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Because of the Little One

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Brooklyn is now 28 and its been 2 years. She is starting to open up to the idea of dating again and wants to start working through her fears even though she knows it's not going to be easy. She is forced to get a new job and finds a babysitting job for a family with great hours and pay that she can't turn down. Kace who is 29 works all day and almost everyday running his small but very successful business. He is exhausted and can't find time to take a break. His daughters mother stays home each day to take care of their 3 month old baby girl while he works his ass of to support them. What will happen when Kace comes home from work and sees a stranger in his home instead of his baby’s momma? Will they see that they need each other in more ways than they originally thought? *Includes mature content and language. Started 10/27/2020

Brooke Banister
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Authors note

Hi all!
This is my first story I have written. I've never really written before other than in my journal a little. I also haven't taken any writing classes so I apologize if grammar isn't the best and if there are spelling errors. I'm going to try my best and I can just hope that somebody reads it and likes it!

I am thinking about doing approximately 30 chapters so please be patient with me as I go. This story will include mature content and language.

I am excited to try this out and see how I like writing.

If you have positive and helpful advice and words of encouragement I would love to hear it! If there is any negativity or mean comments I will be deleting them and blocking you. Inkitt is a community to support and help others grow. We should help it continue to be a safe place for people to get out of there comfort zone and supporting them with there passion!

Thanks for joining this journey with me! I appreciate you willing to take your time to read my first story!
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