Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 17

Wednesday December 17th, 2014

I was allowed to go back to school today and hadn't seen the counselor except once when he was walking in. He had a white bandage over his nose and was on crutches. I look over at jake, who was looking at Ames. He wanted her, you could see it in his eyes, but he wasn't touching her inappropriately at all. The bell rings and we all stand, watching as jake offers to help her with her things. Nathan wraps his hand around my waist and lead me towards first hour. I lean into him, he is warm, and all I want to do is get to class and away from the counselors possible sight.

"You could go home if you want I'll take you and stay with you." Nathan says and I smile at his generosity but shake my head. He stared at my bruised cheek with simmering anger in his eyes, it was where the counselor had slapped me. "So what exactly did the counselor do to you? If you don't mind me asking that is..." He says and looks away, I simply intertwine my fingers with his to tell him that it was okay.

"He wants me, said that I was only a toy to you and once you got what you wanted you would leave me. He slapped me and bit me....he was between my legs and I didn't like it at all...your the only person who has been between my legs before." He squeezes my waist, not my turn on spot this time, but it still felt nice. "I would prefer for it to only be you from now on." I say and he smirks, masking the anger that was there, I could still see it in his eyes. "Stop hiding your anger, that will only make it worse and you could do something stupid." I say and he looks down at me in shock. He brings me closer to him and I smile. Once to first hour I get a couple of stares but if you had a giant bruise on your face wouldn't you too.

"Hayden! Your okay!" Jesse says and turns in her seat towards me. Her eyes were glittering slightly and the excitement that was held in them made me smile. I nod and Nathan smiles, smoothing my hair out of my face.

"Yeah I'm fine, just needed some rest and time to clear my head." I say and she shakes her head. Did somebody tell her what happened?

"Hayden there are rumors all around school that the counselor...the male one, tried to rape you." I turn, feeling my stomach turn, everybody knew then...that , that man had touched me in ways that I didn't want him too. The teacher came in and started class. The ticking of the clock was annoying me to no end. I could feel what felt like vomit rising in my throat. I didn't want everybody to know they would make jokes out of it. I think the teacher noticed something was wrong because she opened the door acting as if it was getting far too hot in here. I gag and then stand, covering my mouth, as I run out the door. I run down the hallway, making it to the bathroom before I fall to my knees in front of a toilet. I feel a gentle hand on my back as I gasp for breath.

"I'm okay Nathan. You can go back to class." I say and there's no answer. I sit there trying to catch my breath.

"Hayden?" It was Nathan's voice...but it wasn't from just behind me...if that's not Nathan I move away quickly and stand...the counselor was the one behind me. I hear the bathroom door open and Nathan walks in calming when he sees me and then his anger is in swing when he sees the counselor. "What part of leave him alone do you not understand?" Nathan says and I grab him, holding him back.

"Nathan stop, You're going to hurt somebody." Nathan turns and pulls me towards the door with his arm around my waist.

"See Nathan he likes me, he doesn't want you to hurt me." I grind my teeth at this man and feel Nathan tense. I hear the sound of his crutch helping him move forward. "You do like me Hayden, your just a dirty little whore aren't you....leading two men on at once." Nathan's arms slips from around my waist and elbows the counselor in the stomach. I turn to face him and slam my fist into his face.

"I'm a virgin and not a whore. I dislike you with a passion and love leave me the hell alone." I say and pull Nathan out of the bathroom with me, after wiping my face off of course. Nathan and I head back to class and the teacher smiles at us asking if everything was alright. "Oh yeah, just fine, everything is okay." I say and Nathan moves from his favorite seat in the back to the open seat next to me.

"Nice punch." He says and I smile flushing...I am falling more and more for him every second.

When lunch rolls around we all decide to go off campus and go to the pizza place down in the square. I decide to pick up an application and fill it out quickly turning it in before we go. We decide to take a late lunch, skipping fourth hour so we could just go to the park. I lie on the ground, it had dried out since the storm yesterday and Ames and Nathan joined me. Jake stood there watching us with a confused look on his face. "You can join us down here...we don't bite." I say and he sighs, luring down between Nathan and Ames.

"Hey Nathan, are you still leaving tomorrow to go see our oh so lovely cousins." Ames asked and I turned and looked at him, he just shrugged. I wrap my hand around his and he looked at me with a smile. "Well you won't be leaving until like later anyway since we have dinner with Hayden's mom and brother tomorrow." She says and I chuckle, I love how we just cut my father out of the equation because he was a total homophobe.

"Dad left for his business trip this morning so it's more or less safe." I say and we all smile...the sunlight is just so comfortable, one could fall asleep. I close my eyes and drift off into the world of sleep and dreams.

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