Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 19

December 19, 2014

Mother had sat me down after Nathan and Ames had left, she said that I needed to be safe and that it was okay. Today wasn't he first day on break and my first day of work at the pizza place. I started tonight around six and help them close up shop. Nathan had left last night after dinner to go see his cousins and Ames stayed behind, promising that we would hang out before I have to go to work. Nathan had called me once he got to his cousins like I had told him too. He then proceeded to talk dirty to me on the phone....and told me to touch myself. I ignored him and hung up...the only one who was going to touch me was him.

I hear a knock on the door around noon and welcome Ames in, mother takes Easton to the park to play so Ames and I can talk about whatever we wanted without any interruption. "So Hayden are you mad about dinner last night?" I shake my head I could never stay mad at her. " my brother and you have tried it twice, next time you two are upstairs or are in a room alone together then I am not going up at all." She says and I shake my head, that was a wise idea.

"That's a good idea, I might not stay a virgin for all of my life if you do that." I say and she chuckles, my work vomit had caused quite the silence at dinner. "So do you know what happening with jake and yourself? Are you guys dating or what?" I ask and she shrugs, lying back on my bed.

"He's taking me on a date tonight to the pizza place. He says it should be reassuring to Nathan and yourself for us to be somewhere with in sight." She says and I nod. We'd it there talking randomly on and on. As we sit on the bed, Ames asks me to take my shirt off so she can see the bite mark the counselor left. I obey, I don't care, because I don't like Ames in any other way than a Nathan...I want to jump his bones half the time. What the hell has this man done to me?

"Hey Ames, why do people keep saying that I'm just Nathan's toy?" I look away feeling my face flush. I hoped with all of my heart that it wasn't true...I liked Nathan a lot. She looks at me with a tender stare before deciding to answer.

"He likes you a lot Hayden, no I think he is falling in love with you. Nathan has acted differently since he got with you, he seems happier. " she says and I smile, I was happy that he was happier. She examined the bite mark and I winced when she poked it. "Sorry, he really did bite you deeply." She says and I nod, that stupid mark was a bitch to get it to stop bleeding. I put my hand over it and It was as if I could feel the pain of him biting down on me.

"It hurt like a bitch....I can still feel it. How bad does my lip look?" I ask and she touches my chin, looking at my lip from different angles.

"It looks good, it's healing and don't worry Nathan will be able to bite it soon enough." I flush and open my mouth to protest but quickly close it knowing what she said was partially true. I look at the clock and realize that it's almost an hour before I have to go to work and tell Ames I have to get a bath. She sits outside of the bathroom as I hop in and continues to talk to me from outside of the room.

"Ames could you get my uniform for me.... It's on top of my dresser in a clear sack?" I ask and hear her stand, her footsteps leading towards my bedroom. A few moments later she is standing in the doorway....the packages with my shirt and pants in it. "Ames I'm naked!" I flushed with embarrassment as she chuckles sitting the clothing on the sink.

"Hayden, my brother wants you to call him." She says and I bend over, pulling my phone out of my jacket pocket. She turns and leaves, giving me a little privacy for the phone call. "I'll just close the door...never know what will happen when my brother calls and your naked." She says and I flush, nothing would happen...he is the only one who will touch me...I refuse to have it any other way.

"Thanks Ames, but I guarantee that the only thing you may actually see is me getting dressed and that's only if you don't knock. " I say and press in Nathan's contact and hit the call button. It rings for a moment before he picks up. "Nathan?" I ask and here his voice on the other end.

"Hey, I guess my sister told you I wanted to talk to you." He says and I smile at just the sound of his voice.

"Yeah, but I can't talk for long sadly I start work in about an hour and I'm in the bath." I say and he chuckles as I hear other voices on the other end of the phone.

"Shut up you not wits I'm on the phone!" He yells at the people who are talking and I just chuckle. "So Hayden did you say you were in the bath? That means your naked right?" I shuffle uncomfortably and he chuckles when I don't answer. "Ah Hayden don't be shy with yourself. If I have a say in it you will need release by the end on the night." He says and I flush.

"Nathan, stop being so perverse, you know that I only want you to touch me...nobody else...not even myself." I say and it's quiet on the other end for a moment before I hear a slow exhale of breath.

"Well then I'll make you a promise." He says and I listen in, curious as to what he is going to say. "I come back the day before Christmas Eve and I promise that I will lay you down and make love too you. Quite frankly my body already misses you...I bet your body misses me." He says and I flush...he wanted us to do it when he got back...I mean I want to...but I fear how it may feel pain wise. He chuckles perversely on the other end . "Bye Hayden, I'll see you in a couple days." He says and hangs up before I can say anything. I sit there with the phone still to my ear for a few moments before moving it away to stare blankly at it. I finish my bath after about twenty minutes and stood. I'm just grabbing my towel when the door is thrown open.

"Hay-" she stops and I screech, covering myself...she needed to learn to knock. She turns red as do I and looks away. "Okay...well I was just going to tell you that you that you have about 20 minutes before you go to work." She said and felt for the door knob, then closes the door. I quickly dry off and get dressed, before heading out to see Ames. "Hey...sorry I didn't knock...but um......let's not tell Nathan. He may get in some form jealous that I have seen you completely naked." I shake my head at her.

"He's basically seen my naked so nothing should make him jealous." I say and she flushes. I look over at her and smile innocently. "Sorry you have walked in on us twice now....we seriously need to learn how to lock the door." I say and she nods with wide eyes.

"I don't want to see my brother naked...ever." She says and we chuckle, walking out towards the car. "I'll give you a ride to work, I'll be there later with jake towards closing time so I should be able to pick you up." She says and I nod, I was nervous for my first day of work. She looks over at me and smiles. "You will be fine." She pats my back and then we get in the car. She drives me to the pizza place and then drives off. It takes me a couple hours to learn the ropes of things and work what machinery I could operate. It's close to closing when Ames and jake come in. They order a pizza and I do my best to get their food as fast as possible and Ames just smiles as I bring their pizza to them.

I go back to my work and move through my closing activities with the manager helping me. It's about ten minutes later when I notice that they aren't at their table and the pizza had barely been touched. A lady comes up to the counter about her minute or two later and says that it sound like somebody was in pain in the girls bathroom. The manager came around and made me come with him. He knocks on the door and when we hear a loud crash he unlocks the bathroom door. Lying on the floor was Ames and jake was on top of her....he was pulling at her skinny jeans.

"Hey! Get the hell off of her!" I yell and grab him by the back of the shirt, yanking him off of her. I quickly help her up and send her out to my manager before I am grabbed and slammed into the mirror. I gasp feeling shards stab into my back. I shove him off and push him into the doorway...he is much stronger than I though.

"Hayden!" Ames yells as I'm shoved through the glass doors...I was in so much pain.

"You ruined little took him from me and now I'm taking the problem away...permanently." He says and shoves me hard outside. I trip off of the curb and look over in time to see the headlights before I feel the huge hunk of moving medal slam into my side. I feel my ribs crack and see the horrified look on Ames face... Jake was already running down the street.

"Hayden!" Her voice was a mixture between panic and horror. I don't recall much feeling after that...I was too numb for the pain. I heard the thump of my body hitting the ground before Ames was above me. "Hayden, can you hear me?" I couldn't answer...I felt too weak to do anything...breathing is a challenge. I watch as she pulls out her phone, she was crying...she didn't need to cry. "Nathan! Oh Nathan...." My vision fades as I hear sirens. My vision comes back as I'm being lifted onto a gurney. I look around and see Ames is next to me. My vision fades once more and this time I'm down.

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