Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 18

Chapter eighteen

My body was heating up and my bunched up clothes felt too hot on my skin. I pushed against Ray and immediately he rolled off. I loved that even with a simple movement he knew what I wanted. “Are you okay Seychelles?” He whispered huskily.

“You have no idea” I whispered back.

I rolled us over so that I was straddling him and chuckled when Ray’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. His hands flew up to my hip bones and gripped them tightly making me jump as pleasure jolted straight to my core. Holy hell! “Touch me, Seychelles” He encouraged me.

I bit my lip and pressed my hands over his wide chest. I traced over his scars and then bent down to kiss them. With every kiss I sealed it with a lick and with every lick Ray would groan out and squeeze my hips tighter. I kissed my way up to his n!pples and nipped at them gently. The small tight buds stood erect, much like the swollen er*ction nudging my thighs.

I was more than ready to have him. I needed him!

I began to kiss my way back down his torso until I got to his jeans I popped the button out and slowly began to pull the zipper down. I looked up and saw Ray looking down, watching me with large, dark, lust-filled eyes. His breathing was ragged and his hands clenched tight, yet he didn’t make a move. Ray lifted his hips as I tried to tug down his jeans and I couldn’t miss the very large protrusion in his boxers while he kicked his jeans down onto the ground.

My mouth ran dry and my breathing became erratic, and I was only looking at his er*ction! Slowly I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled it down letting his manhood spring out in all his throbbing glory. Ray was big, not just big but... massive. I gulped, was he going to fit in me?! A bead of moisture gathered at the tip and I was curious to how it would taste so without warning I bent down and licked it off.

Ray’s hips bucked and I heard the wind escaping his lips, “Holy sh*t Seychelles!” I bit my lip trying not to smile, not letting the feeling of power over this large man over come me. I tested his length, stroking him as I brought my mouth down to swirl my tongue over the thick head of his er*ction. It throbbed in my hand and I began to stroke faster, all the while Ray’s husky groans filled the silent night. “F*ck! What are you doing to me?! That feels so good!”

His moans of pleasure encouraged me and pushed me into taking him further into my mouth. All of a sudden his hands flew to my hair and tangled his fingers through the strands as he started to thrust himself gently into my mouth as well. I was dripping wet between my thighs and I closed my eyes, imagining his member imitating its strokes somewhere else besides my mouth. His length began to grow thicker and his thrusts became quicker, “Sh*t beauty, I’m going to come. You need to let go, baby...!” Ray choked out.

I could feel him begin to pull out of my mouth but I wasn’t having any of that. I was inexperienced... but I knew the big deal between ‘spitting or swallowing’. Instead of letting him pull out from my mouth I pushed my head down farther, squeezing his thickening member down my throat as I bobbed it quickly. I lowered my hands and cupped his sacs while continuing to deep throat him and in no time Ray let out a growl that was worthy of a battle cry. His hips bucked and my fingers tightened in my hair as his warm, thick essence spurted out of him and in my awaiting mouth. I quickly swallowed, almost gagging while I tried to swallow every drop of it.

I gently licked his semi-hard member and I felt his entire body shiver. He pulled me up next to him and kissed me. I could feel his passion in his kiss and it made me want more. Ray was amazing. He was like no one I’d ever met before and it scared me in a way to lose him. It was strange, I’d only known him for a short while and yet I felt connected to him in a way I didn’t expect to ever feel towards anyone.

Ray sighed heavily and I looked up to his glowing autumn eyes. “You are amazing” He whispered, his eyes caressing my entire face. I kissed his jaw and smiled.

“You’re not too bad either Lieutenant” I felt him still slightly and looked back up him, “What’s wrong Ray?”

He stayed silent, almost as though he was pondering on what to say, so I gave him some time to figure out what he wanted to say while I drew circles over his sternum. I ran my finger over the smooth skin then over the flawed healed scars, wondering if he would ever tell me the stories behind them. “My physical is next month...”

The slight smile I hadn’t noticed was on my lips dropped off. His physical. I don’t know when it slipped from my mind that the whole reason Ray was training so hard every day was because he was training to prove he was physically able to return to the Air Force. His voice had been strained but I wasn’t sure if it was because he was tired or because he was nervous about it.

I faked a smile and patted his chest, “That’s great news, Ray! It’s what you’ve been waiting and training for, right? I’m excited for you” No, I wasn’t.

It was probably selfish and wrong of me to think it, but I didn’t want him to go. I didn’t want to say goodbye and watch his glorious back as he walked away from me... for who knows how long?! I’ve seen how much he loves his mom and he told me he hadn’t seen her in ten years. Ten years! I wanted to explore these feelings I had for Ray and yet it seems that just when I started to get to know this gentle giant, it was already too late and he’d be leaving soon.

It was no doubt that he’d pass the test in my opinion. He was a strong man and if tonight at the club had been any consolation Ray could handle himself very well. And he’d be leaving me.

“So... you’re excited for me?” He asked tentatively.

“Well yeah, you told me before that the Air Force was your dream and if anyone appreciates having their dream come true it’s me with my gym. I worked hard for it to come true and now I have it, I couldn’t imagine leaving it. Now there’s you and your dream of being an airman and well, you’ve already lived it, but to have it back within your grasp so soon must feel great!”

The fake grin plastered to my face felt traitorous... but I wasn’t about to ruin what we shared over the last few weeks of knowing each other because of my selfish thoughts. Ray was a brilliant man, and he deserved everything he wanted. Even if it meant I was a friend who would write to him through a letter... but then have him eventually forget about me.

[Ray’s POV]

I gazed down at Seychelles’ face, searching for any sign that she wanted me to stay. Anything at all. Instead of frowning, she was smiling at me and sounded legitimately happy for me to re-join the AF. When I found out that my physical would be next month I shoved it to the back of my mind and managed to forget it, it was easy to forget a lot of things when I was around Seychelles, but when she called me Lieutenant it all came crashing back like a hammer on a sore thumb.

Was I expecting her to ask if I wanted to stay? Maybe.

Did I want her to give me reasons to stay, her being one of them? Maybe.

Did I want to stay? I wasn’t sure.

Was Seychelles a good enough reason to stay? Of course she was.

But as I searched her eyes and gazed down at her happy smile I wondered why I was even thinking like this. It was because I practically stalked her for months before she even knew me. I thought gingerly. All those early morning walks on the beach were an excuse to watch this beautiful woman beside me move her body through the water and give off a sense of freedom. I loved watching her then and I was getting frightening feelings that were telling me I could watch her like that for a long time in the future.

I shook my head. From the way she was reacting to my most probable departure I had no right to be thinking those kinds of thoughts. “Let’s forget about it... I’d rather concentrate on you tonight” I winked, trying to lighten the mood from the serious turn it’d taken. I bent down and kissed her soft lips, gaining a husky moan from Seychelles and we continued to kiss as I tried to forget about the physical that would most likely rip me away from the beautiful woman in my arms.


“I should let you sleep” I whispered between kissing her eyelids. It was just after two in the morning and Seychelles was falling in and out of consciousness. We’d laid in her bed together and talked. Just talked. We talked anything and everything it seemed as though if we didn’t need to sleep we could continue kissing and talking about anything for hours and hours and hours.

Seychelles moaned and cuddled closer to me. “Will I see you tomorrow?” She murmured with her eyes closed.

I slid my finger down her bare shoulder to her arm and reached down for her blanket before pulling it up to cover her still naked body. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d miss you too much” I smiled kissing her parted lips.

“I’d miss you too...”

I chuckled lightly to myself when she fell asleep. She seemed to like falling asleep on me. I felt a slightly painful twang in my chest at the thought of her falling asleep on some other guy. She was a gorgeous woman and, while I was surprised she was still a virgin, she was constantly surrounded by good looking men and could easily have her pick. “Goodnight” I whispered and with another kiss to her delectable lips I slipped out from between the sheets and pulled on my clothes that were scattered around the room.

The wind howled softly and I hesitated momentarily before quickly searching around the house for the cracks and holes so I could fix them easier in the daytime. Ten minutes later and I was locking Seychelles’ front door behind me. The wind blew across my face and I breathed in the refreshing salt air. It brought me back to reality, something I wasn’t sure I was grateful for, and hopped into car.

The drive back to my house was filled with silence. The roads were dead and the only movement was from the stay dog that seemed to roam through the streets. My house came into view and I wasn’t surprised to see all the lights were out. I cut the engine and headed to the house. I entered the house and locked the door behind me before making my ay silently to my room.

The slight scent of baked goods filled the halls and I felt at home. My mom’s house always smelt like baking and it made e happy that I could support my mother financially that she didn’t need to work. I’d rather her do things she enjoyed than put her to work to support herself. I collapsed onto my bed and sighed. I was so confused on what to do...

Stay... Leave...

Leave... Stay...

A knock sounded on my door and I peered over to see Tom leaning against it with a grin plastered to his face. “Well... either you got lost on the way to your girlfriend’s house and on the way back or the Beast came out tonight”

I stared at him and raised an eyebrow, “Where do you get half of the things you say Tom?”

He shrugged and chuckled. “I’m just talented” He looked at me properly and his grin dropped off making him look like more of the serious Tom that didn’t come out very often. “What’s up Beast? Looks like someone’s kicked your dog”

“I don’t have a dog...”

“You know what I mean”

Being the womaniser that he was I wasn’t sure he was the best person to talk to but I mentally shrugged and spilled all my jumbled thoughts to him anyway. “My physical is next month... you know that. I just don’t know if I want to go back”

This news barely made his eyebrows twitch. Tom thought over what I said before moving forward and sitting on the edge of my bed. “Because of Shell?” I nodded, not surprised he came to that conclusion. “You really like her then?”

My eyes darted to him before looking away, “Seems to be that way...”

“Like her, as in love her?”

I froze. I had been trying to avoid thinking about that word. Love. I’d never loved anyone in my life besides my mom and I began to feel things for Seychelles I didn’t want to believe such a notion. “I don’t know... I just... “ I growled in frustration. It was hard talking to another man about my feelings. It was a weird feeling and made me feel vulnerable. Something I hated feeling! “Yes... Yes I love her”

I expected Tom to make some snarky comment or punch my arm and tell me to go ‘bang that’, but once again I was surprised when he simply nodded. “It’s not hard to see you know. Even a blind man could tell you’re in love with her. Look Ray... I’m not usually one to stick with one woman for very long, but I like Shell. She’s a cool chick and, I don’t know, I seem to get this sibling vibe with her”

“Well, she’s an only child”

Tom nodded once and shrugged, “Then I’ll step in and be her surrogate brother. You’re my best friend Ray and I’ve known you a long time but think hard about what you want. Don’t string Shell along, not even I do that. You need to make a choice: Tell her you love her and stay with her, or break it off and return to the AF”

I frowned, “How do you know I haven’t told her I love her?”

“Because you weren’t even sure of it yourself five minutes ago Bud” Tom stood up and slapped my back. “Think hard Ray. Shell’s a nice chick, but I know you... If you go back to the AF you’ll end up staying there like before and not returning until you’re injured again. See you in the morning”

Tom closed my door behind him and I fell back against my pillows. Why the hell was Tom so observant? I closed my eyes tightly feeling the pain in my tired eyes. I was in love with Seychelles. Damn... that just made my decision even harder.

What the hell am I going to do?


I woke up to the smell of mom’s waffles wafting through my door. I’d had the worst night filled with disconnected and vivid dreams of me leaving Seychelles and going back to the AF, then of me being back at the base but forgetting everything about her. I’d woken up so many times throughout the night leaving me exhausted. I’d never slept in in the months I’d been back so it was odd to wake up with other people awake.

I rubbed at my tired eyes and stalked to the kitchen to see Tom stuffing his face with mom’s waffles while mom hummed softly with her back to me. “Morning” I mumbled.

My mom jumped as she turned around. “Oh Rayray! I didn’t even think you were still here, usually you’ve already left” She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. “Good morning darling. I’ll make you some waffles”

“I see you’re taking advantage of my mom’s cooking Shaw” I smirked at Tom. He chuckled and swallowed the fist sized waffled piece in his mouth.

“What can I say... It’s not that hard to fall in love with your mom’s cooking” He smirked back and I glowered back. I knew his serious side wouldn’t last long.

“Yeah, tell me about it” My mom beamed and kissed both our cheeks making me feel as though she’s practically adopted Tom as my brother.

“So planning on spending time with your mother today or going to see that gorgeous girl of yours, hmm?” My mom asked with a grin on her lips.

“I’m actually going over to her place in a bit to fix her house” Yeah... that’s purely the only reason...

“Don’t worry Sandy, I’ll keep you company! Ray’s practically ditched me anyway” I rolled my eyes at Tom. “I’ll meet you at the gym later”

I knocked on Seychelles’ door, suddenly nervous. Would she be able to tell that I loved her? Would it seem like it was written across my face? I wasn’t sure I was read to tell her just yet... just in case my decision was to return to the AF. I knew Tom was right when he said not to string her along, and I would never do that to any woman let alone to Seychelles.

The door was wrenched open and I couldn’t help the smile that crept onto my face when I looked down at Seychelles. “Good morning beautiful” I bent down to kiss her on the lips.

“Mmm, a very good morning to you too Ray” She wrapped her hands around my neck and I turned to push her against the wall as I deepened the kiss. She tasted like mint and smelled fresh from a shower and I couldn’t help but instantly feel my lower half twitch in want. Damn, she was too sexy for her own good. Seychelles broke away first and laid her head against the wall with her eyes shut and a grin pulling at her lips. “I missed you”

I loved and hated the glow I felt inside at her words. It honestly wasn’t helping with my decision. “I missed you too Beauty” I kissed her again softly, “I just came by to fix the house”

I pointed my thumb over at my car where it was easy to see all the materials needed to fix any cracks and holes. “Oh... I actually have a PT session this morning that I need to get to. I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you last night. You don’t need to fix my place up, you know”

I could tell she was grateful and I honestly wanted her house to be totally fixed before, or if, I leave. “How about you go on ahead to your session and I’ll stick around to fix everything up. By the time you’re finished I should be done and then, and then I’ll drive you to the hospital to see Cole”

“Oh, if you’re sure Ray” She bit her lip enticingly. “Do you think he’s still there?”

“Yes, I called the hospital earlier. He had to stay overnight” Seychelles nodded and stood on her toes to nip at my jaw. I felt my blood rush downwards and I cursed my inability to stop it just by her simple touches.

“You’re a great man Ray Hodges... I lo- Uh... I like that shirt on you” I chuckled at her random comment but kissed her.

“Thanks beautiful... Now go on. I’ll still be here when you get back” She beamed at me and hurried inside to grab her bag and slipped on her shoes before running to her car. She started the engine and blew me a kiss before driving off.

I sighed.

But would I still be here after my physical...?




Ray loves Seychelles! RAY LOVES SEYCHELLES!!! Hehe (^-^)

But what do you think he’ll do? Stay or leave?

Nix <3

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