Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 20

Saturday December 20th, 2014

When I come to the events of the night before are foggy. I am weak...groggy even though I've just woken as I try to blink away the sleep from my eyes. I feel stiff, my back feels odd. I go to move my hand but notice that it is in somebody else's. I look to the side, expecting to see Ames but instead I see Nathan, he is sitting in the chair next to my bed. There were black bags under his eyes. Had he slept at all? "Hey." I murmur and he looks over at me, his eyes wide.

"Hayden! Are you in any pain?" He asks as he stands up, keeping my hand in his. I smile at him and squeeze his hand, waving him close with my other. He does as I ask and quickly I press my lips to his. He kisses me lightly and return the favor. Somebody clears their throat in the doorway. I look over to see Ames and Easton.

"Big brother, Are you going to be okay?" He asks and I nod, still very much stiff. Ames was looking at me with worry...she looked very rugged and worn out.

"I'll be fine Easton." I say and then look at the other two in the room. "You two need to get some rest, you look like awful." I say and Nathan laughs, Ames just shuffles uncomfortably.

"Hayden, how much about last night so you remember clearly?" In all honesty I remembered most of it but it was foggy...Jake had pushed me out in front of a car on purpose, he wanted me dead because I took Nathan.

"You ruined little took him from me and now I'm taking the problem away...permanently."

I feel myself shrink back a bit, he loved Nathan too...or maybe he only saw him as a possession as the counselor has seen me. "Can somebody help me sit up?" I ask and Nathan hit the nurses button. It's only moments later a nurse is coming in, Ames and Easton go over to the small couch in my room and sit down. The nurse and Nathan help to pull me up into a sitting position. My back was killing me now, they said it would so they gave me a morphine pump. I sat there squeezing it almost every hour...only when the pain became excruciating. "So can somebody rehash a bit on what mind is a little fuzzy." I say and Ames looked up.

"You got into a fight, because he had tried to force himself on me, he put you through the front door of the restaurant. Then he pushed you out in front of a car...the didn't have enough time to stop or slow." I remembered the headlights and then the cracking of my ribs. Jake, he had meant to kill me...he wanted me dead.

"Hayden? Is something wrong?" I reach up, feeling the dampness of my cheek. I shake my head despite my bodies protest and clear away the tears as more of them fell. I could have died.

"I'm sorry to have worried everybody...I didn't-" my lips were quivering as I tried to hold back my tears. I failed quickly and felt Nathan embrace me, he was there...he should be with his family in New York. "Nathan you should be with your family." I say and he shakes his head.

"No, my place when your hurt, is with you." He says and hugs me lightly. "Plus, when Ames told me you were hit by a car... I immediately booked a flight back for the next plane and told the fam. what was going on." He says and I attempt to wrap my arms around him, but I am pulling with me all of the machinery that is hooked up to me. I look over seeing the nurse standing there waiting patiently to explain something. I move and look to her, giving her my full attention.

"We are going to release you tomorrow with a prescription for a pain reliever." She says and Nathan smiles at her. She takes her leave after explaining my injuries and Nathan tells Ames to take Easton down to the cafeteria. She smiles knowingly at him as she leaves with my brother.

"You realize that you make it far too obvious that you want me all to yourself." I say and he looks at me with a mischievous smile. He sits down on the edge of my bed and I reach out, I want to touch him. He leans in and let's my hand skim his cheek, he's so warm. "To think, I can't remember getting hit by a car...I just remember the headlights and then the cracking feeling of my ribs breaking." I say and he places his hand over mine on his face.

"You scared me Hayden, my heart stopped when I heard Ames say that you had gotten hit by a car... I was afraid." He says and I flush, feeling my body react to what he was telling me.

"You were just afraid that you would never get to touch or have sex with me." I say with a small chuckle and he smiles, leaning in. His lips touch mine and I match his movements. I let his tongue dominate mine....I simply needed to feel him there with me.

"While I look foreword to doing those things with you, it's not all I love about you." He says and kisses me again....his lips a little more insisting. He is showing that he needs me but being gentle about it. His hand comes down and skims over the bite mark from the counselor, the wound was still sensitive. I whimper and he moves away, his mouth moving down. He pulls the gown I'm in down and kisses the wound gently. "No don't will hurt you again, I promise you that." He whispers and I smile down at him.

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