Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 8

Monday December 8th

I flinch when I hear the first bell to class ring and people start to come in, a group of jocks I saw at the food court yesterday to be exact. My temper flared, those jocks had made a six year old cry twice, once outside and then once in a night fit of his. You haven't met my anger until you screw with my younger brother. They look over and see me, my face set into a scowl. "Hey Hayden, got something you want to say to us." He smirks, like he is something special. "I think all he can do is glare,probably not smart enough to speak engl-."

"My grade point average or GPA as you idiots may call it is a perfect 4.0 and I can only imagine that's yours are below 2.0. After all your want to make a young child cry is proof that you are either complete Neanderthals or just plain rude in general." The jock, who's face was bright red , started towards me. I sit there, I know that he is going to hit me, but it's not something I haven't taken before. He grabs me by the collar of my shirt and takes me out of my chair. Two of the other jocks grab me by my arms, holding me out in front of the red faced one.

"What did you say to me?" He asks me as I hang from the arms of the two men holding me.

"Jeez you call me dumb and yet you can't understand basic English." His fist flew backwards and I close my eyes waiting for th see impact of his fist on my face, but a hear something whizz by me, making me open my eyes. A hand was directly in front of my face , catching the fist that was meant for my face.

"What the hell, Nathan?" The jocks voice had been more of a growl. Nathan...Nathan had saved me. My mind flashes back to yesterday, the kiss in my kitchen. Nathan had acted like his normal self the rest of the only teasing me once, when the Christmas movie recording stopped and a sex scene popped up on screen. I dove for the remote while Ames covered Easton eyes. However; the kiss has held my mind captive since it happened, it was heated and had been my first. I'm still so confused, mind and body. The two jocks let me go and I back up, Nathan was acting as my shield at this moment.

"He's important to my sister and my sister is very important to me. So if it were to hurt Ames that he got then I would have to hurt somebody and that just takes up my time." Nathan's hand pushes me behind him slightly and without the jocks noticing. I grab at the back of his black shirt and listen to the conversation. "You are also not to look at his brother or talk about him, if I catch wind that you have, I'll beat you harder than I did Jake." I flush, my body was reacting to his protective words and actions. I let go of Nathan as people come in stopping at the sight of the two red faced men, blissfully unaware of the truly tense atmosphere. I move back to my seat and fold my hand in my lap, keeping my face down, my red face would tell Nathan how much he was effecting me. The final bell rings and the teacher comes in to teach.

Before I know it I'm sitting at lunch with Ames and the girls, but Nathan wasn't there, Jake had come and gotten him. I sighed partially in relief that he wasn't here but even I could hear the disappointment in my voice. "Hey Ames?" I say and everybody at the table looks towards me. I flush in embarrassment this felt like I was speaking in front of a class. "W...Why is your brother protecting me all of a sudden?" I ask l, stuttering as their eyes all widened. "I mean he told the jocks if they hurt me it could hurt Ames and then he would have to hurt somebody which would take up his time." My face was red as I squirmed a little, feeling a bit uncomfortable. The girls chuckle and dismiss it but Ames smirks at me with a look in her eye, one that seemed as if she knew something I didn't. I go back to eating my sandwich but soon find myself thinking about this morning and how I just clung to Nathan, making my face go what I presume to be a deep purple.

"Hey Ames!" I froze, those stirring feeling inside of me disappearing at the sound of that voice. I feel somebody put their arm around my shoulders. "Hey look little Hayden has joined the table." Jake's voice whispered in my ear making Ames look at him in disgust.

"It was his table to begin with, Jake." She sneered lightly and I could simply tell guarantee held a true hatred for him. I go to move away but he pulls me closer.

"Whatever, anyway, Ames you didn't answer my call last night; Is your phone broken?" She cast her up at Jake, they are cold making a shiver run down even my spine. His arm was moved away from me by Nathan who had sat down on the other side of me. I groan inwardly, swallowing the lump in my throat before I take a bite of my sandwich. Why in the world do I want this man?

"No I saw that you called, I hit ignore. I don't talk to people who thinks it's fun to hurt my friends." Jake's smile fades and Ames smirks, she can be quite the demon when she wants. Nathan stares at his sister and snickers, she was almost acting like her older brother. I sit my lunch box on the table, towards Nathan and move my hand back, accidentally brushing against his. I freeze feeling my face burn with this new want. Nathan sits there rigidly and I feel as if I have made him mad, but eventually I just continue listening to Ames and Jake go back and forth.

Soon the bell rings and I gather my things heading to my locker then to the computer lab for my next class. I've always hated business classes and yet I've always found myself loving business, but the best thing is that none of my bullies are in this class with me. Once class starts I realize that we have a substitute and he gives us a free day. I do my homework and once I'm done I just sit there listening to music. I don't even realize the bell has rang until I see other students leaving and I quickly shut down my computer. The light shuts off as I'm putting the headphones away and I sigh. Even substitutes don't give a damn. I throw the scrappy head phones in the bin and turn around to see Nathan standing there, he had frightened me for a moment.

"Oh Nathan, what are you doing in here?" I cursed myself. What the hell was I asking that for? He gives me a bored look and comes closer reaching his hand out. I close my eyes tight, gripping the edge of the table behind me. After awhile I open my eyes again and look up seeing his vibrant gray-blue eyes, that was my first mistake. Nathan smirks and comes closer, pinning me against the table.

"Hayden." I cast my head downward, I can't stand to look at him and fall into his trap. I feel his arm wrap gently around my waist.

"Yes?" It's a weak whisper but he could still hear it. His warm hand moves up, placing itself under my chin. My skin explodes with heat and my mouth drops open with a small gasp. I feel myself flush, unable to stop it, he affected me in ways I couldn't understand.

"Stop being such a tease." He whispers and I feel my body light up as his lips closed on mine. His hands grip me tighter, the one on my waist squeezed a spot that made me gasp into his mouth. His lips curved into a smile as he gasps for breath. His tongue moves against mine and I groan. "Little Hayden likes this." He says and I wrap my arms around his waist, my hands gripping his shirt tightly. I clung to him feeling his tongue move with mine. My jeans are becoming tighter, how could a kiss do this too me. He pulled away and I held onto the table, basically seeing stars, while he was barely even affected.

"What's going on here?" I whisper and yet he hears it looking back at me.

"What do you mean? There is nothing going on here." I freeze before quickly gathering my things and running out the door. He was just using me, teasing me, something. I had fallen for the trickery of Nathan and I believe I had something to fix...the tightness in my jeans.

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