Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 2

Tuesday December 2nd

Sitting at lunch hadn't seemed so strange before. Ames and her friends sit beside me, chatting about some boy in their grade. "All I'm saying, Ames, is that Brandon only wants you for sex, he did the same thing with that Katie girl last month." Ames scoffs at her friend, her face showed disgust and agitation. I simply sit there awkwardly, not knowing why I was really sitting here. Ames had jumped me the moment I walked into the cafeteria and pulled me over to her table, I am now sitting with the popular-ish kids...I don't know if I even belong here.

"I don't know, but I can say no anytime I want if he tries to get me into bed with him, I'm a big girl. Plus you know Nathan would kill him if he tried to hurt me." The girls nod. I raise my eyebrow at her. What is her relationship with Nathan? She looks at me confused for a moment but dismissed it when her other friend, I believe her name is Britney, started talking.

"That's true, he's very protective of you." she says and continues playing with her food. "Say Hayden, have you ever had a girlfriend?" I look up, double taking before feeling shocked that she was actually talking to me.

"No, females aren't my preference." They look at me confused, should I dumb it down for them? "What I mean is that I like men not women." Ames eyes light up.

"Wait! So your gay? I mean I suspected but wasn't sure. I've always wanted a G.B.F.?" her spur of the moment peppiness shocked me, not that I minded what she was asking. Scratch that I don't know what she's asking.

"What exactly is a G.B.F.?" the girls chuckle, looking from one to the other. I can feel my face flushing with embarrassment; did I ask something wrong?

"It means gay best friend, haven't you heard the term before?" I shake my head. I have never really had friends, let alone people who stand up for me. Usually I get beat up, then to go to the nurses office and then to class if I can.

"I've never heard somebody say that before, but generally I'm not talked to so that explains it. Sure, I'll be your G.B.F." I didn't dare to make eye contact, especially when I heard the laughter of a group of boys. I glanced over just as they noticed me, sitting there with Ames and the girls. Jake looked at me, his glare turning deadly. I close my eyes hearing his footsteps coming closer and closer.

"Hello little Hayden." His voice was mocking, there mere sound of it made me tremble. I glance up to see those dark eyes and before anyone can say anything I'm flipped out of my chair. "Your eye looks like its healing well, maybe I should fix that." he says, climbing onto my back, his hand grasping the back of my neck. "Let me hear you cry, nerd."

"Jake, Stop! Get off of him!" Ames cry was the only thing I heard before my face was shoved against the cold tiled floor. "Jake, Stop!" She ran over to us, grabbing Jakes arm. He elbows her causing her to fall backwards into the table. Everything goes quiet and you hear the thud of the Ames body smashing into the table. Jake has stilled, realizing what he has done, before he is lifted off of me and shoved against the wall.

"What the hell man!" Nathan's voice was a rough growl yet I have never been so happy to hear it. "You hit Ames, just for that kid!" he pulls jake away from the wall only to slam his body back against it, harder than he has ever done to me. "Dude it was an accident! I would never hurt Ames on purpose, she's like family to me too!" By now I was on my knees, trying to get up.

"Stay there nerd!" Nathan growls as I go to help Ames off the ground. I put my hands up and he turned from me back to Jake, who looked simply terrified. I take my chance and sneak over to Ames, helping her up.

"Thanks" she murmurs and the other girls come over, standing in front of me, Nathan had noticed me move. His eyes were dark, dangerous. Ames pushed me behind her causing Nathan's eyes to widen. His anger towards me was quickly directed towards Jake as he drew his fist back, smashing it into Jake's cheek bone. Jake fell to the ground, his cheek was already turning black and blue. "Shouldn't we stop Nathan from hurting Jake too bad?" I shrug, not giving a damn if Nathan hurt Jake too badly.

"No, let's just sneak away and hope that a teacher intervenes." Brittney says and pulls us towards the cafeteria doors. We don't even make it out the doors before an office person is stopping us. "Oh hello Mr. B...Barnes." Brittney stutters and he gestures for us to come with him. We followed as Nathan was brought out of the cafeteria doors, still pissed, to see me.

"Hey nerd get over here, I still have a bone to pick with you too." Ames steps in front of me making him stop.

"No Nathan, I won't tolerate you hurting Hayden anymore, he's my new friend." Nathan blinked at her in surprise, his mocha brown eyes were wide once more and his lips slightly parted.

"If you become friends with him that's going to murder you social life. You don't want that, do you?" I look down, swallowing the lump in my throat. The teachers behind him are laughing.

"Shut up! He's one of the nicest people I've ever met and just because you don't like him, or anybody doesn't like him, means that I shouldn't either? Well excuse me but I'm not going to be a part of your domino affect." She grabs my arm and pulls me closer to her. "If you dare think about hurting him again, I'll tell mom and dad." The image of fear that crossed the faces of the boys was one that mimicked the look I have them every time they would corner me before beating me. Ames smirks now knowing she has something useful in her arsenal. "Yeah especially dad, he would just love to know that you are picking on younger boys again." He looks to me and his eyes darken and then he turns back to the teacher, who takes him to the office.

The teacher behind us moved us in the same direction. "You do realize that we will have to call your parents, miss?" The teacher says and Ames shrugs.

"I kinda figured that." Her tone was bland; Is she really bored at a time like this? I tremble knowing that I have never had to go to the principals office. "Don't worry Hayden, you'll be fine, you didn't do anything wrong." I look over at her and smile, she is so kind. We come to the office and Jake is sitting there with an ice-pack against his cheek.

"Are you okay?" The filter between my mind and my mouth must have stopped because I never imagined that I would speak to Jake, let alone ask him if he was okay.

"Shut up nerd, it's your fault I hit her anyway." He growls and I look to the floor. I shouldn't have opened my mouth. Brittney shook her head disapproving at Jake as we enter the office of the principal.

"Sit and the vice principal will be with you shortly." This women's authoritative voice spoke, before leaving. It's quiet for a moment before I have to open my mouth.

"So we aren't in trouble, right?" I ask and Ames chuckles. How do these girls take this so lightly?

"Relax Hayden, I always know how to handle this." she says just as the vice principal comes in. He is a heavier set man, the buttons of his shirt barely keeping his stomach in. His red tie had a stain on it, coffee, I believe. His slicked back-black hair made him look more like a bad car salesman . "Good evening Mr. Riker." Ames' voice chimes and he smiles at her.

"Hello Amelia-" she faltered at the use of her full name."-I hear you have caused quite the bit of trouble." she leans forward, pressing her arms together, which make her breasts more noticeable. The V-neck T-Shirt she is wearing helps too.

"Mr. Riker, it was really all a big accident, please just let us go." Her eyes were also innocent, but her body language was something else. "My brother is just so protective, leave it be, I'll be more careful I promise." My eyes widened. He is her brother...Nathan Davis is Ames's older brother. He looks down seeing the trap she has played. He looks around nervously, making obvious to her that she has him right were she wants him. There is a knock at the door. A slender framed man stood in the doorway, his black hair was messy, and the black V-neck he wore showed off a bit of his chest. His jaw line was angled and rugged with no sign of any facial hair. He, for a lack of better word, is a God. His eyes land on mine and widen a bit, a small smile peeling across his face.

"I need to see Mr.Grey for a moment." The vice principal shooed me out without a word and I didn't argue. We walked out and Jake growled at me, making this man shake his head. "How old are you, Hayden?" He asks once we are in his office, I'll have to make a note to come here more often.

"I'm seventeen." He nods,chuckling at what I presume to be my flushed cheeks. "Why am I here?" He looks at me and smiles. My face flares up a bit more and I just look down as a glint of surprise enters his eyes.

"Is it true that Jake knocked you out of your chair and tried to assault you?" His tone was so caring, yet careful. His head was tilted to the side, awaiting my answer.

"Yes, but why does this matter all of a sudden?" I am confused. "Why after everything that has happened and everything that they have done does this matter now?" He motions for me to sit down and I take a spot on the couch.

"I see a lot of myself in you , Mr.Grey. Your an outcast from everybody else. I feel like you and I are going to get along, very nicely." He sits down next to me on his black leather couch.

"I'm fine I promise, you don't have to get Nathan into anymore trouble." I say and he scoots closer to me. His arms stretch across the back of the couch, behind me.

"Are you sure? I was talking about Jake, but does Nathan ever harm you too?" I shake my head. Nathan may be an asshole , but it would hurt Ames if she went through all that trouble to get him out of trouble and I ruined it. "Alright, well, if you need anything, come to me. I will help you I promise." I stand as he moves closer, nodding.

"Okay, well, I should go, if that's all you need?" I move away from him, out of the doorway and back into the vice principals office. Ames smiles at me as I sit down, she must have gotten her way.

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