Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 25

Thursday December 25th, 2014
Christmas Day

Nathan had dropped me off at the front door of my house around six in the afternoon yesterday. My hips weren't hurting too much anymore and my back was being taken care of by the pain medication. My father was nowhere to be seen but mother was sitting on the couch. She told me that father had went out for some fresh air and said that he needed to clear his head. I went to bed not thinking anything of it having already eaten with Nathan's family.

I wake Christmas Day and go down stairs to see my mother asleep on the couch with a blanket over her. I go into the kitchen and see my father standing at the breakfast bar. He sees me before I have time to duck away but he doesn't do anything, doesn't curse at me or grab me by my jacket.

I watch him as I go over to grab a breakfast bar out of the cabinet, watching him. He looked at me as if he was a child caught doing something they weren't supposed too. "How's your back feeling?" He asks as I'm about to leave the kitchen and I look back at him in surprise.

"I need my medication...but it feels fine." The atmosphere was thick with tension. He knew he had done a bad thing or maybe mother had given him a tongue lashing from hell. "Why do you care anyway...never have before." I say and he turns to look at me, I can't tell what emotion is registering in his eyes but it was raw and powerful.

"You think that I don't care about you?" He asks and I shrink back at the sight of the sadness in his eyes. "I have helped take care of you since the day you were born...I give you an allowance every week." I shake my head, he doesn't get it.

"You don't understand what love is... It's putting another's needs before your own. While you may have given me money each week I never used it in just myself! I use it on Easton and on things that we need around the house! I don't want your money and I refuse to take it just for myself. I have raised Easton while you sat back in your study and typed away on a keyboard! I raised myself even! The fact that you threw me out last night when I defied you proved that you just want to control me and nothing else...I'm not a pawn in a game or a man who works for you. I have my own job and my own life. How I live that life is my choice and nobody and I mean nobody will ever change that!" I say and he is looking at me as if I was a complete stranger. "I'm not a little kid anymore I can make my own decisions and it's my choice to stay with the man I love, if you can't accept that then I will get an apartment and move out...but Easton would come with me." I say and he shakes his head, the man was staring at me bewildered as if for once in his perfect life he didn't know how to answer to what I was saying.

"He would not! He isn't your chi-"

"Yes, dear he would go with hayden, you and I are too busy anymore to take care of either of them." Mother's voice rang and I looked over to see her sitting up on the couch...she agreed that I should take him. "This foolishness must stop because I'm not raising this baby in a house that isn't at peace." She said sternly and I looked at her with wide eyes. "You took a very good guess hayden...I'm afraid I didn't find out until yesterday...I went to the doctors once the sickness didn't let up." She says and father looks away. She must have just told him that's why he was looking at me like that. I was going to have another younger sibling.

I back out of the kitchen and to the stairs where I walk back up the stairs. They were dooming another child to this hell, they were going to abandon it much like they had abandoned Easton and myself. "Hayden?" It's him, my father is following me. I picked up my pace getting to my room before he could get up the second set of stairs. I shut my door as he stands in front of it, giving me an angered glare. He had no right to be angry he was the one that threw me out.

"Hayden!" It was mother's voice, she must have followed him up, perhaps she doesn't trust him either. "Hayden, I promise I won't work as much, this one won't have to struggle for attention like you did...I'm going to demote myself and turn my study into a play room so I won't be tempted to go in there." She says and I open the door.

"You're a liar the job was more important than Easton or I; what makes this one any different?" I ask and she sighs, there wouldn't be a way of making this not sound like favoritism.

"I made the mistake of thinking that you would take care of Easton because even though you did, it stole away parts of your life...I can't ask you to raise this one too." She says and I shut the door, leaning against it as I slid down...I will have to raise another one.

It's another hour or so later that they call me down to open present s but I sit in the same spot, refusing to anything, breathing was barely even an mother was pregnant and I wouldn't be able to take Easton from our baby sibling. I would go off to college and those two would have to fend for themselves like I once had too and it wouldn't work. Nothing was going to work now.

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