Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 18

Thursday December 18th, 2014

The counselor had not showed his face at school today and Ames had informed me that she was not going with Nathan to see their cousins because she hated them with a burning passion, so she would be here to keep me company. I had also gotten a call from the pizza place and they wanted me to work for them, I start tomorrow mother had been hard at work in the kitchen since about four and still had a good half an hour left on the chicken noodles...we haven't eaten this dish since Christmas...four years ago, maybe. I hear a knock at the door and Easton comes out, going to the door.

"Easton, don't open the door without looking first." I say and he reaches up trying to see who it is. I go over and open the blinds to see the face of the counselor...he was becoming stalkerish. "Easton go get mother...tell her that a bad man is at the door." I say and he rushes off as I look into the eyes of the beast on the other side of the window. Mother comes out and I look back at her with pleading eyes. "Mother it's the counselor." I say and her demeanor changes as she marched towards the safe just behind the family portrait on the wall. She unlocks it and I see her pull out a small hand gun. She hides it in her waist band and then comes over to me opening the door.

"Your not welcome in the household...I suggest you leave." Mother says, backing him up so he is outside. She looks at him with a stone cold glare that made a shiver run down even my spine. This women was a mother bear protecting her cubs. "I said get out, you filthy pervert, I don't want you one my property." His eyes were dark, but they didn't leave me.

"Hayden... Look theirs a mini Hayden too how amazing... But Hayden I came to talk to you." My mother shrug and pulled out the gun cocking it before pointing it at him.

"Get out and leave my boys alone...or I swear you will be leaving here in a body bag. " I picked Easton up and took him away, if mother shot this man then there is no reason he should see it happen.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow face still hurts by the way you should kiss it make it better." Nathan's car pulls up and his family gets out, stopping once they see my mom pointing a gun at the counselor.

"Caroline, this is the man that hurt my son, he came here wanting to talk to Hayden." Mothers voice was shaky but I saw the look in Nathan's eyes, the look of pure hatred as he looked the counselor. He comes over to the counselor and shoves him away from the front door, making my mother put her gun down.

"Get away from these people and stay away from these people or I swear to god I will make whatever jake did to you look like child's play." He threatened and I saw the counselors eyes widen a bit. Nathan comes in and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder while telling Ames to check on Easton. His mother and father come in and help set the table and comfort my mother who's hair is messed up and she's crying.

"I should kill him...jake and I could easily do wouldn't be hard to hide the body either." Nathan says, scaring me half to death, so I shut him up the only way I know how to. I stand up on my tips toes and kiss him, slowly at first but then he joins in with a hunger that I hadn't seen in him before. He lifts me by the waist and throws me on the bed, quickly connecting our lips with another kiss. I gasp for breath as he runs his lips down my body, squeezing my sides and my turn on spot. I let out a small groan as his lips come back to mine and his tongue takes dominance of mine. He undoes my jeans and he tugs them off of me...with my help of course.

I have my boxers off in no time and he and I are under my covers, his body was beautiful...muscular but not too muscular. The outline of abs was all it took to drive me up the wall. I run my hand along his forming abs and the other was in his hair, pushing his lips to mine as I fisted the smooth brown hair he had. His hand was between us working on me and yet every time I reached down to do the same for him he slapped my hand away and said it was about me not him. He moves down as my climax starts to build up and I tilt my head back as I feel him kissing me below the waist. His hand was still working on me even when I was in his mouth. My cheeks were flushed with embarrassment at the sounds coming out of my mouth.

I put a pillow over my head and moan...blocking the sound from others hearing. I grab his hair again, moving his head and he let me. His name escaped my mouth several times as I came. He came back up and kissed me gently and I could taste myself on his was gross but so erotic that I allowed it. He was just undoing his pants when the door slammed open and Ames stood once more in the doorway.

"Really Ames! You should have learned to knock after last time." Nathan says and Ames turns her back to us before speaking.

"Hayden your mother sent me upstairs to tell you and Nathan that dinner was ready." She says and Nathan smirks before saying the one thing I would never have thought of him to say.

"But I'm already eating...and it's quite filling." Ames gags.

"Ew ew Nathan really I'm going downstairs that was just offense Hayden!" She leaves after that and leaves the door wide open which makes both of us get redressed very quickly. I make sure my hair doesn't look all that terrible before we head downstairs.

We were all seated together at the table in no time, eating, while Nathan inconspicuously rubs my legs under the table. Ames watches us with knowing eyes, she knew what he was doing.

"So Caroline I never suspected Nathan to be bi-sexual." Mother says and Caroline smiles. Nathan's hand moves farther up and I shut my mouth tight, preventing the squeak from leaving my throat.

"Mother I think the lock to Nathan's room need fixed..." Ames says and smirks at Nathan. Easton looks too each of us with confusion and then smiles at Ames. Caroline looks at Nathan and I, Nathan moving his hand just before she looks at me.

"Why?" She asks and I turn a bit red, looking away. Nathan just looks at me with a tender look.

"Because I'm sick o-" she covers Easton's ears "I'm sick of walking in on them half naked." She releases Easton's ears and both my mother and his looked at us with jaws dropped.

"You told me you two weren't sexually active." Mother says and Easton looks at her with confusion. She pats his head and tells him that it's something he's too young to know about.

"We technically aren't...We haven't gone all the way so I don't know what that makes still a virgin!" I say and then my face lights up....fucking hell I did it again.

"W...well that's nice to know..." My mother says with a light flush on her cheeks while Nathan just looks at me amused. This is so embarrassing.

"Well I'll get your door lock fixed tomorrow." Caroline says and Nathan smiles innocently at her.

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