Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 22

Monday December 22nd, 2014

Mother woke me early this morning for breakfast and helped me walk downstairs to get my medication. Easton watched me with wonder as I took my medication and then lied on the couch. She brought me breakfast once it was done and I ate hurriedly, I was starving...the hospitals food was nasty.

After I finished with breakfast I tried to get up to check and see what I needed to get for Christmas Eve dinner. Mother quickly shoos me back to the living room. I lie there on my stomach, wishing to hear from Nathan but I know that he is with family for the day even though he had told his mother that he had wanted to stay with me since I had just been hurt. She told him no that he would see me at the Christmas party on the twenty third.

A few hours after I take a nap only to be woken by my phone vibrating. I groggily pull it out of my pocket but my eyes widen when I see that it is Nathan who messaged me.

Hey Hayden, just wondering if your feeling okay? Still in pain probs and I wish I could be there to make you feel better. Perhaps I shall make you feel better later on with your back against a wall.

I flush at his way of trying to cheer me up. I know that it is true that I would let that man have his way with me against the wall. Images fluttered through my mind with leaving behind a tight feeling in the crotch of my jeans. I decide that since he is going to play this game I'll do the same. I quickly think up my reply.

I would feel better if only.....

I waited and a reply came quickly.

If only what?

I stand and go to the bathroom so body is looking over my shoulder while I type this.

If only you were here...I want your hands on me.

I chuckle sending it and his reply comes back almost instantly.

Don't say things like that Hayden I can't sneak away from my family If I need too.

I sit up on the sink and make sure that the door is locked.

But I want you. I want you to touch me like you have been. Your hands on me make me feel so good and I only hope I can return that favor...maybe I could give you a bit of a kiss.

I press send and wait for him to reply. My phone dings and I look at it with excitement.

A kiss isn't so bad....

I smile this was going to give him a fair enough reaction out him and his friend below the belt.

Don't be so innocent I meant a kiss somewhere other than your lips but I could kiss more than one place just because you have taken such care of my body.

I press send and laugh, this was kind fun, no wonder he liked teasing me. It takes a moment before he has replied.

Hayden I really can't leave at this moment but when I can I am going to make your ass mine and you can kiss me wherever you want. I will see you later...babe.

I flush, he called my babe, he hasn't done that before. He had given me a pet name. In this simple moment I felt butterflies in my stomach, I am nervous for what is to come.

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