Nerdy or Nice

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1 year later

I sit in the chair in my living room, my little sister in my arms, wrapped in a pink baby blanket. Nathan stood beside me and Easton sat on the couch across the way. I had been able to keep my job at the pizza place and worked there as a part time employee. It hadn't been a week since my parents had dropped her off at the apartment Nathan and I had gotten and not come back. I had went back to the house but it was empty...they had simply left a note for me knowing I would come, it was in my mothers hand writing.

Your father got a promotion and we had to move and I have to go back to work, we can't take care of her and I know you are the safest place for her. Take care of her in our place...please.

That was all that was written and yet it didn't surprise me when I tried to call them that their phones were disconnected. When I came back with her Nathan immediately knew and went out to get a crib, his mom had given him some money to help get us on our feet. He stays home and is with baby Olivia and I watch her as Nathan goes out to find some form of job. I sit with baby Olivia in my arms, feeding her formula.

"Hey." Nathan says as he walks in, leaning over to kiss me me on the cheek. Easton watches Tv in the room across from up and I can't help but smile at him. "Are you working tonight?" He asks and I look over at him and shake my head. "Good I need about ten minutes of hayden time." He whispers in my ear and I feel body react with the tightening of my jeans, Nathan has awakened many different wants in me. "You know Ames is supposed to come over later, we could ask her to take Easton out for a bite to eat." He says and I take the bottle out of Olivia's mouth, quickly burping her. Ames comes and Nathan requests for her to take Easton out to get a bite to eat. She agrees reluctantly and I go to get a shower, in the bathroom connected to Nathan's and my own bedroom. He follows me in and I lean against the sink as he comes up, grabbing my hips. He pushed my ass against the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. I grip the edge of the sink as he pushes closer to me. His arm comes around me, going up my shirt, running across my stomach. His lips nip gently at the flesh on my neck, slowly making their way higher and higher, until they made their way to mine.

"Hm, Nathan!" I murmur while I feel him grinding against my ass. His hands move to the front of my jeans, popping open the button. The sound of our kissing and panting breaths is all you can hear in the bathroom and the sound of my zipper coming down was a prominent sound that broke the partial silence. He yanks my pants down and I stand up straight, my back against him as my jeans fall around my ankles. One of his hands stay below as the other runs up my shirt, toying with my nipples.

"Do you wanna take this to the bedroom...or maybe that shower." He whispers in my ear, nibbling on the top of it for a moment. I groan and turn around, unable to control the urge to kiss him. My lips move against his as I undo his jeans and they fall to the floor. His hands run through my hair and mine are busy getting him naked below the waist. He chuckles as I flush when my hand accidentally bumps against his hardened friend. He moves his hand down and grasps mine putting it against the bulge in his boxers. "My reaction to you Mr. Grey." He whispers and I flush, knowing that he's liking me touching him there. It's not ten minutes later that he has me in the shower, water running down us as he thrusts into me. My front was pressed against the wall almost as he thrusts into me. I bite my tongue on my moans not wanting to wake Olivia who is sleeping in her crib in Easton's room. I however can't help it when he hits my sweet spot on the prostate. I let out a small moan and he grins biting his lip.

"Nathan, I think we should...ah...move this to the bed. " I say and he smiles at me kissing my cheek. He pulls me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He maneuvers us out of the shower after shutting the water off and carries me to the bedroom, lying me on the bed, his hands caressing me softly, his lips humming soft melodies against my body. I try to regulate my breathing as his head moves farther and farther down. He never lets me kiss him below the waist. His tongue drags across my tip before he's taking me all in. I gasp and grab a handful of his dirty blonde hair. I don't have to move him at all he takes control of me and I love it. A year ago this probably wouldn't be happening, being as my back was still in some serious physical pain and Nathan after that first time didn't go all the way with me until my back was healed completely.

He climbed up my body and placed a kiss on my lips, as he reached down, leading himself into me. His thrusts were long, drawn out, not hurried he was making love to me, we do love each other. We lie in bed ten minutes later, spent, well I was spent he was getting dressed. He looks over at me as I cover up, curling up, ready for bed.

"Hey, Ames is back with Easton, get some rest I'll tuck him in." Nathan says and leans over, kissing me on the cheek. He leaves and I decide Against staying in bed, grabbing my rib I put it on and go to the living room. Ames looked at me and raised her eyebrow at my messed up hair and lack of clothes.

"Seems like you had a rough night." Ames says as she comes over to me, smirking. I shake my head, she had gotten with the guy last spring and they were still dating, Nathan approved and that's all that mattered to her. I think his name starts with a Z....Zak maybe it's Zak I have only met him once either way. "Well I should be going mom will want me back home...good luck." She says as she opens the front door to our two bedroom apartment. I look to her with confusion and Nathan just chuckles, they were a weird bunch but I love both of them to death. Easton had fallen asleep already in the arm chair. Nathan lifts him up and carried him into his bedroom. I go back to our bedroom and curl up on my side of the bed, I am so sleepy. Nathan crawls in beside me moments later, wrapping his arms around me. I'm just drifting off as he rubs my knuckles gently with his thumbs when he whispers three small words that took my breath away.

"Hayden, marry me."

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