Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 23

Tuesday December 23, 2014

My body was feeling so much better today, not as stiff, the pain medication was working well. I'm crouched down, looking through cabinets, looking for what I have and what I need to get for Christmas dinner. My father was currently standing beside me making dinner before I went to Nathan and Ames for their Christmas party. Father hadn't spoken to me, he was rather stone faced in fact. I ignored his silence as I dug through all of the cupboards.

"Okay, so we need some vegetables and we have the chicken breasts and noodles." I say and stand. My back really felt great but I would need to take another pain pill after I took my bath. Nathan and Ames had just arrived home from their family thing and I was to get ready for the Christmas party. I quickly dash to the bathroom and turn the tub on. I strip,leaning against the sink for support as I get my pants off.

One in the tub I relax into the warm bubbly water. I needed to relax, tonight Nathan and I would get our alone time...well that's my Christmas wish. I sit in the tub letting my body loosen up a bit. What should I wear tonight?

I sit in the tub for awhile contemplating before I decide on my black skinny jeans that I hadn't worn before and any type of tighter shirt I could find. Mother had agreed to drop me off when she got home because of the snow that was falling now. I get out of the tub after soaking and bathing and go quickly to my room. I grab my clothes and pull them on before going out to the dining room. Father was no longer making dinner but standing there, reading through my text messages.

"A man told me that you liked another man, but I thought that he was lying...Hayden how could you choose this lifestyle?" I stand there frozen. He had gone through my text messages, invading my privacy at the first chance he had gotten.

"Excuse me, why the hell did you go through my phone?" I said with a defiance in my voice. He came closer and I took a step back. The floors felt cool against my feet, only my socks protecting them.

"You're never to see this man again." My body halted with He wasn't going to take my only friends and lover from me. I shake my head and his eyes spark with anger. "Yes hayden, he isn't good for you, he wants you to do things that a boy shouldn't be doing with another boy. " I move, backing away from him.

"No, I am old enough to make my own decisions, you can't tell me how to live my life. I'm gay and I'm proud of it." I say and he grabs my shoulders, gripping them as tight as he can. I move away from him, I don't want him to touch me. "Now I'm going to a Christmas party tonight and I won't be back until late, be sure to get Easton to bed by a decent time." I say and father shakes his head.

"You're going to see that twisted boy." He says and I own up to it. Yes I'm going to see the man I love. "No you're staying in tonight." I move towards the door and he grabs me by the arm. "Hayden grey! I am your parent and I said you're not going out to see that disgraceful man!" My control of my temper snapped the moment he insulted Nathan.

"He is not disgraceful! He is a beautiful, wonderful man and I love him with my heart and soul. You will not keep me from him and you will not stop me from going to that party tonight! You haven't been my parent so you won't get away with saying it! Now I'm leaving!" I say and turn, grabbing the handle of the door knob. I feel fathers hands grab at my arm again and he tries to pull me around but I fight against him. "Let go of me!" I yell and Easton looks at us with fear. My elbow shoots back, hitting my father in the mouth. It's not five moments later that I am shoved out the door and into the snow. My clothes were soaked with ice water because of the snow.

Father looks at me with distaste and slams the door locking it. I sit there for a few moments before standing and start walking towards Nathan's and Ames' house. The bitter air nipped at my skin and the cold water soaked into my socks, making it feel even colder out. I could see my breath in front of me as I continued to walk, feeling my body grow numb as I fall forward into a pile of snow, the day had brought at least a foot of snow and then some. I move out of the pile and walk with tear stains on my face, the The two story house was three blocked from my own and when I reached the place I was a teary mess.I walk into the house and look around, there were mistletoe hanging in every doorway.

I laugh at how only somebody stupid wouldn't notice the green plant hanging above them. I hear a screech of excitement and don't have time to blink before somebody's arms are wrapping around me. I look over when they quickly remove their arms from around me and see Ames staring at me with a worried look but I didn't say a word, my body was far too numb. "Hayden, why are you cold and wet and why aren't you wearing shoes?" Her voice was loud enough for others to hear, especially her mother, who came to my side immediately.

"Hayden, darling what happened? Did you walk here? It's nearly negative five degrees out there." I keep my eyes on the floor and she reaches out grabbing my arm, I hadn't noticed the blood that came from two or three little scratches. there was also bruising forming on my arm from my father as well. "Hayden, did somebody hurt you?"I look up and at that moment I see Nathan coming out of the kitchen. Adrenaline surges through me and I stalk forward, pushing Ames and her mom away from me as my anger starts to take father had thrown me out mainly because of those text messages. I notice as Ames reaches out to grab me Mrs. Davis stops her and whispers something.

"Nathan!" It's a growl that leaves my lips and he looks to me, his mom turning on some music so my dispute will go unheard. His smile fades once he notices the serious expression on my face and soaking wet clothes that cling to my body. "My father read through my messages and saw what I sent to you! Somebody told him that I am gay and ratted me out on being with a guy!" His expression shows surprise, his mouth hanging agape as I tried to catch my breath. The tears start to run down my face, causing him to pull me into the empty kitchen.

"Hayden, what did he do? If he hurt you I swear that I will give him a reason to hate me." I wipe away the tears but they just keep falling down my cheeks. He grasps my arms with his hands, making me look up at him. Those gray-ish blue eyes held worry and I didn't want to look into them.

"He kicked me out because I told him that I love you." His eyes widen as more tears fall from mine. "I told him that I love you and that I won't stop no matter how much he demands it. " His hands left my arms, only to pull me into a constricting hug. "What an idiot I was to believe that my private life could stay that way, I just wanted to tease you." he grabs my arm and pulls me towards the back stair-case. The grey colored walls blurred in my vision as more and more tears came out of me. We come to a stop in front of his bedroom door and he quickly opens it. He leads me inside and sits me on his bed.

"Tell me what happened." The tone of his voice is filled with pure tenderness. I love him, I love him so goddamn much that it hurts. His grey-blue eyes haven't changed and neither has his body. I loved this man even when he was bullying me. I just didn't realize how much his very existence meant to me until I met Ames.

"I defied his demand and he threw me out into the snow. " Nathan takes my soaking wet jacket off and it lands on the floor with a squishy sound. My shirt clings to my shirt, pulling the soaked piece of fabric over my head.

"I know that I said that I liked to see the sight of you soaking wet, but trembling and cold aren't a part of that." He murmurs and lets out a chuckle. The look in his eyes shifts as I stand to get my freezing and wet pants off.

"Could I get a blanket?" I murmur, keeping my back to him so he can't see my basically naked front. I stand still for a few moments before a blanket is being wrapped around my shoulders. His hands brush the skin on my shoulders, making me shudder as he moves away from me. I grab the edges and cover as much of myself as I can."Thanks." I murmur, standing awkwardly in the middle of his room. My body shivers violently against the blanket, which was barely helping me.

"Hayden, come here." I look over to see him sitting on his bed, his shirt off, and him holding his out to me. I flush, making him smile slightly. "Come on, my body heat will help to warm you up." I flush an even deeper shade of red before I am being pulled onto the bed. I grunt landing against something hard, my back letting me know once more that I was hit by a car only a few days ago. "Sorry." He whispers in my ear making a shudder run down my spine.

"H-Hey! This isn't helping!" I screech, letting out a small whimper as he chuckles in my ear. His hand comes around, brushing my wet hair away from my face. His warm hands cup my cheeks, bringing me face to face with him. His eyes sparkle from the moonlight flooding in from the window beside the bed.

"Lie down, I want to keep you warm, it feels like i'm holding a popsicle." He murmurs, his arms moving me off of his lap and onto the bed. He stands, his back muscles flexing as he stretches. "Hayden, your boxers are beyond freezing, take them off." I manage to let out a small squeak of protest.

"N-N-No! I-I mean, there isn't a need for me to be completely naked!" He turns giving me a stern look, making me wrap the blanket around my body. He averts his eyes and sighs walking over to the bed. His eyes showed his tender affection for me as he lifted me up and placed me in the center of the bed, before crawling over top of me. The first thing that runs through my mind is his scent as it captivates me, cinnamon and pine cones. He must have been down stairs for a while to smell like that. His hard chest pressed against mine, my erect nipples pressing against his toned body. my body trembled against his, my cold and wet boxers getting his jeans all wet and keeping me cold. "H-Hey, if I take my boxers off you won't look, right?" His warm breath touched my cheek as he chuckled.

"I won't do anything you don't want me to do." He murmurs and lifts himself off of me, letting me shimmy my last piece of clothing off. The only thing that made me more comfortable was the fact that he still had his jeans on. His soft, warm breaths tickled my cheek and I let out a small sigh. He wraps his arms around me and the feel of his hands on me made me temporarily forget why I was soaking wet; however, the memories quickly come back. The tears flowed down my cheeks as I tried to make them stop.

"Hey, don't cry, everything is okay." He moves his body away from mine, while I continue to cry. I feel him tenderly place his lips against my forehead and sigh, the feeling made my heart flutter. He moves away, his lips now capturing mine as I sit there in shock, much like our first kiss after a moment he moves away, looking at me from above with adoration twinkling in his eyes. He smiles and leans back is, his lips seizing mine once more. My arms move up, as if they have a mind of their own, and wrap around him, pulling him closer. His tongue quickly claims dominance over mine as he flattens himself against me and his hands start to run along my sides, skin-to-skin. He grabs my hips causing my eyes to widen and my hips to involuntarily thrust upwards.

"Ah Nathan, no, don't!" It was too late, the damage had been done. Every amount of restraint that I have is being tested in this moment. I squirm trying to get away only to have his kisses distract me and his hands move down. His mouth leaves mine once he starts to stroke my stiffening member. I throw my head back and grab his wrists catching his attention. "Don't you think that this is slightly embarrassing?" I say, the music downstairs covering the screech in my voice.

"I don't think about it, I act on it, now let me make your troubles go away for a few seconds." His idea so tempting, it would be nice to be free of the pain for the night. He knows that I have made my decision when I stop his hand."Look, Hayden, I get that it is embarrassing but-" I move away from him, making him stop saying what he was saying. He sighs and sits up on the opposite side of the bed. I stand, wrapping the blanket around my shoulders before making it to the side he is sitting on.

"Nathan." I place my hand on his shoulder. He looks up at me and I smile, pushing him backwards. "I want you to f-fuck me." My face blared red as his eyes widen and he grabs my arms, pulling me on to the bed. The next thing that my mind seems to comprehend is that Nathan is over top of me and I am still naked. He reaches out, running his fingers along my cheeks, and I can't help to close my eyes.

"Don't worry, I will be as gentle as I possibly can." He whispers, making my body relax. I feel his weight on me as he cups my face in his hand, causing my eyes to unconsciously open. "I promise, now lay back and enjoy." He murmurs making my body react in a way that my body is growing a custom too. One of his hands leave my cheek and opens the nightstand drawer.

He places his lips against mine as I wrap my arms around his torso, pulling his body closer to mine . His lips leave mine but continue of kissing along my cheek and dancing along my neck. Every now and then I would feel him nibble lightly at my skin, that simple sensation alone made me moan. My fingernails dug into his back as he gently kissed over the counselors mark.

"You are mine." His head sinks lower, his tongue leaving a heated trail as he moved along my body, moving in circular motions around my nipples, letting his mouth sink onto them every now and then. I sit up on my elbows when his mouth is circling my navel and watch the master at work. Panting, I watch as he grabs my member before noticing me and makes eye contact with me. He keeps eye contact with me as he sticks out his tongue and laps at my tip. I gasp, throwing my head back as his mouth envelopes me. My hands move, grabbing the back of his head as he starts to move. I control his head with my hands, my fingers pulling at his hair.

"Hm, Nathan, more.' He answered my plea when his mouth became more insistent and his hands found their way to my balls, massaging them gently. Moans left my lips and it seemed to make Nathan work harder. I'm just about to tell him to stop, that I can't take it, when he unsheathes his teeth and takes my length to the back of his throat. My moans breaks break off in a screech as I reach my climax, praying to god that nobody could hear me.

"Keep quiet. You will wake the whole neighborhood if you get any louder." He murmurs and silences any of my future protests with his lips on mine. He grabs a small tube off of the bed and opens it, taking a break from our kiss to squirt some of the contents onto his fingers. "I'm going to start stretching you, don't make too much noise." I nod as he helps me move into his lap, bringing me face to face with him again. His lips captured mine once more, his tongue gaining access when his right hand moves down my back and his left moves to my hole. His wet fingers make me shudder as he rubs at my entrance, making my body react even more.

"N...Nathan , that feels really strange." His finger dips into me, making my body jolt as he rubbed around inside of me. I close my eyes tight, sealing my lips shut as my vocal chords craved sweet release. Nathan's right hand gripped my side, squeezing my turn-on spot while trying to keep me still. He adds a finger, making me squirm a little.

I wrap my arms around, pulling him closer, before laying my head on his shoulder. he suddenly pulled his fingers out of me and lies me gently on my back. He moves off of the bed and stands, popping the button on his pants, and starts slowly pulling them down. I gasp, sitting up on my elbows as he pulls them down enough for me to see his V-line. I feel my face flush and quicklys look away as his pants fall to the floor. He chuckles lightly and leans over, crawling back onto the bed.

"H-How bad is this going to hurt at first?" I whimper and his gaze softens. He lowers himself onto his elbows over top of me and gives me a soft kiss on the lips, brushing my hair out of my face with his left hand.

"It's going to hurt a lot, but don't worry i'll make it feel good after a few moments." His soft voice makes my worries fall away, all that matters that he is with me. He grabs the tube of lubricant and squirts some in his hand, reaching between us to make himself slick enough for a smooth entry. I look into his eyes, seeing reassurance in them, before I feel him move and he is at my entry. He doesn't warn me or anything before he is moving into me. I throw my head back, letting a soundless scream loose. Tears come running out of my eyes like a dam that had burst. It hurts....but I can't make a sound. He stills once he is completely inside of me and groans. "So tight." He draws out of me and moves back in quickly.

"Ah! N-N-please!" My back is arched in pain and tear stains trail down my cheeks. He lets out a moan as he continues his thrusts at a quickened pace.

"I'll- i'll make it feel good...I promise." His voice is gruff as he moves inside of me. I gasp and groan as the pain starts to ebb away and my member throbs with the want to be touched. He cups my left cheek with his right hand, wiping away my tears. "I know, but, I need you to be strong." His movement picks up, my legs wrapped around his waist and his lips on mine.

I moan in his mouth as he answers my body's pleas when his left hand reaches between us and starts to stroke me. The feeling of his lips on mine, his finger running along my member, and his now long drawn out thrusts all became too much, especially when he hit my sweet spot, hard. I let out a high-pitched screech as my back arched, our sweaty bodies touching as I came. Nathan lets off a low growl and buries himself deep inside of me as I feel warmth spread through me. We lie still for a moment before he pulls out of me and lies his head on my chest.

"Nathan?" He turns his head up, his cheek still pressed against my sweaty torso. His eyes eyes are sparkling with curiosity and fear. "I'm sorry you had to witness my breakdown." He shrugs and looks away, keeping his head just over his mark. We lie together like this for awhile and soon I find myself falling asleep while playing with his dirty blonde hair.

"Hayden?" He murmurs and I let off a soft sigh, too worn out to speak. My fingers comb through hiss hair lightly and yet it doesn't seem to phase him at all. I'm just closing my eyes when I hear his sweet voice whispering to me. "I love you."

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