Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 19

Chapter nineteen

Sweat trickled down the length of my spine and the edges of my face as I hammered down another piece of wooden board. I knew there was a lot of work that needed to be done to shape up the house but I realised there was a lot more that needed to be done. Seychelles had mentioned it was built sometime down the generation of her family and I half wondered what in the hell they were thinking building a house mainly of wood and barely any cement to protect it from decaying.

I could understand that they wouldn’t have thought this far down the line but the house was practically falling apart. I would have to talk to Seychelles about it, and ask her if she minded me doing even more work on it. A smile tugged my lips when I already knew what she should say. She’d argue with me that I didn’t need to do any work, that it wasn’t necessary for me to. I already knew she’d think of it as charity for her but the truth was that her safety had become a high priority for me.

All throughout the morning while I worked away I argued with myself what I was going to do: stay or leave.

A few hours later and I still haven’t taken a step toward either decision! It was like a throbbing open wound. Painful and obviously needed attention but yet I was stubborn enough to try to deal with it myself. Even though it was doing no good. I’d managed to seal smaller cracks and holes while having to tear boards down completely and nailing down new ones. My body was getting a work out and for that I was thankful for. Holding back and taking it slow with Seychelles had been hard... very hard... and if it meant that having this sort of physical labour would take my mind off the way her body responded so amazingly to mine, then I’d build her a whole new damn house.

My thoughts were halted by the sound of a car coming up the driveway and after a few seconds Seychelles’ car came into view. She hopped out and threw me her megawatt smile that had my heart stuttering for a few beats while she walked on over. “Wow, Ray! This looks fantastic! You really shouldn’t bother with all of this you know. Please let me pay you back for-“

I swooped down and kissed her efficiently stopping her speech. “You’re welcome” I whispered. “And I happen to like doing things for you Seychelles, you work so hard for everything you want and I just want to give you a little something back. Besides... I just want you safe at home”

She was biting her bottom lip and the sight of it was driving me crazy. “Thank you again, Ray. You are honest to God a dream come true” Her eyes grew big and her cheeks flushed as she stuttered and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, that’s always nice to hear! Though it’s the first time I’ve ever heard that about myself” I winked, which only made her face deepen to a nice scarlet. “Go on inside and freshen up and then I’ll drive us to the hospital”

She nodded and walked inside leaving the front door open. “Have you had anything to drink while I was gone Ray?” she called from inside.

“No, I haven’t”

Her head popped out from the doorframe with her eyes wide again. “Why not? I left the house open for you so you could’ve gone inside any time. Well, I’ll get you a glass of water okay? Come on inside”

I was about to argue and say that I was fine. I wanted to see if there was anything that needed fixing that I could get done today but the stern look in her eyes, which looked similar to a puppy trying to look serious, made me stop and follow her inside the house. My eyes fell down to her shapely legs and pert behind and I suppressed a moan when she bent down to grab her bags from the ground. Round and ripe, perfect for biting. Her body was perfect and made me want to run my hands all over every single cell of it. Though, I was sure that no matter how she looked, and what shape she was I would want to do the same.

We walked into the kitchen after kicking off our shoes and she poured me a glass of cold water. “Here, you just relax now and I’ll be quick. Make yourself at home!”

She began to walk past me but I grabbed her from around her hips and pulled her back to me so that her back was at my front. I trailed my hands up and down her hips as I softly bit her earlobes. “All that hammering and fixing was making me kind of sweaty... mind if I joined you in your shower?”

I heard her breath hitch and stop altogether before quickening and I swear the room became instantly warmer. “Uh... join me?”

“I won’t push you if you don’t want to, but damn Seychelles... have you any idea how sexy you look in that little outfit of yours?” I pulled her tighter against my hardening groin and heard her gasp. “Can you feel what you do to me?”

She fell silent before turning around and facing me while I walked her back to the kitchen bench, trapping her between the bench and myself. “Okay” She whispered huskily. She stood on her toes and kissed the bottom of my chin before taking hold of my hand and leading us to her room. “I-uh... I don’t know what to do...” She blushed.

“Shh... all we’re doing is taking a shower”

[Seychelles’ POV]

My heart was beating three times faster than normal and in the back of my frantic mind I wondered if that was normal, or if I should see a doctor about that. I was going to see Ray naked. Completely naked! I’d seen certain parts of naked before but this was going to be different. Were we going to make love? Was it finally going to happen?!

I breathed slowly in through my nose and exhaled quietly out my mouth. I led us into the bathroom and dropped our hands so I could turn the water on. I twisted the hot and cold knobs with trembling hands and waited for the water to warm up. Okay... now what? I turned around and gulped when I saw Ray already half way taking his shirt off. Oh wow. All his muscles rippled with the movements and the scars on his torso danced along with it. His tanned skin held taut over said rippling muscles and I wanted to just kiss every single one.

“Need some help?” My eyes darted up to Ray to see him smirking.

“What?” I asked dumbly.

“You’re looking a little lost there, Beauty. I was just wondering if you needed some help taking off those clothes”

“Honestly... I think I might” I could feel my cheeks burning. It was supposed to sound seductive, but it came out like I was suffering from some sort of brain fart and couldn’t do something as simple as taking off my top. Ray didn’t find it odd, however, and he smiled again showing off his prize winning dimples as he stepped forward.

“Well, then by all means, let me help you” Oh, he was so close. He smelled of sweat, apples and sea salt. Such a strange mixture, yet heady and delicious just the same. His fingers traced the bottom of my shirt and gripped it before slowly pulling it upwards. He bared my flesh bit by bit and yet his eyes never strayed from mine. It felt so intense and yet, in reality, all he’s doing is removing my shirt. He pulled it over my cropped top and I held my arm above my head as he pulled it off completely.

“Need help with your leggings too?” He asked with a quirked eyebrow. I nodded helplessly.

“I may need help taking off everything, Ray” I was surprised at how husky I sounded.

Ray smiled and pressed his finger underneath my waistband so that his hands cupped my hips and he pushed his hands down, taking my leggings along with them. As he pushed them down his hands left blazing trails of heat everywhere it touched. Over my hips, over my bottom, down the back of my thighs and calves and finally my ankles and feet. He was kneeling down in front of me and surprised me by kissing his way up.

He nipped and kissed back up where his hands were and I groaned when I realised he skipped past the apex of my thighs. Once he was standing again I felt his hands tugging at the bottom of my cropped top, “You still okay with this Beauty?” His voice was deep and gruff and so sexy I wouldn’t have cared if he tore the rest of my remaining clothing off!

I nodded once more and instead of pulling it off slowly like before he pulled it off quickly and his lips attacked mine. All around us the steam from the too-hot shower billowed around and clung to our bared skin. I only wore my panties and Ray still wore his jeans. I hated those jeans right now. Ray kissed me deeply and I moaned as our tongues tasted each other. His hands massaged and moulded my brea$ts, plucking at my n!pples; making me melt.

“Damn, you are so irresistible Seychelles” He murmured between kisses. “What are you doing to me?!”

I nearly cried when his hands left my chest and roamed downwards. He pulled my panties down and as soon as they were at my knees I kicked them off. I was officially naked in front of Ray, and it still didn’t seem enough for me. I fumbled with the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. “Careful” Ray mumbled against my lips as I pulled the zipper down over his impressive length. He kicked off the unwanted clothing and quickly disposed of his boxers.

Ray’s hands grabbed the back of my thighs, just under the cleft of my buttocks and pulled me towards him; cradling me against his er*ction. Our moans mixed together and the heat from our bodies, the sexual atmosphere and the steam was enough to make me swoon.

Before I knew what was happening I was lifted off the ground and my legs were wrapped around Ray’s waist as he walked us into the shower. The hot spray felt warm compared to my heated skin and in no time both of us were thoroughly soaked. Ray’s eyes were dark and hooded and I couldn’t help myself as I swooped down to capture his lips in a tongue tangling kiss. I could feel him throbbing against me and I began to tighten my legs around him, trying to get closer.

“No... no, Seychelles” Ray’s voice was strained.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Only a shower” He managed to choke out.

“What?” I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Only a shower, Seychelles. I’m not making love to you until you’re ready” He explained, yet his hips were slowly grinding against me. “Not until it’s the right time”

“I’m ready now Ray. I promise, I swear! Please!” I was so wet for him, so hot for him... and it had nothing to do with the steaming shower. “Oh God, Ray, I need you!”

Ray groaned and grinded against me again. I could feel the tip of his throbbing er*ction right between my clenching thighs against the lips of my womanhood. It was so close, so close! Suddenly Ray turned us and pressed my back against the cool tiled wall, making me gasp. “Tell me what you need” He growled sexily as he lightly bit my neck.

“You” I panted.

He shook his head and spoke against my neck, “Do you need an orgasm, Seychelles?”

“Yes!” I cried straining against his strong arms to push down on his length, though it was no use. He was too strong. I squealed in surprised when he suddenly lifted me up and then tossed my legs over his shoulders; my thighs on either side of his head. “Ray!”

He breathed in deeply and tentatively licked me up with the tip of his tongue, sending waves of desire up my spine. “Well, an orgasm I can give you” Before I could tell him he misunderstood in which way I wanted said orgasm, his lips were on my cl!t and his tongue was circling around and around. My gasp was lodged halfway up my throat and I clawed at the tiled walls around me.

“Oh God, Ray!” I moaned. His hands were resting on my a$s holding me in place while his tongue trailed down to my core. He pressed it in and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. This was amazing. Ray was amazing.

“Just feel it, Seychelles” Ray groaned against me. He moved slightly and propped me in the corner of the shower while readjusting me. Suddenly he pushed in two fingers as he continued to suck on my cl!t and I couldn’t stop the dam of moans that burst through past my lips. My walls were tightening and throbbing and my thighs were clenching tighter around Ray’s head.

Ray moaned loudly and the vibrations pushed me over the edge. I screamed and it echoed around us yet Ray didn’t stop. He circled his fingers and sucked hard on my cl!t. “No, oh God, stop! It’s too much! It’s too mu-!” I screamed, but it was cut short by another orgasm that wracked my entire body. My n!pples strained forward and my back arched while my thighs clenched around Ray’s head and even my toes were curled up tightly. I’d never had an orgasm so powerful!

Ray kissed my womanhood once more before wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me to my feet. I moaned quietly at the feel of his stiff groin sliding down my body and revelled in the embrace Ray wrapped me in. “That was amazing Ray” I purred.

“Good. Your moaning is my favourite sound in the world” I could practically hear him grinning. I wanted to repay him. Well, I wanted more but apparently Ray wasn’t having any of that, so instead I grabbed the loofah hanging from the shampoo rack and drizzled body soap over it.

“Can I wash you, Ray?” I bit my lip.

“You can do whatever you want to me, Beauty” He said huskily.

I pressed the loofah against his chest and rubbed around in circles letting the soap suds collect all over his skin. I washed his shoulders, back and down to his buttocks, all so firm and hard. I washed the backs of his legs before rounding to the front and finally reaching his throbbing manhood. I looked up at Ray and his eyes were gazing down intently on me, daring me to do anything I wanted to him.

I took up his silent dare and wrapped the loofah around his hard member, stroking up and down slowly and feeling the hard muscle behind the soft skin. His eyes closed and his hands gripped my hips tightly, but he stayed silent all except for his harsh breathing. His reaction made me confident and I quickened my stroking, going up and down before circling around the tip and repeating.

The soap suds were all washing away as the hot water cascaded down our bodies and I felt my core tighten at the sound of Ray’s moan. I dropped the loofah to the ground and began to repeat the same process with my hand, loving the feel of Ray’s member in my grasp. I stroked my thumb over the tip and quickly bent down to my knees as I replaced my thumb with my mouth.

Ray let out a stream of curses as I sucked hard, hollowing my cheeks, and I instantly felt his hands tangle in with my wet hair. He began to control how fast and deep I was going and the feel of being controlled like this was erotic. “Touch yourself Seychelles” Ray growled out sexily. “I can see you clenching your thighs. Touch yourself how you want me to touch you”

I didn’t think twice about his instructions, no longer feeling shy or embarrassed, and purred around Ray’s er*ction as my fingers circled around my core. Ray cursed again and I knew it was the sight he was getting of my lips around his member as my fingers dipped in and out of my core. Hell, I was getting turned on by the mental imagine.

“You’re so sexy, Seychelles. So beautiful. Damn...” He murmured as he pumped his hips faster. My orgasm was building up and I could tell Ray was getting close too. He continued to murmur sweet nothings but I was lost in my own pleasurable world. “Sh*t, Beauty... I’m going to- You’ll need to move”

I clamped my lips around his harder and pushed my head down, pushing him deeper into my throat the same time as I climaxed and I screamed around him as he moaned my name loudly and spilt his seed. “Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t!” He whispered as I gently licked him from base to tip.

Ray pulled me up and kissed me hard. “Seychelles... I don’t think you realise just how deeply you’ve put me under your spell” He kissed my forehead and I hugged tightly, willing my mouth to stay closed.

I loved Ray.

I wanted to shout it to him. To let the world know. But I held my tongue, because telling him would cause us heart break. Even if he, by some miracle, loved me back he was still leaving. I wouldn’t put myself in that heart breaking situation and I wouldn’t make him choose between me and the Air Force.

The water was beginning to cool down so Ray quickly washed me, thoroughly, before shutting the water off. “Towels?” He asked.

“Over in the cupboard” I pointed at the old, white cupboard in the corner. He jumped out and grabbed two, wrapping one around his lean hips and holding the other open for me to walk into. I smiled and walked into his arms, before he patted and rubbed me dry. Just like with the soap, he was very meticulous about drying me off well.

He grabbed his boxers and jeans and slipped them on, then threw his towel in the hamper before scooping me up in his arms. I squealed in laughter, telling him to put me down. “What can I say? I like having you in my arms” He laughed back.

“Put me down! I can walk! Besides I need to get changed” He chuckled and put me to my feet.

“I’m going to grab my spare shirt from the car and wait for you in the lounge” He winked quickly slapped my behind before running out of my room.

I was on cloud nine while I changed and towel dried my hair. I threw it up in a messy bun and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed but my skin was glowing. My eyes were bright and my smile wouldn’t leave my face. It looked good there... I hadn’t smiled like this for a long time and ever since I met Ray I found myself smiling a lot more like this every day.

“You look good Shell” I whispered to my reflection. “You look happy”

I knew I was happy because of Ray. My smiled twitched a little at the thought of Ray leaving and I half wondered if I would still smile like this when he finally leaves. I wasn’t so sure. I stood up straight and took a deep breath. I was going to enjoy this for as long as I could... and when the moment came that Ray left my life I wouldn’t be sad. I would hold my head up high and remember all the good times we shared. Hopefully that included us making love... and soon.

“Alright, I’m ready!” I called out before stepping out of the room. “Let’ go visit Cole”



I know...

Two weeks...

I’m pretty ashamed of myself. But I had a lot of crap happen over those past two weeks and I was no state to be writing anything sappy. My cousin was hospitalized and stayed in the ICU up to now, I  found out there’s been rumours being spread around by me and I didn’t even know until my mom asked me about it, fights and arguments, as well as my daughter going psychotic from the weather lately, my Mother’s Day was completely shithouse and razor sharp words being thrown right at all of my insecurities... Basically it’s been complete poo...

For those who gave some words to me about my cousin, thank you :) It meant a lot to me. She’ll be undergoing surgery again soon.

(I know this is long but bear with me) I want to say a special SALAMAT PO to my Papi D. You’re a whole pot full of awesomesauce and spaghetti amazeballs. Rock on Papi!

Love you all... and thanks for sticking with me.

Nix <3

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