Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 24

Wednesday December 24th, 2014
Christmas Eve

"Hayden?" his voice whispers in my ear, I've just close my eyes and yet the sun is now shining through the curtains. I go to move but the pain in my hips, ass, and back stop me. "Are you soar?"

"I feel like I got hit by a car...again." I say and he flinches. "but it was worth it, last night felt amazing. Did it feel the same for you?" he smiles at me before kissing me gently.

"Best sex ever." my eyes widened and he kisses me again. "You sounded so cute when you kept calling out my name." I flush and he chuckles. "You even talk about me in your sleep."

"Wait, do I actually do that?" he nods, crawling over top of me.

"We need to get you some pain medication and some food." I look down still seeing myself nude.

"Um...I need clothes and a bath too." He wraps the blanket around me and picks me up. "Where are we going?" I ask afraid that he may drop me.

"Downstairs you need food and I'm guessing I have a shirt you could borrow...I think I ripped yours last night." I flush and then his parents pop into my mind.

"What about your parents? Won't they know you and I um...did it?" he rolls his eyes at what he would deem to be my 'innocent ways'. He opens the door and I hold onto him.

"They know that I go both ways Hayden, my family knows and they know that I don't care what others think about the way I am." I am put down on the bed and he rounds up some of my clothes. I put my pants on, unable to find my underwear and he gives me a button up shirt from his closet that more so a dress on me. He walked with me down stairs, my back was killing me and it wasn't from the sex at all.

"How did you know that the first time was going to hurt? Have you been on the bottom end before?" he chuckles shaking his head no.

"Jake was curious and asked me to do it with him, he was a balling mess, we were so inexperienced back then, we had done it more than once before I found you." he had had sex with jake...jake had said that I had taken Nathan from him and that he was going to get me out of the way just before he pushed me out in front of the car. Then again, nobody knows where jake ran off too, he probably thinks I'm dead. "Hey what are you thinking about?" he was right next to me, he looked worried.

"It's nothing." I say and he helps me as we walk down the stairs. I grip the railing and hear somebody coming up behind me.

"Holy hell hayden! Are you okay?" Ames voice rings from behind me and I feel a gentle hand on my back. I nod, my back hurt...I really needed my medication that was at home. I make it down the stairs and his mom sees us.

"Hayden dear, your mother called she asked if you were here. I had seen you come in last night and told her that I assumed you were with Nathan. She brought by your medication and asked me to watch Easton. She told me about what your father did last night and I am sorry you had to go through that. She said that she needed to talk to him and that it wouldn't be a good thing for Easton to witness that. I nod, thanking God that my mother had dropped off my medication...I really needed it. She hands me the bottle of pills and a cup of water. I took them and lied down on my stomach on their couch while Easton watched TV with Ames and Nathan sat beside me.

"Does your back hurt to bad from what we did?" He whispers so me and I shake my head. While my hips hurt from our time alone it was the pain from where the car hit me that has been causing me pain.

"No, it's just from getting hit by the car but it will go away in an hour or so and we can get up and move around I promise." I say and he runs his hands through my hair. He smiles at me with a tender stare and I feel my heart flutter. He leans in and kisses me, it's gentle, I like it.

"Get a room you two." Ames says and I look over at her. She smiles at me and I look to Nathan, winking.

"Beat you too that Ames." Nathan said and she looks over at us with wide eyes. First she looks to Nathan as if she is torn about if she should be angry with him for having sex with me only a few days after I had been hit by a car or being happy for us to have finally gotten this out of our system.

"So that's were you two ran off too last night...I should have known!" She says and Easton moves closer to Ames. She smiles down at him and then looks back to us. She knew that Easton had a tiny little kid crush on her.

"Yeah, Hayden's a begger, begged me for things all night." Nathan says and I swat him on the chest...I am going to make him beg one of these day. I move my back feeling the pain in my back ebbing away slowly. "He will probably be begging me for some more things later." He says and looks up at me.

"You are insatiable I swear." I murmur and he reaches up grabbing my hand, running his thumb along my knuckles. I sigh and lean in kissing him. I promised to kiss him in other places but for now his lips would have to do.

It's two hours later when my mom pulls up to the house with my father. He looks very unhappy about being here. I hide behind Nathan , only peaking out from behind him when my mother says my name.

"Hayden, I've talked things through with your father, and he realizes that he acted wrongly. He wishes to apologize for literally throwing you out of the house." She says and I shake my head which makes them all look too me.

"No, he spoke badly about somebody important to me and needs to apologize . I will not have anybody speaking about the people I care about in any bad way. " I say and my father seems torn. I don't feel any guilt for making this man apologize for what he said...he acted irrationally and that needs to be made clear.

"I'm sorry...I have nothing else to say except that I apologize." He said and then turned, moving back out to the car. I look at him dumbfounded, that was the least compassionate apology that I have ever heard.

"Don't worry, he just needs time Hayden, he will come to terms with things soon enough." Mother says and takes Eastons hand. She waves for me to come with and I just moved behind Nathan some more.

"I'll take Hayden home soon, we need to talk about some things." Nathan says and I feel relief sweep through me. My mother smiles and nods, leaving with Easton. I am rushed upstairs by Nathan and into the bedroom. "I want you but your still soar...I got a taste and now I'm addicted." He says and moves me back towards the bed. I feel him yanking my jeans down and bite my lip. I promised him these things and here he is attempting to do them for me.

"Nathan...stop." I murmur and he blinks looking up at me with panic. "I...I promised I would do something for you." I murmur and he smiles climbing up to where we were face to face.

"I want to bad things to you Mr. Grey, no...I want to do bad things with you... It takes two to tango. " he says and kisses my nose. He plants light little kisses down my neck and then to my chest...when I get an idea of my own.

"Can I kiss you?" I murmur and he chuckles.

"You don't need to ask silly." He says and comes up giving me a peck on the lips. "See, I don't bite...unless you want me too." He whispers in my ear and I chuckle.

"That's not how I meant it, get on your back, please." I murmur and he does as I ask. I pull his shirt off with his help before starting my decent down his body. My lips trail down to his chest and to the area just above his heart. I draw in his skin, sucking it gently while nibbling lightly on that area. He groans and I purr with pride...I was effecting him. I move away when I have finished making my mark. "This is mine and I'm not letting anybody else touch it." I say and he smiles. He flips me over and sinks down, popping the button on my jeans open. His soft lips pecked at my thigh as I threw my head back with a small groan...there is no stopping this man, not that I would want to.

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