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‘’you said you want to talk’’ she asks grinding me. She’s on skirt for crying out loud and I can also see her thigh. I was so hard. ‘’Ryan?’’ she calls my name so that I can answer. ‘’oh, fuck Ava, stop’’ I whispered. ‘’should I stop?’’ she asks biting her bottom lip. She starts to empty humping me. ‘’yesss, mmmh, Nooo’’ she starts kissing my neck. ‘’which one is it? Yes or no’’ She took my T shirt off and took hers off, now her boobs where on view. ‘’Ava…’’

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Chapter 1

I hate Mondays, weekends are better because I have time for myself and reading novels. ‘’ I’ll see you when I come back’’ I told my roommate who am sure she did not hear me, whom am I kidding? It is Monday for god’s sake and my roommate? She is a party animal; Mondays are her days to nurse her hangover.

‘’Good morning’’ I greeted the security who was busy with YouTube. Why am I even greeting, am sure he didn’t even hear me. He is forever on YouTube with headset on, am sure that is his work.

Was I early or there is no class today? I asked myself because I was alone at class. To answer my question students starts getting inside the class. What did I tell you about Monday’s? as usual on Monday the class are usually not full.

Some students will be slumbering while others will be paying attention. how I wish I was done with school, school sucks sometimes. I even miss my boyfriend, I know he’s not happy with my decision to study at University of Johannesburg ,he wanted me to study back at home at University of Venda, it’s been two years for crying out loud and he’s forever reminding me.

He felt like I choose to come here over him. and beside this year he is doing his final year and I would be there doing my second year, what would have happened later? He would graduate and leave me there. Everyone at home consider Egoli as place where there are plenty of jobs so …

‘’Ava you won’t believe what happened this weekend’’ Hailey, my best friend shifts me from my thoughts. She is forever with a new boyfriend each weekend, so Mondays are her days to brag about them. ‘’don’t tell me you are busy thinking about Ethan, I wonder what you saw in him, when you call him, he keeps blaming you for coming and studying here. I mean, can’t he just get over it. it’s been two years and you also visit him when you go home on recess’’ Hailey can be too much sometimes.

I told her about Ethan last year on second semester. She caught me crying and I end up telling her about him. He was scolding me because I called him without notifying him. I understand Ethan, he does not want me to call him without notifying him. He said I might be disturbing him with his assignments. Its either I notify him that I want to call or wait for his call.

‘’Good morning to you too Hailey’’ she smiled. ‘’there’s nothing wrong if you started by greeting’’ you see, easy, now we won’t be talking about my life. I know that if we start talking about Ethan I’ll end up crying and we don’t want to end up crying do we? I don’t want the entire class to end up looking at me as if one of my relative has passed away.

As if to cure me Mr. Jacob, our Financial Management lecture get in. this one should really retire, he makes Managerial sound boring, during lectures he will be busy telling us about where he has gone and anything about his life till he come back to the real aspect of what he was here to do. After lot of blabbering about useless thing ‘’now we will be dealing Risk and Return, also prepare yourself for test which we might have next months.

I will confirm the date on our next class’’ finally, only few minutes left for this class to end. ‘’what will you be doing today?’’ Hailey asked when we exit from Managerial class. ‘’Am going home, this week I won’t attend, please take notes for me please’’ I begged Hailey giving her puppy eyes. ‘’okay, okay, don’t give me that face. Anyway, why are you going home? What’s so urgent that you have to go home and skip classes, that too for a whole week.

I smiled, she just looked at me confused ‘’am giving Ethan surprise, am going to his Res. I have already begged my Former classmate to sign at the Res under her name as they stay at the same res’’ I laughed, at first she didn’t agree but I have my ways to make her agree.

My Former classmate love money so I promised her that I will give her money, you see, nothing money can’t solve. So today am taking a bus, am going back home to visit my boyfriend. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees me, it’s been a while.

I last saw him on January before going back to school and now its May. Long distance relationship sucks right? I know. It was 16:00 when I arrived at Thohoyandou. I called my former classmate Lutendo that I’ve arrived then she came and take me in, we exchange greetings and hugs.

it was awkward. We were not friend; we just know each other from class. She told me the block which Ethan stays in and with than she says if things get north I should call her, I wanted to ask her what she means by that but she says she’s gong to cook before I even ask. strange right. I was so excited when I reach Ethan’s door, I really can’t wait to see him.

I knocked at the door 5 times, I decided to go and wait at lutendo’s room thinking maybe Ethan is not back yet, as I was about to turn around when the door opens, I got my worst surprise, Ethan was at door shirtless looking sexy as hell, before I even hug him I heard my worst surprise ‘’babe who is it?’’ babe?

What’s going on, what does she mean by babe. ‘’sweetheart I’ll be there shortly let me deal with this’’ sweetheart? This? Am I this now? he doesn’t know my name? With that Ethan closed the door and take my hand.

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