Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 15

Chapter fifteen

The salt of the sea spray smelt a little stronger this morning. I inhaled deeply again as my dreams faded away to the back of my mind and felt the wind was even stronger. One of the holes in the wall must’ve gotten bigger, I thought in the back of my mind. I was too comfortable that I didn’t want to move from my bed and I noticed that despite the stronger breeze my bed felt warmer. A pried one eyelid open and realised the sky was beginning to lighten yet the sun hadn’t risen...

Whoa, wait...!

Both eyes shot open and I was instantly alert, all drowsiness having disappeared, and I suddenly realised I never went home last night. A light snore to my right made me snap my eyes to the Ray’s sleeping form and I bit my lip at the slight dribble mark from the corner of his mouth. Wow... so I literally slept with Ray last night, but didn’t ‘make love’. That was something I hadn’t expected to do when I left my house last night. Once my heart settled down and began its regular rhythm I snuggled back against Ray’s warm body and felt that his arm was lazily draped over my waist.

I let my mind wonder as I watched the sky lighten to lavender, tinged with ocean blue. I’d never really been held like this before in my life. It wasn’t sexual at all and yet I felt so close to Ray. Ray. God, what have I gotten myself into? Ray was planning to leave town to go back to the Air Force and yet here I am, his girlfriend, with no plans to leave because well, why should I? I spent years studying and working while trying to get my gym up and running and now I have it. I can’t leave it.

A small voice in the back of my mind nagged at me, Well it’s not as though Ray was asking you to move away or join the Air Force anyway. I half wondered why he even did bother to ask me to be his girlfriend. To sleep with me? It seemed a little cruel to do that if that was the case, I was freely offering him my body last night like a buffet meal to the homeless. Yet he didn’t go as far as pleasuring me, not even bothering to gain pleasure for himself.

Ray was confusing and mysterious. He seemed to have many different facets to his personality and so far I’d seen a few: his knight in shining armour side, sweet and romantic side, scary Air Force brute side, mommy’s boy side, handyman side... and who knew what other side I was missing. I shook myself out from my daydream and gazed down at the beast of the man hugging me to him. God, but he was a sight for sore eyes in the morning.

He looked younger when he slept, carefree even. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. He stirred immediately and cupped the back of my neck to keep me there while he sucked my lower lip into his mouth and bit it so softly my eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head in bliss. His moans were gruff from sleep and I found that sound even sexier! It sounded like pure raw satisfaction and it made the butterflies wake up inside my stomach.

He kissed me once, then twice, and then once more before pulling back and smiling at me as he stroked the side of my face with the back of his fingers. “That was by far the best wake up I’ve gotten my beautiful girlfriend”

I blushed and rolled my eyes. “Shut up” I retorted, but my smile made him know I was joking. I didn’t really know how to act, so I just tried to act as though waking up in his arms out under the brightening sky was nothing interesting.

It was pretty hard to act that way.

The battery powered fairy lights had long ago died out and the candles were slightly covered in sand already. It was actually really comforting to wake up in the middle of beach bushes and reeds under the open sky and comforted by soft sand, a blanket and a warm man by my side. I definitely could get used to this. Yeah, but for how long? Ray’s not going to be staying here forever.

“What are you thinking about beautiful?” Ray asked, his voice croaky from sleep.

“Just how perfect last night and this morning is” I smiled. I stood up and stretched my arms above my head as a yawn ripped its way out of my mouth. “Want to go for a swim-ah!”

I barely finished my sentence when Ray was already up and throwing me over his shoulder as though I weighed nothing heavier than a doll and started jogging down the sandy path towards the beach. I squealed and laughed while playfully hitting his back but in all honesty I quite liked this position and the view that came with it. Ray had the ass of a God! I bit my lip and just as we pushed through the edge of the bushes I slapped his behind which made him jump a little.

“Did you just slap me?” He laughed loudly, no longer sounding tired. Hello ‘playful Ray’!

“Me? No, of course not” I fluttered my eyelashes but it was useless considering he couldn’t even see my face. I felt a confusingly erotic and painful slap to my own ass and squealed loudly but Ray just kept his hand there and caressed it before I heard the lapping of water getting closer.

“I recall you saying something about swimming...?” I could practically hear him grinning and the next thing I knew he was spinning us around in a circle and fell into the water. I was in no way ready to fall into the water and the cold liquid rushed up my nose I pulled out of the water laughing but spluttering as Ray doubled over in laughter at my shocked face.

“Why you...!” I stuttered. I ran through the water and tackled Ray, which was no easy feat, making the two of us fall in again and started a splashing war.

Tom’s eyes slid over me again before roaming back to Ray as we sat at the counter of Sandy’s kitchen. A cheeky grin grew on his lips before pointing between the two of us. “You two got it on! Shell is practically oozing sexual pleasure”

Oh geez... If I had one wish it would be to either sink into the ground at this very moment or have Tom’s mouth magically disappear. My skin prickled from the blush that spread over my face and down my neck while Ray’s eyes widened and darted down the hall to make sure Sandy wasn’t within hearing distance. When he was satisfied that she wasn’t he reached over and slapped the back of Tom’s head with a loud whack.

“Ah!!! What was that for?!” Tom melodramatically shrieked.

“We didn’t... uh-” I was mumbling and really didn’t know how to speak at the moment.

“Firstly, what happens between me and Seychelles is none of your business Shaw. Secondly, we did not ‘get it on’” Ray grumbled, looking very much as though he wanted to smack the back of Tom’s head again.

Ignoring Ray’s silent threat to stay silent Tom squinted his eyes as he stared at me. I squirmed under his gaze and really wished I hadn’t accepted Ray’s invitation to come back to his place. “Hmm, maybe ‘got it on’ was the wrong term... but something naughty happened between you and I like it! My spidey senses are tingling”

Ray shot him a deadpanned look, “You have spidey senses for people who hook up?”

“So something DID happen!” Tom smiled gleefully, “And yes, I happen to have hooking up spidey senses”

“Well, maybe to put you to ease Seychelles and I are dating, we’re not just hooking up. You know I don’t do that Shaw”

Tom’s eyes widened and a Cheshire grin plastered onto his face. “Ray’s already promised me the role of god father!”

Kill me now...

“I’m going to be a grandma?!” Sandy’s excited voice came from my right. She was glowing and her eyes were wide with excited as she held her hands together and practically bounced with happiness.

No... kill me now, now would be a great time to kill me.

I sat at the counter with wide, shocked eyes and barely able to move. I shrank into myself, trying to become as small as I could while Ray groaned as he banged his head against the counter. “I’m so sorry Shell” He apologised, “Shaw! I will beat you so hard you won’t need that flight back to the base if you don’t shut up and mom, no, you are not becoming a grandma”

I peeked from between my fingers and saw both Tom and Sandy’s faces drop. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry dear, I just got little excited” Sandy apologised meekly. Tom on the other hand just sulked, though I think he was just joking around.

“Come on Seychelles, I’m going to take you out for breakfast” Ray jumped off his chair and held a hand out for me so I could slide off mine too.

“Aw I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Not really anyway” Tom groaned.

“You don’t need to leave!”Ray’s mom pushed.

“There is no way I’m keeping Seychelles around here at the moment, mom. She’s been embarrassed enough, maybe another time if everyone behaves themselves” He shot a look at Tom but it was clear to see that everyone was forgiven. I’m sure I’ll be laughing about this moment when I don’t feel like digging myself to the other side of the world.

“Tom I’ll see you later at the gym, I’ll pick you up. Bye mom” He walked over and kissed Sandy on the cheek and she blew a kiss to me before Ray hastily pulled me outside.

“Beauty... I am so sorry! I will completely understand if you regret agreeing to date me” Ray was blushing scarlet from the scene inside and I couldn’t help but laugh. For some reason he thought it was all his fault and I pulled his arm softly to stop him from walking and stood on my toes to kiss him on his chin.

“Calm down Beast. It’s fine. I’ll forgive you if you buy breakfast” I winked.

“Well then I better hurry up and buy you breakfast” He whispered as he smiled my favourite smile making his dimples pop out.

“Beast! I still say I’m godfather!” Tom shouted from the house while sticking his head out the window. I could also hear the light laughter from Sandy coming from inside.

Ray grumbled under his breath and helped me into the car, “If I get back into the Air Force he’s going to become target practice”

Ray and I sat at outside a small cafe that I recommended. He’d been away for so long and even though he’d been back for a few months he hadn’t really gone exploring the restaurants and cafes. Shoreside Cafe was one of my favourite cafes to eat at when I was able to eat out. It wasn’t as popular as the others or as big, but the food was generous and cheap as well as delicious.

Ray had ordered the big breakfast, no surprise there, and I’d ordered the buttermilk pancakes with bacon on the side. After our swim this morning we walked to my house so I could shower and change into denim shorts and a baggy t-shirt while I offered Ray a dry towel. We went back to our hidden picnic spot and collected everything before walking to his house where he showered and changed, and where I almost died of embarrassment.

“So... regret being my girlfriend yet?”

I rolled my eyes and they landed on Ray who was watching me carefully. “Calm down, boyfriend, embarrassing families are a part of the deal too aren’t they? You got lucky seeing as mine aren’t alive anymore, so I guess Tom kind of has a reason to be double as embarrassing” I grinned. His smile wasn’t as big as I hoped it to be and I cocked my head to the side. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t seem bothered by the fact that your family’s not alive. What happened to them if you don’t mind me asking...”

I stayed silent for a while. Talking about my dad was always a hard topic to talk about. Ray let me have a moment to myself while I breathed deeply before looking back up to him. “I was brought up by my dad. It was pretty much the two of us from what I could remember. He was an only child and his parents had him while they were already old so I never met my grandparents either. My house... It was built by my great grandad on his dad’s side and it was always just passed down through the generations. The reason it was left to me was because my dad was smart enough to have his will drawn up. He passed away when I was eighteen and I’ve pretty much been independent since then”

I shrugged my shoulders as I told my quick life story and skipped any actual details. I still had nights when I laid in bed and cried at the memory of my dad wincing in pain even through the strong medication and pain killers. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to share that quite yet even though it had been eight years. I blinked rapidly and cleared my throat to try to get rid of my discomfort. “How about your mom?” I could tell Ray was curious, after all we’d already decided to date but didn’t really know anything about each other.

“Oh... I never knew her. I went through a phase in my early teens when I wanted to know my mom and always asked my dad questions but from what I learnt I sort of wished he never told me. Apparently my mom never wanted me. She only kept me because my dad begged her not to abort me. Apparently I was a tough pregnancy and he ended up telling her to stop working, for her and my own sake, and he would take care of everything, which he did. She went into early labour but was only thirty-five weeks pregnant so the doctors pushed ahead and I was barely the size of a ruler. I weighed three pounds and was in special care for a month before I was discharged. My mother, however, left without a trace after she was discharged”

“What?!” Ray’s eyes were as round as dinner plates and his jaw slackened as it hung open.

I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t talk about my mom because I didn’t want the pity but it didn’t bother me. I had no feelings towards the runaway mother who wouldn’t have loved me anyway. Her leaving turned out for the better. “That’s what I understood from the bits and pieces my dad told me and a whole lot of digging through my hospital paperwork. It’s okay though, I ended up in the care of my dad and he loved me more than his own life. So yeah... you’re very lucky Ray. Sandy is an amazing mom”

He offered me a sad smile at first but at the mention of his mom and the sadness melted away to pride. “Yes, I’m very lucky to have my mom. I’m sorry about yours though Beauty”

I waved my hand to dismiss the apology. “There’s no need. She was a pathetic excuse of a mother and the only thing I have to thank her for is not killing me in her womb”

The serious conversation was halted when our orders were brought out to us by the kind, big bellied owner, Billy. “Brought a friend along I see Shell” He smiled happily. His cheeks were full and he sort of reminded me of a bald and beardless Santa. “You treat her right, boy, or you’ll have me to speak to”

Billy’s threatening face was hilarious because the man could not seem to pull any other face besides a happy smiling one, and the fact that he called Ray ‘boy’ was laughable. Ray was anything but a ‘boy’. Nonetheless, Ray humoured him and nodded seriously. “Yes, sir. I don’t plan on hurting Seychelles at all. By the way, the food looks amazing”

Always the gentleman and charmer.

Billy winked over at me and I couldn’t help but giggle. He put down my usual extra maple syrup and left us to eat. Ray was already digging in and moaning in delight at the food. His plate was overflowing with toast, sausages, bacon, tomato with cheese, eggs and beans. I had a suspicion that Billy added more food considering just how big a man Ray was. I picked up the maple syrup and drizzled it over the pancakes and bacon and began to eat.

“Did you just put syrup on your bacon, Beauty?” Ray was cocking an eyebrow as though I’d lost my mind.

I nodded and mumbled a yes through my food before swallowing. “Of course! Haven’t you ever tried it?” He shook his head with a chuckle. “I accidently drenched my bacon with maple syrup when I was younger and never looked back. Honestly, it’s so good. Here, try some”

I speared a piece of bacon dripping with syrup and held it up to his mouth. He happily ate the piece and gave a surprised moan. “You’re right, that’s really good. Sweet and salty”

I chuckled and continued to eat, happy that the serious conversation about my parents was over and he didn’t catch on that I never actually gave details besides about my mom. Honestly, I felt nothing for the woman who walked out on me without a second glance. Talking about her and what little participation she had in my life was like reading black text on yellowing paper. It was just a paragraph of my life and nothing more. Of course I would’ve loved to have a mother who cared and showed me into womanhood by good example but... it didn’t matter anymore.

“I have to say... after my mom’s cooking, this food is the best I’ve tasted!” Ray complimented breaking me out of my inner monologue.

I laughed and finished off my pancakes. “That was such a mommy’s boy comment, ‘Beast’”

The sun was shining brightly and as it shifted slowly across the sky the shadow of umbrella shading us moved slightly allowing me to close my eyes and bask in the sunshine. “Hey Shell, nice to see you outside of the gym”

I opened my eyes and saw Cole Richards, one of my regular members at the gym and long time friend. He was tall, obviously not as tall as Ray, and muscular, though once again not as much as Ray. I’d known him for almost ten years now and he’s always been there when I needed someone, even when he knew I preferred my alone time.

“Cole! Wow what a surprise. I don’t normally see you out and about. It’s been a while” Cole was a good looking guy, he always had been. His cocoa coloured skin seemed to always be flawless ever since I met him and his soft brown eyes were always smiling. His brown hair was cut down to a buzz cut and he looked as though he just came from the beach, if his board shorts and bare torso was anything to say. And his wash board abs really didn’t need much else to say. “Oh, Cole this is Ray my boyfriend, Ray this is Cole. He and I’ve been friends for years now”

Ray eyed Cole as Cole did the same and I seemed to be missing some sort silent conversation as they shook hands. “Boyfriend huh, Shell? That’s a first” Cole sounded surprised. His smiled but something looked a little off about it, as if it didn’t seem to reach his eyes like it normally does.

I blushed. Cole would know, he would playfully tease me that he’d always warn the other guys off because no one would be good enough for me. “Yeah, well Ray was worth the long wait”

Ray gave me his dimpled smile and kissed the back of my hand. It spoke more than words so it was fitting that he simply held my hand while looking into my eyes with a smile. “So it seems. You guys look like a great couple. We should all get together some time, maybe hit up the clubs for old time sake”

I scrunched my nose. I never really was one for clubbing for it seemed like a good idea to get my boyfriend and my old friend to get to know each other. I looked at Ray and saw him shrugging, “If Beauty wants to then I’m happy to go”

Cole raised his eyebrow at the nickname and I suddenly felt the pressure of going to the clubs. “Sure, why not. Friday night sound alright?” Cole and Ray nodded before Cole had to go and with a goodbye to me and another handshake with Ray he carried his surf board and strolled across the street.



I know... it’s been a while but I did warn you lol.

Soooooo, a bit of info on Seychelle’s life and a new character. I now need some suggestions on who can play as Cole Richards. He’s got dark skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes and well... sexy as sin. Send me some suggestions and I’ll do the same as I did when I let you decide on who played Ray.


On another note, I feel like utter poo. Yes, poo... My throat is killing me and my daughter has been waking up at 4am everyday coupled with my strange constant dreaming of zombie apocalypses for the last 2 weeks and it’s safe to say I’m not sleeping well. You think I’m joking about my dreams, but I’m really not lol. I have no idea why, but zombie apocalypses have been starring in my dreams lately. Any idea what that could mean?

And yes, I do do that with my pancakes and bacon. Anyone else do that as well?
Also, that little tidbit about baby Seychelles being in special care for a month, weighing 3 lbs and about the size of a ruler??? Yeah, that was based on my daughter. But obviously I didn’t abandon her. She’s my world!

Nix <3

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