On My Life And Death

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Divya Sankar wanted to do nothing but enjoy the summer and help her best friend Inderjit get married. Who knew that along the way she would find her own love and it could cost her everything... This book is a Bollywood style romance novel and contains Hindi w/ translations. Enjoy!

Romance / Drama
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1st Draft


I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to read my story. Bollywood has been a passion of mine for many years and I tried my hand at writing a book with a Bollywood feel. For anyone who has immersed themselves in the world of Indian Cinema over the last few decades, you'll know that every film has the same structure. is a first draft, and there will be some edits along the way, which is why this is a work in progress.

Negative or positive, I would love feedback on any chapter you read.

What did you like? What didn't you like? Does something not make sense?

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

I very much appreciate the time you're taking to read my work.

Enjoy the ride.

DM Lewry

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