Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 9

Chapter nine

----------------------------------->>>>>> Video is of the song from the beach 

The drive back to my house was intense.

An intense silence and an intense electric feel buzzing in between us. I’d never had a previous experience like this before where all we had to do was sit next to each other and have sexual tension so thick I could possibly gather it, bake it and after eating it, have it go straight down to my thighs.

Which of course, was not the only way this sexual tension could get to my thighs...

I choked a little on the drool that had gathered in my mouth from the image of Ray between my thighs. Holy hell! Where the hell did that come from?! My face prickled from the blush gathering behind my cheeks and I quickly opened the window to let the salty wind cool me down.

“You okay?” Ray asked half amused and half concerned.

“Yep” I forced out, nodding quickly while avoiding his eyes. Instead I focused outside of the sexual tension filled car and gazed out at the white clouds streaking in almost perfect parallel lines. The bright rays of sunlight would peak through them and strike down at the ocean below like golden swords while the trees swayed in the light breeze.

The texture of the road changed and grew bumpier letting me know that my shack of a house was drawing closer. Within minutes Ray parked the car and we both stepped out. Despite its run down appearance, I was glad to call it home and was excited to finally see it getting fixed.

“I’ll just grab a ladder for you, wait here” I told Ray as I jogged over to the shed around the side. All my dad’s old tools had been stored in the shed and it was easy to find the tall ladder leaning by the wall. I grabbed it and hauled it out.

As soon as Ray saw me he ran over, taking the ladder from my grasp, “Here, let me take that. The ladder is practically three times bigger than you” he joked. We walked side by side towards the house and I noticed that he didn’t seem fazed at all by the heavy metal ladder. He strode tall and purposeful, he was confident with his body and it was almost as though the blushing, mama’s boy was hidden away.

Ray set the ladder down and pulled it up, making it double its size, and leaned it against the edge of the roof. “I’ll just go up top and check everything out. You go ahead and relax inside, Beauty” he winked and began to climb the rungs of the steel ladder.

My greedy eyes followed every move he took up the ladder and my ever ready blush resurface when my gaze dropped down to his tight behind. His jean clad ass was a sight to behold and I now understood the reason men loved to stare at the ass of any passing female. The saying ‘he has an ass that could crack walnuts’ really did come into reality as I stared up at Ray. Too soon he disappeared over the ledge, ending my ogling session, so I had no other choice but to head inside and get some paperwork done.

Fifteen minutes had passed and I was staring blankly at my healthy eating and daily exercise plans for a few of my clients when Ray came strolling in. He had a slight sheen of sweat over his forehead and down his neck before he brought the bottom of his t-shirt up to swipe it away. I was suddenly distracted by the washboard abs and defined ‘V’ that pointed straight down to his groin that I didn’t realise he was talking to me.

“-don’t need to buy anything”

“Uh, sorry what was that?” I coughed bringing my eyes back up to his.

“I said there are a few holes and other things that I can easily patch up on your roof. I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the materials needed back at home so you don’t need to buy anything” Ray repeated himself with a smile.

“Oh! Great, well... if you’re sure then I’d really appreciate it but if there’s anything else just let me know and I’ll buy it”

He nodded and scratched the back of his head, “If you want I can head home and come back here with the materials to get some of the work done. I’m not doing anything and I really could use with some physical work. I’m not used to all this lounging around at home”

This took me by surprise and I smiled eagerly. “Sure, I’m not going to complain!”

He winked and turned around heading back to the car, the car sinking down lower as he sunk into the driver’s seat. “I’ll be back before you know it!” he called out before driving away.

“Mmm” I purred watching the car drive away, “I can’t wait”


This was torture.

Hours had passed and Ray had been up on the roof scraping and hammering away. I had basically locked myself indoors after checking up on him two hours ago and realised he’d taken off his shirt. The memory seemed to be teasing me, mocking me!

The sun had been beating down on his black and grey tattooed back, emphasising how broad and strong it was as he hammered down another nail. I never thought I would see a sight that could top it... until he turned around. I couldn’t help the sigh that escaped my lips when his wide shoulders came into view. Each and every muscle was taut and strained as he worked and droplets of sweats lazily travelled down his body.

It wasn’t fair!

I wasn’t used to this kind of overwhelming sexual tension. I’d barely known Ray for long and here I was completely distracted by him. I threw the pencil down on the grid paper, knowing I was useless to try to make any sort of healthy plan and instead listened to the heavy banging coming from above.

Maybe I could sneak another look? Would that be creepy?

I decided to bring Ray a bottle of cold water and set about grabbing it before heading outside. He wasn’t by the ledge and I couldn’t see him so I decided to climb up the ladder to check how everything was going.

I was careful to climb up while holding the bottle of water and once I was over the ledge I couldn’t help but stay quiet for a while. Ray was definitely made for physical work, his body was all hard lines and taut muscles. Wow. Just... wow.

I cleared my throat, “Thirsty Ray?”

Ray straightened and turned to smile at me, knocking the breath from my lungs, and wiped the sweat from his face. “Hell yeah. Thanks Beauty, it’s scorching hot up here” he walked over and I handed the water to him before I watched his firm lips circle around the head of the bottle and gulped mouthful after mouthful of water.

I don’t know how he managed to make even that look sexy! “You know... you’ve been up here for a long time. You didn’t even really need to start working on the roof today. Why don’t you call it a day and rest?”

He chuckled and sat down on the roof before pulling his t-shirt from his back pocket and laying it out next to him. He patted it waiting for me sit down next to him and I couldn’t help but feel shy again. “I don’t bite” he smirked. His eyes held mine and I could almost hear him in y head saying “... not if you don’t want me to, anyway”

Sitting down on Ray’s t-shirt I could still feel the heat from the roof seeping through the material and warming my backside. “You have a great view from here. I’m kind of jealous actually” he murmured quietly staring over towards the lapping waves of the beach.

“I’ve never actually seen the beach from this angle” I smiled enjoying the cool salty breeze as we both stared over the flat line of the horizon just soaking up each other’s company. It was really quite peaceful up on my roof, who would have thought?

A piece of paper blew out from his jean pocket and I quickly grabbed it unintentionally reading what was on it. It looked like a receipt and on it was a list of hardware printed. “Ray... what is this?” I asked curiously and confused.

His eyes fell onto the receipt and a blush caressed his cheekbones. “Uh... it’s nothing” he replied as he tried to grab it. I moved away and continued reading the list before my eyes widened and I stared incredulously at him.

“Ray! These are all the materials you brought here to fix my roof! You weren’t supposed to buy anything! You said you had them at your place and I said I’d buy whatever else you needed” Ray was so undeniably sweet! He had gone out and bought every scrap of material needed to fix my roof and he was planning on hiding it from me... not even looking for a thank you.

“It’s okay... seriously. I owe you one for the massage. Just accept it because if you try to pay me back I will come back here and force you to take it back” he looked serious and yet there was a secret smile hiding behind his stare.

I bit my lip and smiled. “Well, that’s very sweet of you Ray. I just don’t want to feel like some charity case. I’ve worked so hard to get where I am now and I don’t anyone thinking I need sympathy or want to get an easy way out-“

Ray’s rough index pressed against my lips to stop me to talking, “You’re not a charity case Seychelles. I did it because I wanted to. Just accept it, or you’ll bruise my ego”

I couldn’t help myself, my lips opened a fraction and my tongue flicked over my bottom lip and managed to caress his finger as I did. His eyes darkened and flicked down to my lips, watching my tongue slowly glide over them and his head moved slowly down as his finger slipped down to my chin tilting my head up. My heart skipped a beat, then another and then stopped completely as our eyes bore into the others.

A seagull squawked loudly behind us and with one blink of the eye themoment was over.

He blinked and removed his hand from me before clearing his throat and staring back out at the ocean, just as though that moment hadn’t happened. Did it get hotter up here? Was the sun about to explode or was that just my face.

I glanced down at my watch just to have my eyes anywhere else besides the confusing and gorgeous man sitting next to me. It was four o’clock. “So uh, the annual bonfire starts at seven thirty tonight just little further down the beach. You still keen to come?”

I saw a slight smirk on the corners of his lips before it disappeared and a genuine smile appeared. “Of course. Can’t ditch my date” he winked before his face straightened a little, “That is if you don’t mind going as my date. We can go as friends if you like?”

“Hmm... would I mind going as the date of the man who saved my life and carried me through the heavy rain all the way back to his house despite his shot leg?” I asked sarcastically while pretending to think long and hard. I sighed dramatically, “I guess so!”

“You guess so huh?” he was crawling closer with a predatory smile on his lips and I had a bad feeling about that look. “Well how about I make it so that you’re sure and not guessing

Before I had time to think about what he was doing he lunged forward and began to tickle the crap out of me! My screams were tangled with laughter and he used his weight to pin my lower body down while he used his hands to tickle and touch me everywhere I was ticklish.

“Ray! Ray! No! I-I’m sure! I’m sure!!!” I laughed trying to kick him off.

All of a sudden the air was rushing past us and the choked curses from Ray managed to reach my ears while my belly did little back flips. Ray wrapped one arm around my waist and the other grasped the back of my head as he hugged me close and switched our positions. I had no idea what was happening until the hard thud of Ray’s body underneath mine smashed our bodies together.

“Oomph!” we both choked out as the air was crushed out of us.

“What the-?!” I  gasped

“Sorry! Completely my fault!” Ray apologised through his panting. I finally realised that while Ray was tickling me we had slipped down and actually fell off the roof!

“Oh my God! Ray! I’m so sorry!” I shrieked, “You keep getting hurt around me! I swear I’m some sort bad omen for you. Are you okay?!” I scrambled off of him and, despite how small I was compared to him, I tried to help him up.

Ray grabbed my hand but I didn’t feel any of his weight as he pulled himself up. He was soon standing on his feet and wincing a little while he shook out his limbs “I’m okay Beauty don’t worry. I’ve had much worse before”

I couldn’t help but feel horrible. Every time we’d been together something always happened so that he ended up hurt. To my surprise Ray started laughing and pulled me flush against his body. I could hear the frantic thudding of his strong heart against his chest and the scent of crisp apples met my nose.

“It’s never boring around you Beauty, I’ll give you that” I could practically hear he smile in his voice and I couldn’t help return his embrace while my smile melted across my lips.

It was getting late already and the sun was beginning its descent behind the horizon. The colours of the sky had begun to change so that countless shades of pink, orange and purple stained the sky. The parallel lines of the clouds above intersected the sky and changed the entire look of the sunset as the last rays of sunlight poked and rebounded through them. It was beautiful, without a doubt and I’d never seen anything quite as amazing.

Of course, watching it with Ray seemed to only perfect the sight before us.


[Ray’s POV]

I wiped the condensation that clung to the mirror of my bath room and stared at the man who stared back at me. His hair was long... well longer than it had been for the last ten years anyway, and it actually suited him. His eyes, the colour of autumn leaves, were bright and excited.

As my eyes travelled down from his face to his broad shoulders and chest I noticed the many scars that had long stories behind them. Every long, short, thin and wide scar that marred his body proved that he had had his fair share of hard work and seen his share of war.

As I continued to stare at my reflection there was a thud against the bathroom door. “Hey Beast! I’m taking your mom down to the beach already! She says she wants to beat the crowd and meet up with her friends. She also says there’ll be plenty of ‘young ladies’ there for me to hang with” I heard Tom shout through the wood separating us. I could practically hear his smirk and imagined that the ‘young ladies’ would have no chance tonight with him on the prowl.

“Sure, just don’t be bringing those ‘young ladies’ to ‘hang with’ here under my mom’s roof!” I shouted back rolling my eyes. The sound of Tom’s guffaws had my chuckling as well and I brushed my teeth before exiting and walking over to my bed room.

Different styles of shirts and pants stared at me and I suddenly realised I didn’t know what I should be wearing. I never really had this problem before and I was stuck on what was appropriate for a beach date. A grumble slipped through my lips and I reached over for a plain white button down long sleeved shirt and white washed jeans that were old but comfortable to wear.

I rolled the sleeves up and leave a few buttons undone. I glanced over at the clock and saw it was already quarter past seven so I grabbed my phone and wallet before slipping on a pair of flip flops and locking up the house.

The walk through the hidden pathway was dark. With the moon, stars and torch from my phone being my guide through the bushes and trees. I could hear the chatter and laughter from the crowds at the beach even if I couldn’t see them yet and the smell of food cooking and burning wood reached my nose.

As I stepped through the tighter cluster of trees I spotted the crowd a little further down closer to Sechelles’s house and I leisurely walked down smiling and nodding to the odd person. As I neared the giant orange and yellow bonfire I could see a group of girls crowded in a circle around Tom who was no doubt filling them in on his ‘adventures’ in the Air Force.

The group of girls began to laugh and giggle with Tom in the lead before his eyes landed on me. He raised his bottle of beer in salute and I returned his smile with an amused shake of my head. It seemed as though the entire town was scattered around the beach and the atmosphere was festive and happy. I began to search for Seychelles among the many people but it was a bit difficult in the dark.

Out of nowhere I was approached by an attractive woman with olive skin and black hair held up in a ponytail. She smiled at me brilliantly before handing me a beer from the cooler down by her feet. “Here you go Stud” I nodded in thanks and noticed she wore what a lot of the other women were wearing, which was simply a bikini top with either a pair of shorts or skirt of some sort. “I’ve seen you around the town lately, are you new here?” she asked batting her eyelashes.

“I grew up here actually ma’am, I’ve just been away in the Air Force is all” I answered her politely while still scanning the crowd. She was still talking to me and I was barely listening to her but all noise and chatter faded away when I spotted Seychelles.

She was standing behind the bonfire and looked as though she was looking for me as well. She looked stunning. She wore her blonde hair down and wavy and had no trace of make up on her flawless face. Her black bikini top peaked out from underneath the white sundress that hugged her chest before flowing freely around her waist.

My mouth went dry and I mumbled an excuse to leave the woman talking to me before making my way over to Seychelles. The light from the flames flickered around her face changing the angles and shadows around. I stepped around the fire and smiled brightly at her just as her eyes landed on me.

“Beauty” I called her softly, “You definitely live up to your nick name”

Her blush was enhanced by the firelight but she didn’t duck her head. Instead her eyes trailed lazily from my eyes down my torso to my feet and then back up again. “You don’t look half bad yourself, Beast” she replied with a soft smile. I held my elbow out for her and her delicate hand clutched it firmly. “Hungry?”

I chuckled and stared deeply into her eyes that reflected the stars twinkling in the inky black sky. “I’m always hungry”


Seychelles and I spent hours together laughing and talking together. From time to time we’d be interrupted by someone who wanted to talk to Seychelles or introduce themselves to me but we both seemed determined to keep to each other.

“Well, I’m heading back home Rayray” Sandy yawned behind her hand. “You look beautiful Shell darling, much more classy and your dress matches Rayray’s outfit too” she grinned.

I blushed. “Mom...”

“Oh shush Rayray. I’m just saying. Anyway, you two have fun!” I bent down to kiss her on the cheek and she smiled happily before hugging Seychelles and waving as she walked away with her friends.

“Your mom is amazing” Seychelles breathed wistfully. It made me wonder what happened to her mom but it seemed as though now wasn’t the time.

Almost all the families had gone home and the people left were either teenagers or couples around our age. The teenagers had cranked up their music and settled around the bonfire. The music was actually quite good and it had a reggae feel to it.

“Wanna walk?” I asked hopefully. I didn’t want to hang around the rowdy group of teenagers. She nodded and wound her arm through mine as we walked down the beach enjoying the soft sand and the soft lapping of waves that mixed with the music.

The moon reflected off the remaining clouds and the stars were mostly hidden now but it was still beautiful. We were a little way away from the bonfire but still close enough to hear the music and I suddenly spun her around holding her hand. She squealed at the unexpected gesture and laughed happily.

“You dance?” she asked.

I snorted, “Not well, but I want to dance with you. If you want?”

She stepped forward against me and turned around so her back was the one pressing against my front and she pulled my hands down to her hips while she swayed them from side to side. I was hypnotised at the slow movements and began to sway with her to the reggae music in the background.

We danced together, learning how the other moved and swayed under the moonlight and I quickly spun her around. My hands caressed the soft skin of her shoulders and glided down to her hands before bringing them up to circle around my neck.

I was circled with her arms and I rested my hands back on her hips continuing our swaying dance. Anyone from the outside would think we were completely lost to the world and I had to admit that I seemed to be that way. The music had faded away, same as the waves, sand and wind. All I was focused on was the beautiful woman who was staring back at me and playfully absentmindedly with the hair at the base of my neck.

“This was the best date I’d ever had Ray” she whispered, “Thank you”

A slow smile crept onto my lips and I bent down so our lips were barely a hairline apart. “It was the best for me too Seych-“

I was suddenly cut off when two teenage boys started shouting and began rolling around the sand close to us as their fists began pounding into each other. The girls were screaming for them to stop but couldn’t do anything to interrupt the blur of clenched fists. Their friends noticed the fight and instead of stopping them, they joined in.

One particularly muscular boy was running at them and tackled them, making them lose their balance and knocking them towards Seychelles. I quickly pushed Seychelles to the side and was barely missed by the brawling boys.

Now I was pissed.



I have a lot happening with me right now and you don’t even want to know the lack of sleep I’m surviving on. I love the support and eagerness to want to read more but please don’t start to get angry when it takes a while.

I have two stories that I take turns writing for – this one and The Elementals 2 – and so you have to understand that I won’t be uploading all the time on one story. Otherwise, thank you so much for this massive support. I was excited to write this story but didn’t realise it would become so popular lol.

This is 8 pages on Word just to make up for the late update :)

Nix <3

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