Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 14

Chapter fourteen

I bit my lip as a furious and blazing blush heated my face and crept down my neck. Why, oh why did I have to blurt that out? Ray had been so romantic and attentive and sweet! A guy of his stature, confidence and looks wouldn’t want a twenty-six year old virgin like me. I had no idea what made me spew that little confession out but my mind was buzzing with all the rejections or laughter that would come from him.

I frowned and closed my eyes not wanting to see the rejection in his eyes. Surely a man like Ray ‘Beast’ Hodges would want a woman who knew all the tricks to make a man feel good. I was usually a tough woman. I made it this far in my life taking care of myself and getting what I wanted, but somehow feeling as though I wasn’t enough for Ray really hit a nerve. I waited, and waited for his reaction to my confession but it never came. Maybe he left already? came the unsure voice in my head.

I twitched when I felt his warm index finger and thumb hold my chin firmly and moved it to, probably, face him while I kept my eyes shut. “Open your eyes Seychelles” He whispered. His breath warmed my face and I hesitantly pried my eyes opened. I was shocked to see not a single trace of disgust or humour in his eyes. “Seychelles, you clammed up on me. What’s wrong?”

His hand fell away from my chin but moved up to trace my cheekbone. “It’s embarrassing...” I whispered. “I mean, I’m a virgin Ray. Someone like you would want someone better, someone more experienced. I’m just too different” He looked a little confused and slowly shook his head.

“Seychelles, your virginity is precious. You wanted to give it to me and I couldn’t be more honoured. But you’re right, you are different. But that’s because you’re precious and special as well. I’m glad you didn’t just throw away something so valuable because it means you have your head screwed on right” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine, just the lightest caress that made my stomach bubble with anticipation and need.

“So, what now?” I wondered out loud.

He smiled and planted butterfly kisses over my forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks chin and then lips before peppering them down my neck. He was winding me up again and he knew it. “Now... now we eat and drink some wine”

My eyes widened while my eyebrows furrowed together. What? “What do you mean? Aren’t we going to-... I mean, I thought I was going to-...”

He chuckled lightly and nipped my collarbone. “Don’t worry, if you still want to then we definitely will. But I will not be crude and just f*ck you as if you were another woman, Beauty” He moved up to kiss the tip of my nose, “You deserve to be made love to your first time, not f*cked, and I do recall you asking me to teach you. So I think I’ll take my sweet time to get you adjusted to all your new sexual experiences”

He suddenly cupped the back of my head and pulled my lips to him as he devoured any insecurities that tried to wriggle into my mind, God he has a mouth to die for. His kiss was a promise. A promise for pleasure to come, pun intended I guess, and a promise to give as many earth shattering climaxes as I would eventually give him. I shuddered in eagerness as I moaned into his mouth and tasted the sweet taste of my Beast.

[Ray’s POV]

Seychelles was intoxicating. I’d always prided myself in having strong will power, especially having to force it back at the base, but with this woman she just seemed like a sucker punch to the diaphragm because she always seemed to render me breathless. From her kisses I’d never guessed she was inexperienced. Her tongue and lips just moulded to mine as though they were meant for each other and when she told me she was a virgin I was more than a little surprised.

To be honest, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. As a matter of fact it probably turned me on more and made me want to push into her tight little virgin body even more. The knowledge she was untouched and yet willing to give part of her body to me was honouring and made me feel like I was ten feet tall. That was the reason why I wanted to take my time with her and let her experience everything instead of hitting a home run, so to speak.

I pulled back from her kiss swollen lips and smiled when her eyes stayed shut. “Hungry, Beauty?” I asked her softly, not wanting to ruin the moment. Seychelles opened her eyes and I bit back my moan at the blatant desire swirling behind her emerald green eyes.

“Not for food” She replied. “Ray... please I want you, you can’t just stop like this!”

“Well then how about I have an appetiser?” I smirked at her.

She lifted an eyebrow in confusion but I just chuckled and pushed her back gently against the cushions. I really wasn’t hungry either and hell, if she wanted something to take the edge off then I was all for giving her that remedy. I bent down and kissed her throat as I moved my body to hover over hers. I could feel the slight quivers of her legs but her hands were steady as they stroked my back. I kissed my way down her long neck and arched her back to find the zipper at the back of her dress, when I did I slowly pulled it down enough to loosen her dress to pull down to her elbows.

She tried to pull her arms through the arm holes but I stopped her struggles, “Keep your arms down baby, it’s much better when you just feel” The dress kept her arms from moving too much and was pushed down far enough so I was able to see her beautiful breasts rising and falling quickly under her strapless bra.

I lowered my head and traced the tip of my tongue over the swells of her breasts before using my thumbs to slowly pull her bra down. I flicked my eyes up to hers to see if she was okay with it and by the way her head was tilted back with her mouth fallen open in an ‘O’ I took that as a ‘yes’. I quickly tugged it down and groaned at the dusty pink colour of her n!pples that stood erect and seemed to point directly at my mouth. I didn’t waste any time and honed straight onto one n!pple as my finger moved to the other and I listened to her lustful mews as I tugged, licked and sucked from one rose peak to the other.

I continued to assault her peaks as I moved my hand down the curve of her waist and over her hip, down the outside her thigh and her knee before caressing across her leg and stroking back up the inside of her thigh. The closer my hand travelled to the apex of her thighs the warmer her body became and the louder her moans grew so that by the time I stroked the outside of her panties she was drenched and sleek through the material.

“Damn, Beauty. I could just imagine how hot and wet you are from the inside” I whispered against her hard n!pple. I stroked her against her panties, moving up and down before circling in the centre and used my body to keep her rising hips down. “Do you want me to touch you?”

“Yes!” She moaned loudly.

I brushed the wet material to the side and continued to tease her folds without a barrier and I clenched the muscles in my abdomen to stop from climaxing at just how moist she was for me. I pushed the tip of my finger in, teasing her entrance and yet still able to feel her inner walls clench greedily for more and I repeated the teasing thrusts until Seychelles arched quickly smothering my mouth with her soft breasts. “Ray! Stop teasing me!” She practically screamed.

I chuckled and plunged my finger in quickly earning me a hitched squeal from her. I pumped my finger and added another to the thrusts. She was so wet, so unbelievably slick that her juices were running down my hand and I needed to taste her. I abandoned her stiff peaks and kissed my way down her taut body until I met her sex and breathed in the heady smell of her essence.      I slowed my pumping fingers down and pressed my lips straight to her cl!t sucking the bundle of nerves as I circled my fingers inside of her.

Seychelles let out a scream of pleasure and I was loving how vocal she was. I sucked and flicked my tongue over her sex while thrusting and twirling my fingers and in no time her inner walls were clenching and pulling until they squeezed so tight I was barely moving my fingers anymore. With one last greedy suck to her cl!t Seychelles body exploded and I heard her dress rip as one of her arms broke through the material and her hand gripped my shoulder. Her nails bit into my skin while she screamed and moaned my name over and over again.

Once her body calmed down and all her muscles relaxed I slowly pulled my fingers out from her and licked up her sex once more tasting her juices before sucking them off my fingers. Seychelles was watching me with half hooded eyes and a lazy grin on her lips. I was rock solid down below however. Physically, I was anything but relaxed and I desperately wanted to kick down my pants to sink into her hot core. But I resisted. I was going to ‘teach’ her before we actually made love and I had half a mind to teach her everything tonight!

I pulled her panties up and kissed my way up her body again before pulling her bra up as well and zipping her dress. The material that crossed over her shoulder of her right arm had been ripped and I chuckled lightly at how hard she must’ve been pulling for it to rip. I laid down next to her kissed her temple. “Lesson number one” I whispered to her.

She purred and snuggled against my side, “I can’t wait for lesson two or three or four... or as many lessons it takes before you actually put your chivalry aside and make love to me”

I couldn’t but laugh at her eagerness. Damn, she was my perfect woman right here.

“Patience Beauty... trust me, waiting makes it so much better”

We laid together on the blanket as the glow from the fairy lights shook from the slight breeze while the majority of the candles had been blown out. “I’m actually pretty hungry now” Seychelles murmured quietly while drawing patterns on my stomach through my shirt.

“Well, nothing will taste as good as you anymore, but I’ll go grab the food. You stay here” I stood up and brought the basket over, pulling the wine out first. I laid out some fruits and cheese along with some light sandwiches before pouring some wine for her.

We ate cushioned by the pillows and talked about everything and nothing. Once the food was finished I took out some chocolate éclairs and watched her eyes widen with happiness. “I love chocolate éclairs! But I haven’t had one for so long!” She gushed.

“Well, isn’t that a coincidence. They’re my favourite too” I smiled. My smile dropped however when she opened her mouth wide and slipped the tip of the long chocolate éclair into her mouth and closed her lips around it, moaning a little. Aw damn...! I watched her repeat the same process over and over again until she finished the dessert and poked her tongue out to lick at the little traces of chocolate on her lips and fingers.

I will never think of chocolate éclairs the same again.

Her eyes moved to me and she cocked her head to the side, “You okay there?” I gulped and nodded before holding my éclair out to her.

“Want mine?” I offered it her.

She bit her lip and shrugged, “If you don’t want it” If she ate it like the last one then I definitely didn’t want to eat it. I’d give her every éclair I ever saw if I could watch her eat it like that again. In the back of my mind I knew I sounded weird, but I was so sex deprived that that little act was as though she was purring and sucking on something else entirely.

“You can have it” I shrugged trying to look normal. She took it with a smile and I watched her eat it all over again, like a guilty pleasure. Who knew watching someone eat could be so sexy? I watched her finish the whole thing before checking my watch and speaking again. “Actually there was another reason why I brought you here in particular”

“Oh? And what was that?” She asked licking the cream and chocolate from her fingers.

Almost as though it was a cue, the inky black sky would light up every few seconds as comets showered above us. “Tonight was supposed to be one of the most visible asteroid showers in the year. I just wanted to show you”

I curved my arm around her shoulders and pushed us back against the pillows again before covering us with a blanket as we watched little flickers of light streak across the sky before disappearing again. “Ray” she spoke quietly, never taking her eyes from the sky. “This is so beautiful and thoughtful. God you’re so sweet!”

I kissed her hair, which smelled like coconuts, and continued to watch in silence. The asteroid shower lasted hours and even though sometimes nothing would show for a half hour it they would fly across again like little candle floating in the dark. I’d seen asteroid showers before, but watching this one with her by far the best one.

[Seychelle’s POV]

Tonight was without a doubt the most amazing night in my entire existence. I have no idea what I did in the past life to deserve such gentle and romantic attention from someone as ruggedly handsome and sweet as Ray Hodges but I was ecstatic. I’d never seen an asteroid shower before and it really was breathtaking how something so far away could glide through the sky and look simply like a firefly making its way home.

Ray, although rippled with hard muscles, was actually quite a comfortable pillow and I couldn’t help but snuggle closer to steal more of his heat. My body was still thrumming from its multiple climaxes and I literally felt like I was in heaven. The scents, the feelings, the sights and sounds... add to the mix that I now had a boyfriend. I sighed happily, it was paradise, absolute paradise, and I never wanted tonight to end.

I could feel myself becoming drowsy and I half wondered what time it was. I was sure we’d been lying down for hours and who knew how long Ray had been ‘teaching’ me... I had no clue, I was too lost in my little world of pleasure being set like fireworks. I stifled a yawn and hugged Ray closer still, if that was even possible and fought my fatigue so we didn’t have to leave.

Ray was tracing his fingers down my arm and it felt so comforting that I couldn’t help but close my eyes with the scent of apples and sea salt tickling my nose



Aw Ray <3 *swoon* Even I love him lol.

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