Nerdy or Nice

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Chapter 9

Tuesday December 9th, 2014

I don't want to get up...Nathan will be at school... I don't want to go. He is using me and in a way I don't know how to stop. Does he want me, like truly want me, or will he only want me until he gets me? Nathan having me... it sounds so nice; however, I value my body. My face flushes slightly as an image moves through my mind. Would he be gentle? Would he like to be rough like his kisses? I squirm beneath the sheets at the thought of my own thoughts. What the hell Hayden? After awhile I flip myself out of bed and rush to get ready. Nathan was also being protective , why? What is the point of him protecting me? I bet it's just because of my friendship with Ames. I take off running down the street, father had actually dropped Easton off at school this morning.

I make it to school with enough time to put my stuff away and get to class. Geometry was generally an easy course for me, but I couldn't seem to concentrate today. Mr. blackshire, A thin middle-aged grump of a man, was my teacher for this course, along with two other classes that I had. His words today were just going in one ear and out the other for most of class. Damn you Nathan! I sit there, absent mindedly taking notes, notes I would review later so I didn't screw up my entire chapter and that would just fuck my grade up. I have straight A's and It was going to stay that way. My mind drifts back into thoughts about Nathan, he was acting so strange, he was kissing me and the kisses were hungry and heated. He didn't leave me much proof to believe that I wasn't just his toy.

A thick haze covers my mind, my thoughts were clouded by Nathan. Am I falling for him? No there's no way in hell that I would let that happen. Maybe it's just that want for companionship, so many people around me were in a relationship, maybe my mind was just making up this was for Nathan as a substitute for the relationship I had never had. Yes, that must be it...I have to just ride it out. The bell ringing brought me back to the real world for a moment and I shot up, wanting to get out of this class, away for those thoughts.

Once lunch rolls around my mind is still in that Nathan induced haze and Ames seems to notice something is wrong, but doesn't say anything, Nathan simply lays his hand on my knee. He rubs up and down my thigh and all I can do is push Nathans hand away. The girls were going on and on about Jake until I caught the part about how Jake wants Ames. I nearly spit my bottle of juice out but instead choked it down and started coughing.

"Are you okay?" Ames says and I nod, still coughing, but it subsided after a moment, I wondered if I would start again though, I felt as if I was suppressing the urge. Ames and Nathan both watched me cautiously before I spoke.

"I didn't know that Jake wanted you." She chuckled and Nathan just looked away,as if he was disgusted by the fact that his friend found his younger sister attractive. He looks back towards me after a moment and I raised my eyebrow in confusion. Nathans hand is wrapped around my upper arm and he is steering me away from the lunch table.

"Nathan!" Ames calls and Nathan just waves her off as he drags me through the cafeteria, getting a few odd looks. "Nath-" We walked out of the cafeteria doors, cutting Ames voice off. He leads me down to the men's bathroom, which was empty, and locked the door. I stood in the middle of the room and he was getting closer to me.

"Why did you bring me here?" His eyes were heated, no not another kiss. I backed away and he got closer like an animal on the prowl. My back hits the wall, I have nowhere else to go, he has trapped me. I close my eyes and feel a hand under my chin, but move my face to the side, I don't want another kiss of his to cast a spell over my body. "Stop, please, I can't take it." Nathan's hand drops from under my chin and I opens my eyes, fixing the black glasses on my face.

"Hm, don't act as if you don't like our kisses, Hayden, that's rather hurtful. I can tell how your body reacts when I touch you, in any way." He smirks and my heart thumps loud in my ears I could feel my pulse pounding away in my head. his words are affecting me much like his touch does, I can't have this, not here. He grabs my wrist, pinning them above my head with one of his hands, his other was under my chin once more. My skin was a blaze, my face was burning and my normally pale complexion was now a bright red, the mirror along the wall proved that. His lips however don't go to mine, but to my neck. I am frozen for a moment as he gets closer to my chest. He gets down to just above my heart, almost ripping my shirt from stretching it that far.

"This area right here is mine, I'll mark it so nobody will dare to touch what is mine." He leans in and sucks the skin of that area into his mouth, I jolt. In my normal state of mind, this would have felt odd and uncomfortable, but in this state of mind where Nathan has captivated my thoughts, this felt good. He nibbles on the skin a bit before moving away, proud of the bright red mark that was just above my heart. "Now even you will know that you, Hayden Grey, are mine." Then gently he moves up and kisses me on the forehead, gently, as if I could break with a touch any harder. My body was engulfed in a gentle warmth, not the fire that had consumed me before. He lets go of me and walks towards the door, unlocking it and leaving. I stood there, completely shell shocked and stare at the mark on my chest. I walk out after a moment and run into Jake, but he just growls at me and moves along. I look away and head back to the cafeteria, Nathan was there and Ames looked at me with relief when she saw me walk back in.

"Hayden, your okay!" I nod, she had no idea about what was going on between Nathan and I. The gentle warmth had left my body, but remnants of it were left in my mind. The ball rings to go to class so I down what I have left of my drink and head out, the rest of the day going by in a haze until I came to my last hour study hall with Ames. "So why did my brother drag you out of the cafeteria today?" I flush and she smiles.

"Ames is Nathan bi?" I ask and she looks shocked for a moment but she seems to calculate the answer in her mind for a moment, as if she was trying to answer it in a way that would best help me but not embarrass her brother.

"Yes, he has admitted before that he does have an attraction to men as well as women. I believe that at one time him and jake had a thing going on but that's just me I don't know if it's true. Why do you ask?" I flush and grab the edge of my shirt and pull it down to show her the mark that Nathan had left on me using just his lips and teeth. Her eyebrows shot up and she reaches out, touching the mark, it was warm still. "Did it hurt?" I shake my head and cover the mark.

"He called me his, said nobody would dare to touch me with this mark on me." I watched her reactions with fascination as I divulged what had been happening with Nathan and I, the day had been not so bad after all.

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