Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 16

Tuesday December 16th, 2014

Nathan had brought me home around six in the afternoon yesterday and we were greeted at the door by my mother who was screaming into the phone about lawsuits and jail time. She however hung the phone up when she saw my busted lip and bite mark the counselor had left on me. Easton had come out of the living room and was staring at me with a worried look.

I mustered up a smile just to reassure him that I was alright. Mother embraced me and told me that everything would be okay. She then proceeded to embrace Nathan tightly, thanking him for saving me from that awful man. She also mentioned that he needed to bring his family over for dinner on Thursday because my dad was going on a business trip and it was the most private time for them to talk about my relationship with him.

Now, the next day, I lay in bed, mother had me stay home from school and get some rest today. I roll out of bed and check my phone seeing that Nathan and Ames had both texted me.

Counselor gone today. Jake said that he bloodied him up pretty well and that he would try to except our relationship so him and I could still be friends. Are you okay with this?

I sigh, I wouldn't say no, Nathan was friends with jake way before he even met me. I quickly look at Ames' message, thinking of how to say what I should say to Nathan.

Hey Hayden! I hope your feeling better...well at least a little better. Jake keeps asking me out and it's getting kind of annoying to be honest. What should I do?

Dang it, they both have difficult questions for me to answer. I sigh and answer Nathan first.

If he's willing to try and except us without beating me to a pulp then I don't care.

Next I go to Ames' message and reply.

Maybe you should give him a chance and go on a date with him. If you still don't like him after a date then tell him.

After messaging them both back I get out of bed and change before going down stairs to get some breakfast. I walk down the stairs to be greeted by my mother, who I was surprised to see.

"Morning sweetheart; are you feeling any better than you did yesterday?" I nod, Nathan had let me cry, punch, hit and all that fun stuff before I came home so I was already feeling better before I came home last night.

"Yeah. Some sleep did me good." I murmur and try to stretch but my shoulder gives off a dull pain. The memory of the counselor biting me flashed before my eyes for a moment but I quickly pushed it away. "What's going to happen to jake and the counselor?" I ask after a small silent pause and she looks over at me with an unreadable expression, makes eye contact and looks to the floor. Her dark hair falls around her shoulder and blocks my view of her face.

"From what I understand, your friend jake may just get away with what he did." She grabs her arm and runs at it, as if she is chilly, but I see it as her hiding something. "The police wanted to talk to you, but I told them that they would need to come back another time and get a statement." I sigh, thanking God that I didn't have to wake up and face the nightmare. "-However-" I pause looking up at her with worry. "Hayden, he's got connections both, the school and police force, he may get away with it all." I feel a jolt of fear run down my spine and I look over and I look over at my mother.

"Well he will get fired right?" Mother opens her mouth to say something but then closes it and turns away from me. "Mother, he can't escape getting fired I mean he was going to like rape me....probably would have right there if Nathan wouldn't have come." Her shoulders slouch and her grip on her arm tightens.

"Hayden, he has connections and money...all I can do pray that somebody in that office won't let him near you. That or we could transfer you out of that school and move...but I don't believe you want to leave Nathan and Amelia." I shake my head, turning away from the kitchen, I want to be alone for now. "Hayden?" I walk up the stairs without another word. He was going to win.

"I'm going back to bed." I say and climb the stairs not listening as she tells me come back down and eat something. I sit in my room for what feels like a good hour, crying into my knees. Everybody except me always got their way...what did I ever do wrong? I stand, I need some air, and walk to my door and down the stairs quietly. I hear my mother on the phone and tip toe my way to the back door, jacket and phone in hand.

Once I'm outside I can't help but run, running cleared my head. Once I calm down I realize that I've run all the way down town and needed to get out of sight of high school traffic. I run into a side street and watch as dark clouds descend on the town. Once I hear the thunder I know that it's not just night was going to storm. I find a park and sit down on the swing set, the trees blocked people from the streets view of me, if I was just a little lower then they could see me clearly. I sit with my head against the rubber covered chains, life sucked. I just wanted the counselor to get fired or hell to just leave me alone but I knew he wouldn't. That man wants me with a burning passion, but I didn't want him like that at all. The rain starts pouring down and I cough, my asthma would start acting up if I didn't go home for my inhaler. I however don't move, I don't want to go phone had been blowing up for almost a half an hour, they would probably track my cell phone. I move over to the small tunnel, and lie on top of it. Cop cars came whizzing by and I heard people walking and talking. The world was becoming fuzzy and I stood, trying to walk to the swings, I was becoming very disoriented...the world was almost spinning.

I collapse to the ground my vision fading. I couldn't tell dream from reality for awhile, I felt somebody pick me up, they seemed worried but I couldn't make out anything they were saying. I recall being lied in when felt like the back of the car but my head was placed on somebodies lap.

"It's alright Hayden...your going to be fine." It sounded like Ames...I couldn't open my eyes, I could barely asthma was kicking my ass. I let unconsciousness take me and wake to see my bedroom ceiling.

"Hayden?" It was his voice, Nathan, what time was it? My throat is so dry...and so were my clothes. I open my eyes and my vision is blurry. I can barely even make out the outline of a face and yet I reach up, stro king the persons warm cheek. My hand grasps his neck and pulls him down, his lips and mine devouring each other with in moments. The sound of somebody clearing their throat made me jump and I hear Nathan's deep chuckle.

"Glasses...where are my glasses?" I move my hand trying to find them but after a moment, somebody hands them to me, I quickly put them on. Suddenly a horrified feeling enters my body when I see the tomato red faces of my mother and Ames. "I'm sorry, I thought it was only him and I." Now it is my turn to turn red.

"Oh thank God, I never wanted to see my brother sticking his tongue down somebodies throat and here you just gave me a front row seat. I'm glad I won't see anything worse, no offense." I swallow the lump in my throat and nod, understand where she is coming from. I hear a small cough and look to my mother.

"Hayden, why did you go to the park?" It was mother with worried eyes and I give her a soft smile. Here recently I have seen my parents more than in the last few years combined.

"I just needed to be alone to clear my head and then it started to asthma reacted worse than usual." I say and look over at Nathan. He smiles at me and I smile back, moving closer to him. "I just collapsed really I was leaving and collapsed. I didn't mean to make anybody worry. " I say and Nathan cups the right side of my cheek and kisses the left. Ames sits with Easton, calming him down.

"I thought maybe you had run away because of what I told you." I shake my head. I know how much of a challenge it will be to face the counselor free what he did. However, there are around me who will try their best to keep that man away from me . The office lady of all people should be keeping an eye on him as well as Nathan and Jake.

They will keep him away; I just know it.

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