Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 13

Chapter thirteen

We're gonna break it down in just a few seconds here
Don't make me break it down for nothing
I wanna see ya all on your alls baddest behaviour

I say lend me some sugar
I am your neighbour

Hey ya – Obadiah Parker ---- >>>> song on the side
(not entirely sure, if those lyrics really match anything in the chapter haha)


Oh man, what the hell am I supposed to wear?!

It was quarter to nine already. I was freshly showered and had been standing at the mouth of my wardrobe for the last fifteen minutes staring blankly at the different clothes hanging on their hangers. I moaned and groaned in my head, I hated being a woman sometimes! It was confusing to think up an outfit for a date when there were so many possibilities.

I sighed and shook my head. Ray had seen me during my worst and I was running out of time already. I walked in and searched through my clothes and was surprised when I saw a dress I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a light green dress with a pink floral pattern covering it. The back of the dress hung low while the front was cut just below mid thigh and came with its own pink belt. I recalled buying it on impulse just because it was so adorable in the store but hadn’t had actually had the chance to wear it.

I quickly pulled it on and grabbed my white shawl to fend off the wind from the beach and tied my hair up in a messy bun letting a few wavy tendrils fall about my face. I didn’t bother with makeup, I never usually did, and decided to forego wearing shoes. With a quick glance at the clock I saw it was already nine and I was running late, so with one last glance in the mirror and no time to change I dashed outside locking the door behind me.

I kept an eye open for Ray but there was no need. He was on the beach just below my house and looked breath taking in beige pants rolled up and a white linen shirt that was left open showing me his impressive chest. His smile widened when he saw me and his dimples made an appearance. I could’ve melted right there. I carefully made my way down to him and once I was within reach he held a hand out for mine and kissed the back of my hand.

“Hey Beauty” he straightened up and spun me around catching me by surprise, “Beautiful just doesn’t compare to how you look”

I blushed and bit my lip shoving him playfully with my shoulder, “Stop it, Ray, you’ll make my ears bleed if you spoil me with compliments like that”

“They’re facts Seychelles” Hesitated for a moment before leaning down and pecking me on the corner of my mouth. “Come on... I have a surprise for you”

He tucked my arm in the crook of his and together we walked barefoot across the soft sand. It was a clear night. Not even a cloud dared to mar the star filled sky tonight. One of the pros to living in a small beach town was that at night time there wasn’t enough lights to disturb how wondrous the sky was. Most people never got to see how many stars there actually were and how they glittered like diamonds against the velvety sky. Tonight, because there were no clouds, and the waves were still nonexistent, the sky seemed even larger since it was reflected perfectly across the ocean.

The moon was a pale silver crescent and watched down on us silently as we walked in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence at all either, it was a comfortable hush that fell over two people who felt at ease around each other. I breathed in the chilly salted air as it kissed at my face and exposed skin and wondered where he was taking us.

The warmth from his large body stretched out and warmed my left side as we walked and I couldn’t help but walk closer to him seeking more of his heat. He began to slow down and stopped, seemingly nowhere interesting. He let go of my arm, leaving me feeling cold once again, and walked over to the bushes pushing them aside to reveal the hidden path I forgot all about.

He nodded his head in the direction of the path and held his hand out to help me through the barrier of bushes. Once I was through he pulled out a scarf and walked behind me, “I’m going to blind fold you okay? It’ll ruin the surprise if I don’t” He told me, though it sounded more like a question. He was asking for my trust and I chuckled knowing he hadn’t figured out that he had my trust from the beginning.

I nodded and stood still while he tied the scarf firmly but gently across my eyes. I was blinded and saw nothing but blackness. It heightened my senses and now I was even more aware of Ray’s searing body heat that contrasted so much to the chilly wind that whipped around us. Goosebumps erupted everywhere and my n!pples puckered when I felt his lips kiss gently at the back of my neck and his hands firmly clasped my hips bones.

I wasn’t sure if he was meaning to, but with his simple touches I felt an invisible tug from my n!pples to my the apex of my thighs and I let out an airy gasp. His lips moved slowly to my ear and he grazed my ear lobe between his teeth, “Ready?” he whispered, his warm breath sending another bout of goosebumps over my skin. I nodded. “Trust me?” I nodded again and moaned when he kissed the sensitive spot below my ear.

He could very well kill me with his barely-there kisses, I was sure the anticipation of ‘more’ would be the death of me!

He stayed behind me and gripped my tighter, making me jump and the warm pooling in my lower stomach stir once again, but began to push me as he steered me where to walk. My feet sunk into the cold soft sand, occasionally feeling a hidden shell, while the smell of Ray, apples and sea salt, floated around me making me feel heady.

“Are we nearly there?” I whispered curiously.

His thumbs circled just inside my hip bones, “Almost there, baby” I bit my lower lip at being called ‘baby’. I’d never usually liked being called ‘baby’ but the way he purred it in my ear made me want to throw him down on the sand and run my tongue over every inch of his body. I was painfully aware that my n!pples were leading the way and hoped the floral print of my dress hid it enough.

Suddenly Ray stopped steering us and let go. “Keep the blindfold on okay? Don’t take it off until I tell you”

My lips curved into a smile at his anxious yet excited tone and I nodded my head. His body heat vanished from beside me and I could hear the slight crunching of sand beneath his feet as he walked away. I was so curious what he could be showing me in the middle of the bushes but he sounded so excited I held back my hand from tearing off the blindfold until he told me to.

It didn’t take him long and he was soon whispering to me okay, “Okay... now” I lifted my hands the knot behind my head and untied it as fast as I could. Once the knot slid undone I pulled the material away from my eyes and gasped as tears threatened to fill my eyes.

We were standing in a slightly circular bared area surrounded by spindly bushes.  Ray, however, had strung out hundreds of white fairy lights throughout the bushes around us making it seems as though we were lost in the middle of the starry sky itself. He’d laid out small tea light candles around the edges as well just to continue the romantic ambiance. In the middle of the circular sandy patch was a large red and black plaid picnic blanket with big soft pillows thrown around the edges of it and a picnic basket with a bottle of wine peeking out from under the flap of the tweed basket.

I turned to him, utterly speechless and noticed he was staring at me in anxiousness. I could imagine that someone like Ray wouldn’t need to do the whole romantic gesture ordeal to get a girl and this whole thing didn’t fit his tough commanding image. Which made it feel even more special that he went ahead to do this for me anyway.

“Ray... this is beautiful!” I whispered, my voice being a little croaky. “But... why? Why did you do this? You didn’t need to”

I was still a little overwhelmed. No one had ever done something like this for me and I felt a little fluttering in the middle of my stomach. “You deserve this, Beauty. You deserve romantic gestures and candle lit moments. I didn’t want to jump you as though you were some woman I wanted to screw and leave. “ He looked deep into my eyes and in the flittering glow of the candles and the fairy lights his eyes seemed to contain every shade of brown instead of just one. “I want you, Seychelles. I know we’ve only known each other for a short while but there’s just this... this chemistry we have and I can’t ignore it”

The butterflies fluttering in my stomach began to fly in excited circles and I strode over to Ray, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulled him down catching him in surprise. Our lips connected and I bit his bottom lip hard enough to make him growl sexily. “You didn’t need to do this Ray. I wanted you last night too. Hell, I want you still!”

He kissed me back hard and ripped our lips apart breathing heavily, his eyes dilated and screaming of his lust. It honestly made me feel so powerful. “That’s just the thing Beauty. I don’t sleep with women I’m not dating”

Damn, his mom taught him well. “So what are you saying, Beast?” I whispered softly.

He didn’t speak at first. Instead he took my hand and pulled us over to the blanket and pressed me down against the pillows. He laid down next to me but rolled over so that he was half lying on top of me with our chests pressed together. Ray lifted a finger and stroked the side of my jaw, pushing a tendril of hair behind my ear before holding onto my chin and making sure our eyes never left the other. “I want you to be my woman, Seychelles”

As soon as the sentence left his lips I felt all tingly inside and as actually a little light headed, like I just won the lotto. “Are you sure, Ray?” I asked uncertainly. “I don’t know, I mean you deserve someone so much better and you don’t even need to date me to... you know... and-“ He placed his finger over my rambling lips and I blushed.

“You’re going to make this difficult aren’t you?” He smirked with amusement.

I sighed and shook my head. “I’m not being difficult Ray. But this just seems so surreal... I mean, we barely know each other and if you only want to date me to sleep with me, I’ll sleep with you without trapping you in a relationship-“ I was rambling again and this time Ray stopped it by kissing me.

His firm lips teased mine while his tongue drove me crazy. He pushed his tongue past mine and together our tongues danced an intimate tango. It wasn’t just our lips he was teasing me with, no, his hands were slowly sliding down my neck. A finger traced over my collarbone from the outside towards the dip in the middle and continued to trace down over the material of my dress to the valley between my breasts.

My n!pples were standing up to attention, begging to be touched by Ray and yet he took his time as he continued his assault on my lips. The same finger smoothed over the swell of my breast and headed towards the rosy centre but instead of touching me directly he circled his finger around and around my peak. My back was arching towards him. I was unconsciously begging for him to touch me harder to move his finger just that little bit more to the centre and yet he kept pulling away so that his touch stayed soft and gentle. Against my hip, his very, very hard er*ction was throbbing and yet he did nothing to suggest he was affected by that beast of an appendage.

He pulled his lips from mine, still barely touching mine making the air I breathe only the air he was sharing with me. “Say yes, Seychelles. Say you’ll be my woman” Even though his lips had stopped, his finger continued to circle around my straining n!pple and I could barely think. I was dizzy and lightheaded from so much pleasure and I wasn’t entirely sure I could actually speak! He moved his mouth to my ear and toyed with my earlobe as he continued to whisper, “Say yes, baby. Be mine. Be  mine, Seychelles”

His finger stroked over my n!pple as his thumb joined and he pinched it through the material of my dress while he bit my earlobe at the same time. “Say yes, baby!” He growled sexily in my ear and I was done for.

“Yes!” I squeaked.

He moved quickly and hovered over me as he ground his manhood against my core. My dress bunched up higher and higher until it gathered at my hips and the only things between us were my panties and his pants. I couldn’t have hated clothes as much as I did at that moment. It didn’t seem to deter him however, because he continued to ground heavily against my panties while he dipped his head to suck at the sensitive spot below my ear.

I was writhing and wriggling under him but he was too big, too heavy for me to move too much. The thrusts made the material between us rub deliciously against me and I trailed my hands up underneath his shirt feeling the smooth skin at his shoulders. His thrusts become harder and faster while he continued kissing my jaw and down my neck and pinching my nipple.

I felt my toes curl and my muscles clench tight as I screamed and exploded and pure pleasure wracked my entire body. “Sh!t” I heard Ray growl before pulling away and clenching his eyes tight. He was breathing hard but was trying to slow it down with deep breaths.

“Are you alright Ray?” I wondered out loud.

“Yeah... I’m great Beauty” He smiled. “I just wasn’t expecting to do that and uh... didn’t want my pants if you get what I mean” He chuckled lightly.

I bit my lip and trailed my eyes down to his still throbbing er*ction under his beige pants. “I can take care of you, you know” I suddenly felt courageous out of nowhere and stroked the tent in his lap. “But um... you’ll have to teach me how”

He lifted his head and stared at me with confusion, “What do you mean?”

Although my hand lightly stroked over the material of his pants my courage disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I blushed profusely, “Um... well, I’m a virgin”



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