Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 17

Chapter seventeen

If you want some, come get some,
Cause where I’m from we tote big guns

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[Ray’s POV]

Music thumped all around us and yet I barely registered it. Green and red lights flashed across everyone’s faces but once again, I barely noticed it while I stared at the drunken man who had ruined Seychelles’ night. I was thankful now that Tom begged to come along to the club because if he hadn’t been here to drag her away from harm then I wouldn’t be standing dead centre of the club, staring daggers at the cocky drunkard.

“You’d be smart to let him go” I growled over the music to the three men holding Cole down. My blood still boiled at seeing the pathetic excuses of men standing in front of me who jumped another man trying to defend a woman. My respect grew for Cole. I was across the club but they were within my vision considering I could see above the majority of the people in here and I saw everything unravel. While I wasn’t too happy about another man dancing with my woman, I was at least glad he had the decency to not grind against her and even put himself between her and these cowards.

The Drunk Man scoffed while his friends, who looked a little less drunk than him, continued to hold Cole down but began to look a little uneasy. “You’re not a part of this! He made me lose my dance with that slu-“

My eye twitched when I realised where his mind was leading to and even before he could finish his sentence my fist shot out and cracked against his jaw. It was a clean hit and sent him stumbling backwards, falling into a few people behind him. Drunk Man’s friends released Cole and rushed towards me as Cole slumped to the ground. Well if it was a fight they wanted. It was a fight they would get.

[***] I rolled my shoulders back and cracked my neck from side to side while my eyes narrowed at them. Two of the men tried to jump me and hold me down, the same way they did with Cole, but I dropped down and swiped my leg down and backwards tripping them to the ground. I shoved my knee into the throat of the closest one keeping him on the ground as he clawed at my knee and gasped for air. My weight held my knee down firmly enough that even though he was pushing and shoving with everything he had, he couldn’t budge me.

 I was thundering down punch after punch on his other friend who had tried to jump me. His face had split in several places and gushing blood, as all head wounds would. His eye was quickly swelling shut and his once white teeth were stained red. With every jab and right hook I landed, more of his blood painted my knuckles red. I had to give it to the man, however, he definitely had heart if he could withstand this many punches. However, with one last solid jab his eyes rolled back presenting the whites of his eyes in surrender and he fell unconscious.

The booming music had conveniently switched to a song that pumped the blood in me for the fight and I dodged the foot of the third man as it came flying straight for my temple and grabbed his ankle. His eyes widened momentarily before I twisted it quickly and tugged hard sending him falling to the ground with either a dislocated or twisted ankle to join his friend; who had passed out from lack of oxygen. The fall was hard, I could even hear the thud of his head meeting the ground over the music. People had gathered around, circling us like vultures hungry for more of a fight. They cheered and hollered, pumping their fists in the air and acting like animals. I stood up, no longer needing to keep my knee down and decided to let the last of Drunk Man’s friend conscious. Speaking of which...

I looked around wondering where the prick had gone to only to have my silent question answered as glass shattered over my head. I clenched my jaw and slowly turned around to see Drunk Man holding a broken bottle with jagged edges glinting under the coloured lights. My breathing had deepened and as I exhaled my hot breaths came out in growls. I dusted the shattered glass from my shoulders, ignoring the tiny stabs as the glass shards were ripped from my skin, and slowly prowled around Drunk Man in a circle.

He glanced down, taking in his two unconscious friends and one injured friend who was clasping his ankle in pain. With every slow step I took, he stepped away continuing our circling like two lions readying themselves to be the dominant winner. His jaw had grown an impressive welt and purpling slightly as the blood beneath the skin began its bruising. Every beat of my heart pumped to the bass of the music and suddenly I stopped. A smirk tugged at the corner of my lips and it was enough to send the alcohol ridden drunk to come running at me brandishing his broken bottle like a dagger.

His arm came up, his intention was clear in his blurred eyes of what he was about to do. He brought the jagged edges of the beer bottle down aiming for my face but the alcohol coursing through his blood stream slowed him down and I swiftly swerved my arm up. My forearm caught his and I pushed it farther back making him stumble again and lose his grip on the bottle. I charged at him in the short distance and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, both my fists clenching at the material of his shirt.

I lifted him higher and continued running. The crowd parted like the Red Sea and I shoved him hard against the column I landed against. His head lopped back and smacked painfully against the cement. I dragged him up higher and held his neck with one hand instead of his shirt before bringing my face close to his. The stench of beer was strong on him and he looked worse for wear as he struggled breathe and kicked his legs uselessly in the air.

“You f*cked with the wrong man, as$hole. If I ever see or even hear that you so much as glimpsed at my woman again I will not hesitate to show you the end of my gun” I growled softly as I stared straight into his eyes, making sure he focused on what I was saying. “Do you understand me?” He choked and wheezed as he struggled to answer me while I clenched harder around his throat. “I said, do... you... understand... me?”

“Y-yes!” He choked out, his face beginning to turn blue.

I released my hold on his throat and he fell in a crumpled heap on the ground. A tap on my shoulder made me turn around only to come face to face with one of the bouncers from the club. “As much as I’m happy that idiot won’t be harassing women any time soon, I’m going to have to ask you to leave sir” He had a slight smile on his lips as he escorted me out and I had a feeling he’d been wanting to do what I did for a while.

I raised an eyebrow as we reached the exit and looked over to him. “It took you a while to stop me... not that you actually did stop me...?” I commented curiously.

The bouncer shrugged, “That guy was Lee Adams. He’s always harassing the women around here and we never catch him. He’s usually slicker than he was tonight and harasses the women near the bathrooms so no one sees, so by the time we find out he’s already gone or no one can prove it”

“He’s a f*cking prick... nothing but a waste of precious air” I murmured. “Look, my girlfriend’s friend is still in there. He’s the one the cowards jumped and he might need to go to the hospital. Seeing as I’m not allowed back in make sure someone calls an ambulance, yeah?” The bouncer nodded and left me outside as I began to look for Seychelles and Tom.

“Ray!” I was knocked backwards against a tree when Seychelles came hurtling out of nowhere and hugged me tightly around my waist. She was crying and sniffling while mumbling something into my shirt. “-ahndb I wasch shoew fwiebntd!”

I held her shoulders gently and pulled her back enough to see her face. Her face was tear stained and her nose was a little red. I ground my teeth when I saw the red mark across her cheek from where Lee Adams had hit her. Seeing her skin reddened from being hit made me want to march back inside and knock that bastard unconscious, but she sniffed and all my attention was back on her.

“I can’t understand you, beautiful” I whispered. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“I was so frightened!” She cried hugging me tight again.

I felt my heart clench as I hugged her small body close to me, reassuring her with my own embrace. “Beauty, I’m okay. No harm down and those guys learnt a lesson...” I stopped there, figuring she didn’t need to know the details.

A cough sounded from behind me, making me crane my neck. “You got a little something on your shoulders and head man” Tom pointed out.

I brushed my shoulders and noticed small cuts from the glass and again at the back of my head to see a small amount of blood from where the bottle had been broken. It barely hurt and I hadn’t really even noticed it, but it didn’t stop Seychelles’ eyes widening in shock. “Ray! What in the world happened in there?! Are you okay! This is all my fault!”

I stopped her panicking with a chaste kiss to her lips and held her chin tightly, “I’m... fine... Seychelles” I comforted her with kisses between every word. “Relax...”

Then just like that the stiffness in her shoulders and the tenseness in her spine eased and she began kissing me back with fervour. She pressed herself hard against me and wrapped her arms around my neck as her tongue traced my lower lip. I parted my lips for her, enjoying her dominance, as she stroked my tongue with hers. Bending down, I and scooped her up so she wouldn’t have to tip toe to reach me and spread my hands over her round globes, holding her against me.

Damn her kisses were insatiable.

A throat cleared behind us, “Well, not that this isn’t hot or anything... but it’s seriously making me feel lonely and if I don’t get action soon I’m pretty sure my right hand will...”


Our lips broke apart and we both gasped for air. “Bloody hell Shaw... I don’t know whether to thank you for keeping Beauty safe... or strangle you for constantly interrupting” I growled. I looked down at Seychelles and noticed her flushed cheeks and deep breathing while she tried to calm herself. “Come on Beauty, I’ll drop Tom back at mine before dropping you off home”

I tugged on her hand and the three of us walked back to the car while Tom yapped on about how he missed out on the action inside. Once again Seychelles’ rode shotgun and I drove in silence with the windows down. The moon was bright, whole and amber tonight while the silver stars twinkled beside it like glitter. I noticed Seychelles staring at my hands and looked down, only to cringe when I realised she was staring at the dried blood on my knuckles.

“They deserved it Beauty. No man should ever treat a woman that way, and according to the bouncer they’ve been at it for a while” I was defending myself. I was hoping Seychelles wouldn’t think I was some sort of monster who lived for the blood of arrogant son of a bitc-

“So it’s not yours?” Her small voice asked.

My eyebrows popped upwards towards my hairline in surprise. “No, it’s not mine”

She sighed deeply in relief and smiled slightly. “Thank God... I think I keep underestimating you Beast

I smiled and winked down at her, “That’s a dangerous thing to do, Beauty”

I dropped Tom off and rolled my eyes at him when he began thrusting into the air with his thumbs up at me behind Seychelles back. Sometimes I don’t even know who that guy is... The drive back to Seychelles house was silent, a comfortable silence, filled only by the roar of the car, the howling wind and crashing of the waves that were hidden behind the bushes.

I parked the car in front of her house and stepped out, walking quickly around to open the door for her. She smiled as I held her hand and shut the door for her before walking hand in hand to the front door. “You should come in for a bit” She said sternly, “I want to clean up your cuts and then wash the blood off”

I nodded and followed her inside. The wind rattled the house and I mentally reminded myself that I needed to fix any holes so wind wouldn’t make it inside anymore. “How come you’ve never had anyone come by to fix it the house?” I asked curiously.

She shrugged, “Never had the extra money to, I guess”

“Well, I’ll come by again to fix the holes. The roof is all fixed but it sounds, and feels, like there are holes or cracks in the walls that need fixing too” I nodded to myself. I wanted to make sure Seychelles house was all fixed and in top shape.

Seychelles walked into the kitchen and pointed at the chair by the bench. “Sit” I chuckled and sat down watching her sassy little movements. “I’m going to grab the first aid kit then clean you up. I’ll be right back”

As Seychelles padded down the hallway to look for her first aid kit my mind wandered to the future.  Seychelles looked good in my future... but could she fit in it? The Air Force was my life. It literally had been for the last ten years and before then I always wanted it to be. I never bothered to come back home to visit my mom, as much as I loved her, I just never came back.

Could I do the same with Seychelles? No, of course I wouldn’t. Seychelles didn’t deserve a one sided relationship and I wouldn’t ever make her wait like that. I sighed and rubbed a calloused hand over my face. So I had a choice, and a tough one at that. Was I going to break it off with Seychelles and return to the AF? Or retire a veteran and make a life for us here in our hometown?

[Seychelles’ POV]

Did tonight really just happen?

Did my boyfriend really just defend my honour?

Oh no, what happened to Cole? I growled. Too much happened tonight and ended with badass Ray coming out for a bit, not that it was entirely a bad thing, but I was hoping for seductive and funny Ray tonight. “There you are!” I whooped when I found the first aid kit under the bathroom sink.

“Were you talking to the plumbing or to me?” Ray’s amused voice came from behind me. “Either way, I don’t mind if you keep bending over like that. That’s quite a view Beauty”

My face blushed scarlet when I realised my position; crouching on my knees and elbows since I had to look at the back of the cupboard under the sink, my behind clearly the most prominent feature at the moment. I stood up quickly but didn’t have time to turn around when Ray came up behind me, his heat enveloping me as he pressed his body against mine.

“Need some help there, beautiful?” He whispered into my ear, his hot breath tickling my ear. Suddenly his large, rough hands gripped my hips and I was turned and lifted onto the vanity. He stepped forward and widened my legs so he could fit between my knees and caged me in as he planted his hands on either side of me. “I’m all ready, Doctor Beauty”

I felt instantly hot and wished I was able to clench my thighs together, but with Ray filling up the space between them it was impossible. I cleared my throat and ignored the fluttering in my stomach as I put the first aid kit to the side and grabbed some cotton and wetting it. Oh dear... “You’ll uh, you’ll need to take off your shirt Ray” I whispered, my voice hoarse from sexual tension.

He smirked and leaned back, momentarily offering me some space to gather my thoughts and breathe properly. However, my throat seized up when he grabbed the back of his shift and lifted it off over his head in one swift movement before throwing it to the ground.

Oh wow.

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

His chest is so close. So, so close.

I could feel myself salivating at how close he was, only to realise that he was moving even closer as he returned back to his position of caging me in. “Clean away” He whispered.

I gulped and cleared my throat bringing my hand up to dab away at the spots of blood decorating his oh so very broad shoulders. I kept my eyes directly on the smooth skin of his shoulders, never straying towards his eyes that were watching me like a hawk. I frowned when I felt little sharp shards sticking in his skin and turned to grab the tweezers from the first aid kit.

“So uh...” I cleared my throat again to stop the croaking in my voice. I began to pluck out the small pieces of glass that stuck in his skin with the tweezers. “What happened to Cole? Is he okay? Oh God, I feel like a terrible friend for leaving him there!” I was distracted by the thought of leaving him there and finally was able to take my mind off how too entirely close Ray was standing in front of me.

“No need to worry, Beauty, I told the bouncer to call an ambulance for him. We can check on him tomorrow if you want?” I nodded and breathed in relief. At least he was in good hands.

“Thank you, Ray. Okay... how’s the back of your head?” I tried to twist his head so I could see but he held my wrists and brought them down.

“My head is fine. Trust me” I looked down, not being able to look into his penetrating gaze and noticed his hands still had some dried on them.

I wet another few pieces of cotton and began cleaning them, noticing that the more skin I cleared of blood the more bruising it revealed underneath. What did he do in there? Once his hands were all cleaned of blood I saw how raw and bruised his knuckles were. And it was all my fault.

My eyes teared up. I couldn’t help it. I’d always faded into the background, just concentrating on getting my gym up and running, then all of a sudden I find myself the main cause of multiple men being hurt! “I’m so sorry Ray!” I squeaked lifting our entwined hands to my mouth and kissing his raw knuckles.

My tears rolled down my cheeks and landed against his knuckles as I kissed the memories and tears away with my trembling lips. “Hey, hey, hey... what’s wrong? Why are you crying? What are you sorry for?” Ray sounded confused. “Baby, don’t cry”

He carefully untangled our fingers and cupped my face, his eyes looking over me. I’d caused nothing but drama for Ray from the moment we met... and I was unconscious then! It was embarrassing and I couldn’t understand how he’d want to be dragged into this kind of drama. I couldn’t answer him... so instead he bent down and captured my bottom lip with his lips.

He sucked it into his mouth and lightly bit it as his tongue lazily swiped over the fullness. My eyes slid shut, causing another few tears to escape, and I felt one of his hands glide down my neck, my ribs and down to my lower back while his other hand cupped the back of my neck.

A moan escaped from deep within my throat and my hands had a mind of their own as they gripped the belt loops of his jeans. His tongue, lips and teeth were doing crazy things to me and it was all concentrated to my bottom lip. He hadn’t tried to do more or kiss me deeper and I was practically panting with need... panting for more!

I gripped his belt loops tighter and pulled him closer to me, if that was even possible, and I bit his bottom lip back hoping he’d understand what I needed. I felt his lips curve into a smile and he pushed his tongue past my lips to stroke my own tongue. It was like fireworks inside my body were going haywire. He was driving me crazy with a simple kiss and I was close to losing my mind. What was he doing to me?!

I could feel his hardness pressing into my thigh and it made my core tighten with need. His hand pushed my lower back, making me arch into him and pressing my brea$ts against his bare chest. The enclosed space of the bathroom was heating up quickly. Very quickly. I couldn’t get enough of him and it seemed that he felt the same way too. His hands swooped down and grabbed my ass lifting me up without any hesitation, making my legs wrap around his trim hips and pressing his engorged member against the outside of my panties.

I didn’t know whether to curse my skirt or praise it!

He deepened our kiss and squeezed me tightly as he began to walk us out of the bathroom and towards my bedroom. Oh, yes! I practically moaned. He carefully laid me on the bed, crawling on top of me without ever breaking our kiss and I revelled at the feeling of lying between the soft mattress and his hard body. I felt his hand drawing circles with his thumb on my outer thigh and it slowly began tracing higher and higher until he pushed my skirt up to bundle at my waist.

He finally tore his lips away from mine and I gasped in some much needed air, which quickly turned into moaning when he nibbled down my neck and collarbone. “You are so beautiful, Seychelles” He was murmuring against my skin. I could barely hear him, though, it felt like waves were crashing in my ears but it was only my loud breathing and frantically beating heart.

His thumbs hooked into my panties and slowly dragged them down my legs, taking the time to torture me relentlessly. I wanted Ray, I needed him with a deep, burning passion. I was slightly scared at the intense emotions bursting from every pore. When he finally pulled them off he threw them away, not caring where they landed, and retraced his steps with his hands; gliding them lazily up my legs again.

“Ray!” I moaned almost painfully. It was pleasurable torture! The anticipation was almost killing me!

“Patience, Beauty” He whispered as he bit into my tube top and dragged it down as well, revealing my strapless bra. He kissed the swells of my breasts while his fingers danced along the lips of my core. “You are so wet!”

With his free hand he pulled down my strapless bra making my brea$ts push up higher as they spilled free but I barely noticed it because his fingers had inched closer and closer to my throbbing sex. His fingers found my cl!t and began rubbing around in gentle circles as he gently rolled my n!pple between his teeth. The pleasurable sensations connected between the two so fiercely I could feel the physical connection between them!

Without any warning he pushed two fingers into my core and hooked them as they began to pump in and out of me, rubbing me in just the right spot that had me screaming his name. He was sucking and biting my n!pples in turn while his hand tweaked the other and all the while thrusting his fingers in me in just the right way, at just the right speed.

I could feel my muscles tightening; feel them grabbing at him greedily for more, for deeper! “That’s right baby” Ray groaned against my brea$ts, “Come for me, let it go, feel it!” His words pushed me over the edge. My back arched out of its own accord while my toes curled tightly. I screamed out all my pent up sexual tension as the most powerful orga$m erupted from inside of me and wracked my entire body with powerful convulsions.

Ray continued to slowly thrust his fingers inside of me, but once my back fell back down to the bed and my screaming ceased, he pulled his fingers out and began to suck on them, licking all my spent juices off his digits. “You taste so sweet Seychelles” He moaned.

I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him up to kiss his lips. I could taste my essence on his lips and yet I didn’t care. Ray was amazing. Purely amazing and I needed to repay him!




I bet no one would guess I wrote those last few pages while toasting marsh mellows on a skewer over a candle?! Lol. Mmm, smokey and melted sugary goodness!

I guess this was just a long chappy to make up for the long wait. It’s not my fault! I couldn’t get onto Wattpad :(

Anyhoo, it took me a few days to write and I left it there so I could continue onto the next chapter :)

And since I hadn’t been on WP for a few days, I finally got to count out the votes for who would play Cole and the tally says...!!!:

Lance Gross – 21 votes

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Hmm... I may have had too much sugar O_o ??

Nix <3

PS. Omfg, I can’t even remember what inspired me but I just plotted out an entire new romance story haha! Took me a few hours to do after ignoring it for 3 days but BAM the whole plot has been typed out from start to finish and I’m bugging because I can’t write it until I finish this story and at least start on the third book of The Elementals (which I haven’t even started O_o) hmmm... we’ll see...

PPS. Dedicated to my Papi D @BigDaddyBamBam because he likes my awesomesauceness and thinks I'm amazeballs lol. 

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