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Sunday, December 7th 2014

I sit on my bed, this history homework is going to kick my ass, especially since Jake keeps getting me kicked out of class. I sigh, rubbing my eyes, it had been an early morning even though it is Sunday. I look over to the clock and unfolded my crossed legs. It's only nine in the morning but I should grab some breakfast. Just as I'm leaving my room Easton comes out of his. His hair was fairly messy and his pajamas were wrinkled from his restless night of sleep. "Hayden?" He says groggy and rubs the sleeps from his eyes.

"Yes?" I say as I turn walking towards him. Once I'm at his side I adjust his clothing and we go to the kitchen. I get out the skillet and cooking spray as Easton attempts to sit on the large chairs at the breakfast bar. I walk away from the skillet and lift him from the floor to the chair. "Now don't move around too much, that fall would hurt." He nods and smile at him,he is still so young, so cute. He looks a lot like father, his physical appearance is quite like mine. We both look like our father but still had some of my mother's traits. We had her dark brown eyes and I most definitely had her figure, even though my gender was opposite of hers. "What kind of eggs do you want?"

"Scrambled please and can you get me some orange juice, big brother?" I smile unconsciously and walk to the fridge and get the Orange juice out before going to the cabinets to get him a cup. I pour him the Orange juice and place it on the breakfast bar in front of him."Thank you, Hayden."

"No problem, just ask me if you need anything." I say and break the eggs into the bowl, stirring them until they were completely Orange. I plug the skillet in and quickly let it heat up as I grab a spatula. I make him and I breakfast before sitting next to him to eat.

"Hayden can we go shopping today?" I had to think about what I had to do today. "Please Hayden mommy and daddy will just lock themselves in their offices again."

"Okay we can go, but we will have to walk and it's kinda cold out." I say and he shrugs, maybe I could see if mother or father would let me borrow the car. Actually I don't think I could get them to even answer so I can't really take the car. I finish and wait for him to finish before grabbing him off the stool and sit him on the ground before going to run a bath for myself. I sit in the bath tub, letting my thoughts roam. Eventually I decide to take the car whether they needed it or not. I get out of the bath once I'm washed up and go to get dressed. I tell Easton to go get dressed and he does so with excitement in his eyes. I go out to heat the car up and then go back in to blow dry my hair. I grab the money mother and father leave for us every week before I usher us out the door. I buckle Easton into his booster seat and then get into the front seat. I pull out of the driveway and start off down the road. I had only taken the car like this once before and that was to get my license. We make it to the mall quickly and he is giddy to finally go somewhere besides school and back. We hit a few stores and get a few things before going to the food court, where Ames and Nathan see us.

"Hey Hayden!" She looks next to me and notices Easton and smiles down at him. " Well you must be Easton, your so adorable. " Nathan's eyes are on me after a moment and I smile wearily at him, I feel so awkward around him since I had that dream. His face turns a light shade of pink, must be in embarrassment, so I look back at Easton who is flushed. They sit down with us and I look behind them to see a group of jocks, they had already noticed me. Nathan and Ames notice my change in mood and turn making the jocks look away. "So hayden what did you do yesterday?" I take a bite of my food and gesture for them to give me a minute.

"We decorated the tree and house; didn't we Easton?" He nods excitedly, his black hair bouncing wildly and I smile , he is so adorable.

"Yeah! Big brother is so strong he carried the tree down all by himself and he was able to bring two buckets down at the same time! T...Then we decorated the tree and that didn't take long so we watched a whole bunch of Christmas movies until brother made dinner!" He was so enthusiastic about that tree that it made me chuckle slightly. His eyes look forward and the smile fell from his face. The jocks were laughing at him and I could feel my anger boil. "Big brother, can we go home?" I nod to him and Nathan turns looking towards the jocks. He only kept eye contact with them for a mere moment before they turned white and looked away. I wonder what he did? I move Easton, who was sitting next to me with a bright red face and moved him into my lap so the jocks couldn't see him without making eye contact with Nathan or I first.

"Do you wanna come over and stay for dinner?" I ask Ames and Nathan but Ames quickly answered with a nod before looking towards her brother. We sit there for a few moments, just chatting and every now and then I would look to them and see them making obscene gestures. I nod and make my way towards the doors. They follow and pull up next to me just as I'm buckling Easton in. I look over at them and smile, sitting our bags next to myself as I get into the car. "Ready?" I ask as I look at him in the reflection of the rear view mirror. He gives me a thumbs up and I pull out of the parking spot, taking off with Nathan following just behind me. Once I signal for the drive way Nathan pulls up in front of the house and I put the car in park, turning it off. I get out and open Easton door, he was just giving me a sad look, those jocks were going to pay. I sit him on the ground and noticed his shoes were untied, so I bent down and tie his shoes. I hear sniffle and look up to see him crying. "Hey what's wrong?" I cup his cheeks with my hands, wiping away his tears.

"They were laughing at me, those boys at the mall, I didn't mean to make them laugh at me." I sigh and wrap my arms around him. His small body shuddered violently as I tried to keep him calm but those idiots had really upset him.

"You did nothing wrong Easton, those guys just wanted to make you upset, they will get what's coming to them." I say as I hear him sniffling. "It's okay Easton." I say and look up to see Ames and Nathan. "Come on, let's go inside and get you cleaned up, then we can play a game or something." he brightens up as we walk towards the house. As I open the door mother comes out of her office with her arms crossed. Her eyes gave away her angry emotions and yet I was only surprised that she came out of her office.

"Hayden Grey, you took my car without permission! I have a business meeting to attend and you're out there doing god knows what with my car! You're not even old enough to drive yet!" I raise my eyebrow at her while everybody just looked at her shocked. Wow she doesn't even know how old I am.

"First of all, I'm seventeen years old, not whatever age you think I am. Second, Oh my god were you seriously only worried about getting to your business meeting on time when your kid who you think is too young to drive is out with your car? Your not the type of person who should be a parent!" I say and throw the keys at her. "Go to your damn business meeting!" I grab Easton and take him onwards the bathroom. I grab a washcloth and wipe away his tears. "I'm sorry, I lost my temper out there, excuse my foul language."

"They don't even know you age brother, they know nothing about us do they." I shake my head at him. "Is that why you don't like the family picture on that ornament?" I nod, he was extremely smart for his age but he's really only known me so it's no surprise.

"How would you feel about coming to live with me ice I graduate and go to college?" Easton's mouth drops open and give him a weary smile as I move a strand of hair from in front of his face.

"I don't think I want anything more. You've taken care of me since forever!" I smile an wrap him in a hug, now all I had to do was get a job and save up for a place to live. After a quiet moment we leave the bathroom and go to the living room with the other two. We sit around watching a movie until its time for me to make dinner. I'm in the kitchen making spaghetti when I hear the kitchen door open.

"It will be ready soon Easton, just go wait with Ames and Nathan, please"

"I'm not Easton but I'm flattered that my footsteps sound like a six year olds." I turn in surprise to see Nathan standing there, leaning against the island. "Need anything? I can't watch anymore Christmas movies." I shake my head and he sighs. "Then move over I'll drain the noodles." I do as I'm told and as I am reaching over to grab a spoon to stir with his hand touches mine. I stare for a moment before I come back to reality and grab the spoon, feeling my face flush. A bubble in the sauce pops and splatters on my thumb. I lick it off of my thumb and Nathan tenses.

"Hm it doesn't taste right yet." I sat and go back to stirring. Another bubble pops and the sauce runs down my hand. I see movement from the corner of my eye but don't react in enough time to stop him from slamming me against the island. I let out a gasp of pain and stand there for a moment before hearing his ragged breaths and raising my head. He wasn't looking at me and his eyes were on the floor. His grasp on the island grew and I let out a small squeak of fear. No, he is going to hurt me again, I knew this whole nice thing was short lived. Ames, Ames please help! I close my eyes tight, waiting for the pain of a punch or anything really. After a moment of nothing, only the sound of his calming breath I open my eyes to see him staring down at me. He moves away from me after a moment and I can't help but wonder what all of that was about. He stands there still looking at me with a heated glare and I cower, causing him to close the space that he had established between us and presses his body against mine as his lips connect with mine. His hands are on my face as his lips move on mine and I just sit there in shock. I drop my wooden spoon and grasp the front of his shirt, closing my eyes as I start to move my lips with his. The sounds of the Christmas movie playing in the living room and our gasping breaths was all I could hear and it surprised me that Ames hadn't come in to check on Nathan and I considering that is what she would usually do during school. His tongue finds its way inside my mouth and I groan lightly at the sensation of his tongue on mine. After several moments he moves away, going back to cooking as I stand against the island breathing heavily with a bright red flush across my face.

He turns to look at me, no emotion on his face, nothing to show that what happened a few moments ago had actually happened. He seemed like the always stone faced, cold hearted nathan that I have always known "Your sauce is going to burn." he says and a flicker of sense came back to my brain.


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