Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 3

Wednesday December 3rd

I stand, frozen in fright, as I stare at the opposing dodgeball team. Jake glared at me, his whole left side of my face bruised from the beating he took yesterday. Nathan kept his eyes on me too, but not in the same sense, something about him was off today. His glare is more of a questioning one than a murderous one and that's a first. I make my way towards the back wall as our teacher puts the balls on the court. I continue to move, trying to stay out of their line of fire but their eyes move as I do.

Our teacher steps back and puts the whistle to her lips. I quickly take off my glasses, knowing the mission of the two men who are eyeing me. It's not even three minutes into the game before Jake's ball hits me in in the stomach hard, then he throws another, which smashes into my face. I reel backwards, feeling the force of gravity as I hit the wooden gym floor. I hear the whistle blow off in the distance before I'm being pulled off of the ground.

"Mr. Grey, get your face cleaned up." Is my face bleeding? I do as she says and go quickly to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I saw that my face was bloody from a bleeding nose and a busted lip. I grab a paper towel and start wiping the blood from my face. My nose was still oozing blood so I bunch up a paper towel under my nose. I'm just throwing away all of my bloody paper towels when I hear the bathroom door open. Nathan walks into my view and I freeze, going still.

"Hey nerd." His light pink lips widen into a smirk as patience of mischievousness appears in his eyes. I back up, still holding a paper towel under my nose, until I run into the wall. He leans in , his arms pressing against the wall on each side of my head. I shut my eyes as I feel his warm breath skimming down my cheek and neck as a shiver runs down my spine. "Listen nerd, I am not shoving your face into the floor for one reason, and that is my sister. If I dared to touch you in anyway that physically hurt you, or even spoke wrongly to you, she will be hurt and I don't let anything at all hurt my sister. On that note, if you put so much as a toe out of the line of friendship with her I will crush your balls. Remember this when you hit on her that the answer is always no t-"

"I wouldn't ask Ames out, she's not the type of person that I'm attracted too!" I fire back quickly, getting a little closer, my eyes now open, getting a little defensive over the thought of people thinking all I wanted was to hook up with Ames. He looked taken back for a moment before a fire lit in his eyes.

"What? Are you saying that Ames isn't good enough for you?" He seemed angry at his assumption but that's all it was. I roll my eyes at him, he really was oblivious to everything. I take a step closer to him.

"No Nathan, Ames and I would never work out, even if we saw each other as more than friends." I say and flick my glasses open,before putting them on my face. Seriously how does one not realize that I am gay?

"Your really pressing your luck with me here." He growls, oh how entertaining it was to see him oh so oblivious to what I like. "My sister trusts you so don't break her trust or her heart!" I shake my head and move towards the door. "Get back here, we aren't done talking about my s-"

"Dear the gods of idiots, Nathan, I am gay! Which means I don't like girls, so your sister is safe with me! Are you going to use that against me as well, because that would be low even for you Nathan?" I sigh in frustration and move towards the door, leaving Nathan there with a bewildered look in his eyes and a slight flush on his cheeks.

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