at her and then over at the graphic novel she had been reading.

"So you're a boys love fan, we don't get many of those around here." Ames says and Jesse nods. Boys love? Ames must have seen the confused look on my face because she quickly cleared it up. "It means gay romance, they have these books called manga and they are all about boy who are with boys." Ames said and I asked to see the book Jesse had, she willingly handed it over. I'm skimming through the odd art and come across something that makes me slam the book shut before Nathan can see it.

"Open the book up Hayden I'm curious as to what it's about too." He says teasingly and I keep the book closed shaking my head.

"Your eyes are too young for the things in this book Nathan." I say and he snorts out a bit of laughter noting how he is the oldest one there. He takes the book and opens it, where my finger hand been. His face went into shock, surprise, and then worst of all lust as he looked over at me.

"You my little Hayden are far too innocent." He says and closes the book handing it back to Jesse, who was borderline purple. "Well sorry, it's not my fault I haven't gotten laid." I says and Ames mouth drops open and she looks away.

"I said I was sorry about that, the door lock doesn't work very well." She says and puts her hands up in a peaceful manner as we all laugh.

"It's okay, we'll have our fun when it's time." He says and I flush, we would have had our fun yesterday...hell he was still up for it after she walked in it was me that didn't have it in me to go on.

"Yeah, and with as much of a hornball you are it won't be that long." I say and Nathan smiles, reaching around and grabbing my turn on spot. I gasp and he smirks he is playing with that spot non-stop in hopes that he will get lucky again.

"Now who's the hornball." He says and I reach over, smacking him in the stomach. He lets go of my turn on spot and laughs as Ames looks at him disapprovingly.

"Hm maybe I will tell Hayden where your turn on spot is Nathan then he can tease you all the same." Ames says and I shake my head.

"If I grab his turn on spot then he will have me in bed in two point five seconds that I promise you." Say and Nathan seems to think it over for a moment before he nods.

We continue our mindless chatter until the bell rings and I go off to class with Nathan. I come to class and barely have time to sit down before the counselor has summoned me. The teacher make me go and I just look back at Nathan for help and he gives me a worried look. I make my way down towards the counselors office and he is standing outside the office, waiting for me.

"Hayden, now that you have finally accepted my invitation, we must go to my office and have a little chat about your future." He says and I move away from his touch. He guides me into his office and I hear the door lock behind me. "Hayden, I know that you want me, I see the way you look at me." He says and I look around confused and disgusted.

"You seem to have misread my disgust. I don't want you. I have a boyfriend that I'm happy with." I say and he comes closer narrowing his eyes. I was quivering on the inside but stood my ground.

"You're lying to yourself Hayden, how can that man love you, your completely different from're just his toy and when he gets what he wants from you then he will leave you. I guarantee it's happened with a few of his girlfriends."

I felt my heart sink for a moment and the counselor took advantage of my momentary shock, shoving me onto the black couch. He climbs on top of me and I try to shove him off but he is stronger than I. His lips slam into mine, not gentle, nothing and he quickly goes to nibbling on them, biting into them hard enough to make them bleed. I kept squirming, trying so hard to get away but he uses one hand and holds both of them above my head.

He forces himself between my legs so I can't kick him and continues his assault. "Stop, damn it stop!" I cry and his hand comes down across my face. What the hell was this about...Nathan would never ever treat me like this. "Get off if me you sick pervert!" I yell and I hear something slam against the door. The counselors free hand went to my chin, moving my head to the side before digging his teeth into my shoulder. I let off a loud screech and all to quickly the door is broken of its hinges. Nathan comes in, he was so angry, you could tell in his eyes and in his body language.

"Get off of him." Nathan says and the counselor smiles wickedly, looking at the bloody bite mark he had left on me. "What the hell, you bite a fucking animal." He walks over grabbing the counselor by the back of his shirt and threw him off of me, by then an office lady had walked in and seen what the counselor had tried to do. She quickly helps me sit up.

"Are you okay dear? He didn't do anything too bad did he?" I couldn't answer, silent tears that streamed down my cheeks were the only proof that I wasn't okay, that and the blood that covered my face and collarbone. Nathan slammed the counselor against the wall and said something, something I couldn't hear. He came to me after that and pulled me up. "I'll go sign the two of you out...we need to notify his parents about what has happened. " I nod I can't speak, my body is basically frozen. With that Nathan walked with me out of the counselors office and into the crowded hallways. Ames' eyes widened when she saw us, the bloody bite mark was very visible.

"Take him back to our house Nathan." Ames says and he nods while I look around seeing the shocked faces of even the preppy kids, jake was one of them.

"What the hell happened to you?" It was jakes voice, Nathan simply turned to see his old friend. Nathan filled him in and when he saw the sad look in Nathan's eyes as he looked at me his face went deadly. Jake whispered something in Nathan's ear and then took off down the hallway to the counselors office.

"Let's go Hayden, you don't want to see this." Nathan says and rushed me out of the school doors. We got out to his car and my phone buzzed, my mother was calling me, but I didn't have it in me to speak so Nathan answered. It wasn't a long chat, Nathan explained that I was going to go home with him and he would get me cleaned up. We drive away from the school as cop cars came zooming by and an ambulance. What had jake done?

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