Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 5

Friday December 5th

His dark eyes, so much like black, haven't left my face for the last ten minutes. Ames and the girls were talking and even when they acknowledged Nathan he still didn't look away from me. Ames and everybody has yet to notice his odd behavior but he knew I knew, how could I not, those smoldering dark eyes were burning a hole right through me. I ignore him as Ames speaks to me. "So Hayden Christmas breaks in a couple of weeks got any plans?" I shrug, I never really had plans.

"Just getting the house ready for Christmas and figuring out what to make for Christmas dinner and all that fun stuff." They all look at me as I reach behind myself to grab my planner, I had forgotten to coordinate dinner and schedule getting the tree down. "Christmas is irritating, as much as I love it, I can't get my parents to get their heads out of work to do anything around the house. Christmas time is worse, Stocks go up and down. Hmm Easton wants to put the tree up next week so I should start digging out the decorations." By this point I was talking to myself blissfully unaware of Nathan's powerful gaze now lit up with a bit of surprise. Ames watched me as I entered things into my planner, the stylus making a small cracking sound as it hit the screen.

"Are your parents ever home?"

"Depends on your perception of 'them being at home'; they come home at like eight at night but go to their offices, the only time I ever saw my mother not working is when she was pregnant with Easton, her doctors made my father take her stuff so she wouldn't stress and kill Easton." I finish entering things into my planner and slip it back into my bag. I flip my hair out of my face and smile at the girls who have gone back to talking. Nathan's lips were quirked up into a half smirk as his eyes were now trained on my lips. "So what do you guys do on break?"

"I do absolutely nothing accept gain ten pounds." Ames says and I chuckle, I don't think I can recall a time where I didn't have to take care of everything for the holidays. I have an Xbox, but I never play it, games I've had for years still have their wrapping on them. My flat screen is never turned on except for those late nights when I'm not too tired and everybody else is asleep. I make dinner every night for four or five people, if there isn't enough and I'm asleep I'm woken up to one of them wanting to know how I made what I did, I end up making it for them. The lunch bell rang, bringing me out of my thoughts as I stand grabbing my bags and heading to class. "Hey Hayden, want to hang out after school?"

"Depends on what time, I have to run to the elementary school and get Easton, my parents work through the school days so its definitely my responsibility." I say and walk out of the cafeteria towards my next class, Nathan is following me. I spread up a bit, trying to get around people to lose him, he stalks down the hallway following me. I look back as Jake catches up to him, grabbing his shoulder and speaking to him. Nathan's eyes finally break from me. I quickly make my way around the corner and up the stairs, escaping him. The people on the stairs ignored me as I shoved my way through, trying to get to my locker. "People learn to walk." I mutter under my breath, finally breaking through the crowd in front of me. The large gold lockers line the hallway, breaking for doors, then starting once more. It's another reason I hate living here, yellow is an atrocious color and I'm trapped in a school in which the color is put on display around every corner. Quickly I make my way to class and sit in my assigned seat, which just so happens to be next to Jake, fantastic.

Jake walks in just I've gotten my books stacked neatly and in the place they should be and knocks them all off, taking my paper work with it. "Looks like us dropped your books, Hayden." His mocking tone just pisses me off even more as I bend down to get my now scattered school work and books. I am standing up as Mr. Blanch walks up behind me.

"Mr. Grey if you don't stop knocking stuff off your desk to distract the class from studying before their quiz then I will have to kick out and send you to the hallway, without your test." I nod and Jake smirks at me triumphantly. What the hell did I ever do to these people? I sit down in my seat as Mr. Blanch goes to his desk. Soon he hands out the tests and I am well into mine when my books are pulled from my desk once more. "Mr. Grey! Hand me your test and go to the hallway I've had it with your distractions!" I do as he says, finding myself even more infuriated at the importance of social class in this school. I had no true understanding of how these things worked though, my family was wealthy, and they influenced many things in this school; however Easton and myself were not 'popular'. Quite frankly, I wasn't liked at all until Ames came around; she was nice enough not to care about social class and befriended me very quickly. Her friends were not as ease with me around much at first, but she didn't seem to care and against all odds we have become such good friends in a little less than a week. I shut the door behind me, dropping my stuff lightly onto the floor, as I sit down next to it. The hallways were quiet, only the occasional passing student made noise. Can't say I don't like the quiet though, it's peaceful for once, nobody out here to make me angry or to hurt me. I sit there, opening my book so I can read while I'm waiting for the class to finish their tests or for the bell to ring. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I look around making sure nobody is around before I check it out. There were no new texts so I checked my emails.

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Working late

Hayden, Working through dinner, might catch something to eat with your father. Make sure Easton is fed and put to bed before midnight. Easton must have his homework done; he's not going to get through life with just his looks and social status. Also get the house cleaned up, I may be having guests over tomorrow, make plans please, this is our meeting and I doubt you want to be there with all of us anyway.

I looked at the email with distaste. Maybe Ames could do something tomorrow instead of tonight, hopefully they wouldn't hate it if I brought Easton with me. I hear clicking against the tiled floors and quickly hide my phone as a teacher comes out of the hallway to my left. She ignores my existence as I kept my eyes to her black stiletto, hooker heels. After awhile the bell rings and I am out of there, well after a talk with the teacher of course. He gave me the opportunity to come in after school. I went through the rest of my day with no true bother and talked to Ames. I quickly went in after school and took my quiz. It wasn't until I stepped outside of the high school that I realized how cold it was, it was actually flurrying. I quickly rush down the street, getting to Easton was my main priority then I could complain about the cold.

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