Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 8

Chapter eight

I bit into another warm white chocolate and strawberry muffin moaning when the white chocolate melted on my tongue and I could swear I died and ended up in muffin heaven. Sandy was an amazing baker, and I assume cook, and I eyed the plate of different flavoured muffins, but took my time with this one so I didn’t look greedy.

“These are delicious Sandy” I complimented her after swallowing a bite of pure heaven.

“God I miss these” Ray mumbled with his mouth full and grabbing another muffin. Sandy tutted him and smacked the back of his hand with her wooden spoon.

“I taught you better than that Rayray” she threw him an amused stare, “Don’t talk with your mouth full” Ray swallowed and grinned childishly. I couldn’t help but admire the sharp contours of his face and wait in anticipation for his dimples to peek through his cheeks everytime he chewed or spoke. “I’m so happy you came by Shell! I wanted to see how you were”

My heart constricted at how kind this woman was and I smiled warmly at her. “I was going to come by today even if I didn’t bump into Ray this morning. I needed to bring your clothes back” I leaned down to snatch up my bag and eased Sandy’s clean clothes out before showing her.

“Oh thank you! I completely forgot about these” Sandy walked around and I handed her the clothes. She excused herself and soon it was just Ray, Tom and myself sitting around the kitchen bench.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but the silence was a little deafening and the short distance between Ray’s arm and mine seemed to be electrified. What the hell was this feeling? It was so odd. I eyed the muffins again but decided to pass and instead spread some butter and jam on a croissant before biting into the soft bread.

Despite the booming business with the gym, I hadn’t been able to spare much money for small luxuries like croissants and delicious tasting muffins. The money made from the gym went towards salaries and keeping everything spick and speck. The majority of the equipment was only a few months old and anything that wasn’t was on the way to being replaced. I barely had money to do a big grocery shop let alone hire someone to fix up the house.

I would’ve been more than happy to play Miss Fix-It but I knew jack all about fixing a leaky roof and sealing cracks. I noticed Ray rub at his leg again and I felt guilt bubbling inside again. “Is your leg okay Ray?”

He turned his light brown eyes, the colour of autumn leaves, to me and smiled. “Yeah, a bit stiff and sore but nothing I can’t live through”

Across the counter Tom snorted, “Bro, this is you living through it. You look like an old man when you walk. Get something done about it or suck it up man, I want you back at the base as soon as you can! The newbies were driving me nuts man!” Ray just rolled his eyes.

“I know a bit of remedial massage. I could help you out with it? It could help with the scar tissue as well” I nodded down at his muscled thigh.

“Damn! If I knew you were offering massages I’d have injured my groin” Tom joked while winking.

I saw Ray stiffen and threw Tom a menacing look. Tom smirked and shrugged his shoulders before going back to stuff another muffin into his mouth. Ray turned to me and offered me an apologetic smile. “Uh... It’s okay Beauty. You don’t have to, besides I’d normally have to pay for something like that”

I rolled my eyes. “Look, I’m feeling guilty okay? The swimming today, you having to carry me when I was unconscious... let’s just call this me paying you back”

He was already shaking his head. “That’s not something to have to be paid back for. I’m more than happy to have fun in a little competition and saving you doesn’t require payment” he looked completely serious as he spoke the last part. “Besides, saving people is instilled in me”

“And helping people is instilled in me” I met his eyes. The way his autumn eyes held mine made the muscles below my stomach clench, in a good way, and after a few seconds he rolled his eyes and gave in.

“Okay, okay thank you. But I’ll pay you-”

“No! Ray please, I don’t want your money. I’m doing this as your friend” Friend... Before I could say anything more his giant, warm hand covered my mouth effectively cutting me off and he spoke again.

“If you won’t accept my money, then accept my body” he finished. My face flushed and my eyes widened. What?! He paused, taking in my reaction. His face mirrored mine and the pulse in his wrist quickened before he withdrew it from my mouth.

“Woo Beast! What a way to get it on!” Tom guffawed in the background accompanied by his clapping.

“No... sh*t! What I meant was ‘body’ as in work-wise. I’ll fix your leaky roof for you” Ray blushed as he glared daggers at Tom who only laughed harder.

“Is that what sex is code for nowadays? A leaky roof? Sounds kinda kinky Beast” Tom was practically crying in his hysterics.

I wasn’t sure if my face was able to glow any more than the ripe tomato it was now... but apparently my blush could easily spread down to my chest while I stayed silent in my shocked and embarrassed state. His body? God, I thought he meant...

“Uh... sure” I squeaked, just wanting this whole discussion to be over with. “You can come around later to let me know what I need to buy for you to patch up the roof” I cleared my throat and looked around feigning interest in the wonderful paint work of the walls. This was beyond awkward...

 “Oh, what’d I miss?” Sandy chimed as she walked around the corner. Tom was red faced from laughter and was wiping tears from the corner of his eyes while Ray and I just sat silently in our chairs and avoided eye contact for the moment.

“Oh... you had to be here Sandy!” Tom chuckled.


[Ray’s POV]

“I will shoot you in your sleep” I threatened Tom slowly and angrily as soon as the door to the bathroom shut behind Seychelles.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who propositioned the lady” he held his hands up in mock surrender. “You’re the one who was pimping off your body, not me”

I dragged a heavy hand over my face and breathed in deep before blowing out the breath. He’s only here for a little while. He’s only here for a little while. He’s only here for a little while. I chanted in my head... but ‘a little while’ seemed like a long way away.

“I’m not joking, Shaw” I growled his surname, “I haven’t shot a gun in a long while and right now my hand is twitching to leave a bullet hole in your a$s”

Tom eyed me carefully and he sighed. “Alright, alright sorry. It must all the salty air here... and the fact that we’re hours away from the base so you can’t order me to run lapse or some sh*t”

I rolled my eyes and brooded on my stool as I crumbled the muffin between my fingers. Seychelles had gone to freshen up and my mom had gone to look for some oil so Seychelles could massage my leg. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. Just the thought of her small hands rubbing themselves over my thigh was enough to make me stiffen slightly so I couldn’t imagine how I’d fare with her physically doing it.

Ms Chenkins.

That’s who I’ll think off during the massage. Ms Chenkins was my least favourite teacher from high school. With body odour that seemed to waft around her and fill an entire classroom within seconds, I’m sure it was easily worse than being held hostage in a room filled with tear gas. She had the horrible habit of wearing faded floral tents and bending over way much in people’s face...

I shivered. Yeah, that memory would work.

“Ready?” I turned around and my eyes zeroed onto Seychelles small figure leaning against the wall. She held up a bottle of rose oil, “Your mom said this was the only oil she had. She’s also said she needed to go to the shops to buy more ingredients”

“I’ll help her with that. Beast here ain’t the only one who’s strong” Tom jumped off the stool and winked. He grabbed another two muffins and strolled off towards the entrance. Once he stood behind Seychelles his eyes slid over her figure and gave me the thumbs up, nodding his approval.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be, Shaw?!” I growled, hating that his eyes were able to slide over her curves.

“I’m going! Sandy! I’ll be your personal helper for today!” He held his elbow out for my mom and she waved to the both of us before cheerily taking Tom’s arm and closing the door behind them.

“So uh... where did you want me?” I asked, keeping my eyes on hers.

“Uh... Is the sofa big enough for you to lie down on?” her voice sounded raspy and husky. It was suddenly different before and even though it was subtle, it was easy for me to pick up. I had no idea what it was about this woman but I seemed to pick up on every little thing about her. She was just too easy for my eyes to wander over.

“To lie down on? No probably not, at least not unless my leg bends over the arm rest”

“Oh okay, so... your bed then” she stuttered over the word ‘bed’. I nodded and led her down the hallway to my bedroom.

I pushed the door open and was suddenly self conscious about the old photos and books that lined across the shelves. The little airplane models that hung from the ceiling on thin wires that were presents from my mom every Christmas and birthday. My childhood bedroom was only salvaged by the weights and large yet old box television and the large bed. It was like a mix of the past and present together and I wondered what she’d make of it.

We walked in and when I turned around her eyes were gazing around the room and would pause over each photo frame before moving onto the next. “Your bedroom is very you. I like it” she smiled. “So uh... it’d probably be easiest if you were in a towel”

I nodded stiffly, of course, why hadn’t I thought of that? I moved into the closet and picked out a clean white towel. I wrapped it around my waist and pulled my shorts down, letting it fall to the ground with a dull thud. I half wondered if I should keep my t-shirt on as well, but thought I might as well keep it on. Besides, it was my leg that was getting massaged not the rest of me.

When I strolled back into the room Seychelles had laid out some towels across my bed and singled out a pillow for my head to rest on. “Alright, so just lie down on your back here” she instructed me.

I did as she said and she came by my side rubbing oil over her hands. I watched the oil being slicked over her hands and through her fingers and quickly had to turn my eyes away. It’s just a massage, for Christ sake!

“Okay, let me just reposition you a little bit” She pulled the towel up until my entire right leg was bared and one warm hand clasped my upper thigh while the other held my ankle. She tilted my leg a little so that my heel pointed to my opposite ankle and my knee bent outwards. “Oh-kay!”

A few drops of rose oil dotted my skin and I noticed her hands hesitate before she began to caress my skin and spread the oil. As she rubbed my thigh, the oil warmed up and soon she began to press harder. My leg would twitch as she circled her hands around the bullet scar from the front of my thigh but it was when she slowly began to make her way around to the back of my thigh that I felt my body heat up.

Her hands were like magic.

Slick with oil, her hands caressed my skin and massaged my muscles until I felt so relaxed I swear I was this close melting into my bed. I kept my eyes closed, feeling that if I kept them opened I would have nowhere else to look but at her sparkling emerald eyes. That seemed too intimate while her hands were stroking and caressing a place that was so close yet so far from where I needed it.

She began to concentrate on the scar at the back of my thigh and I felt my body grow hot. Good God she’s so close, so close to where I desperately wanted her hands to be and...

Oh sh*t.

I felt the familiar stirring down below and my muscles clenching as I began to harden. Ms Chenkins. Ms Chenkins. Ms Chenkins!

Seychelles hands, so warm and hot was so slick and pressing in fluid circles up and around the back of my thigh.

Ms Chenkins!

I peeked through my eyelashes and instantly knew it was a terrible idea. Seychelles eyes were so zoned onto my upper thigh, a deep crimson flush painted her cheeks and down her slender neck while she used her whole body to push down with her hands to the bullet scar.

Ms Chenkins!

A wisp of blonde hair fell and kissed her cleavage. It stroked her flushed skin and at that moment her hands stroked upwards towards my growing er*ction.

Sweet baby Jesus, it’s not working... MS CHENKINS!!!

I practically jumped out of my bed, clutching the towel in a bunch over my erection. “That was great Beauty! You have... magical hands... I feel great!” I was breathing hard and the room was electrified. Her eyes were dilated and her skin was flushed with a slight sheen of sweat shining across her chest. Through her bikini and white tank top her n!pples were hard and straining against the material.

I could barely drag my eyes away from the tantalising view. “Are you sure? I could-“

“No, no you were great!” I didn’t realise I’d walked towards her until we were standing toe to toe and staring straight into each other’s eyes. “Your touch is amazing” I whispered gruffly.

Our eyes bore into the other as the air seemed to thicken within our personal space. “Ray” she whispered.

“I should take you home” The words burnt my throat as they came out and I wanted to swallow them as soon as I said it. “Uh... Have a look at your roof...”

Seychelles blinked and stepped back clearing her throat a little. “Right of course” she forced out a little laugh. “You know... there’s the annual beach bonfire tonight. I’m sure your mom would be there. There’s a massive bonfire and families, teenagers, couples and singles all like to go”

She was rambling. I could tell it was a nervous habit and kicked myself for being the one to make her feel that way. “Will you be there?” she nodded. “Then how about I meet you there?”

I bent close to her, just needing to be closer. She smelt of sun and the sea. “Sure” she squeaked.

“Alright. It’s a date”



Hmm... not much to say.

Thank you for the support and the love being thrown my way for this new story of mine =) I feel giddy everytime I receive a lovely comment!

Nix <3

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