Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 20

Chapter twenty

I listened with a smile as Ray hummed a song I couldn’t make out while he drove us to the hospital. In the space of the small car it seemed as though the vibrations from his humming was collecting directly into my lower belly. Every time I glanced at him I’d quickly look away and blush because he would so happen to be looking at me too. My body still tingled from our tryst in the shower and yet even though he’d pushed my body through multiple orgasms I couldn’t help but feel that I still needed something more. His tongue and fingers were magical. Very magical. But what I wanted... what I needed, was his whole body.

On me.

In me.

I sighed quietly. Maybe I could seduce him? I almost shooed the idea away as soon as it popped in my head because my seduction skills would be on par with my flying skills. Non-existent. As we continued to drive along the road I peered up at the sky. Clouds were beginning to gather together slowly and I could already tell a massive storm would be the end result any time soon. The sun would peek from behind the clouds every once in a while and make it seem as though a giant hand was playing with the light switch and I just hoped we reached the hospital before it started raining.

We pulled into the parking lot just as it started to rain down hard. “Stay inside first, I’ll get your door” Ray told me. I was about to protest and say it’d be quicker if we just ran out together but he was already slamming his door shut and running around the front of the car taking his jacket off. He threw my door open and just when I stepped out he tossed his jacket over my head and shoulders, closed my door for me before grabbing my hand and pulling us towards the building. Ever the gentleman! Even though it was only a short distance from the car to the entrance of the hospital Ray and I ended up almost soaked through by the time we stepped into the air conditioned hospital – Ray more so than I was.

“This way” Ray said tugging my hand, which he hadn’t let go of, as he led us to a set of elevators. I gave him a questioning glance and he smiled, “I asked which ward he was in when I called earlier”

The elevator dinged and we stepped inside along with a frantic looking man carrying two bags and a long pillow alongside a heavily pregnant woman. “Oh God, which floor?! Which floor is it?!” The man murmured to himself. Ray stepped forward and pressed the fourth floor button as well as the seventh, throwing a look at the woman who was currently concentrating extremely hard on her breathing and ignoring her partner completely.

“I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you’re looking for the labour ward?” Ray drawled out. The man nodded. “Yeah... I happened to see the sign outside. Yours is the fourth-“

He was interrupted by the woman making some sort of grunting and whining sound and I stood in my spot unsure what to do. This situation was beyond awkward. The elevator dinged again and Ray nodded at the opening doors. “Good luck” I offered bleakly as the woman’s face relaxed and she grinned.

“Thanks... I swear my husband will need the drugs more than I do” She rolled her eyes before walking out with her husband trailing after her. The doors shut again and once we were moving along Ray and my eyes connected and we burst out laughing.

“Well that was unexpected!” I giggled. Ray laughed loudly beside me.

“If that was me and you I’d probably be the same as the husband” He laughed. My smile dropped from my face as I considered his words. Was that a hint that he saw some sort of future with me? Or was I completely looking too much into nothing?

The elevator stopped twice more before we reached the seventh floor and Ray grabbed my hand again before leading the way down the hall to the nurses desk. I somewhat recall him asking the nurse which room was Cole’s but I couldn’t concentrate on him talking when all my attention was focused on his fingers tangling themselves between mine. I mean, I was new at all this lovey dovey stuff, but I know that this was more of an intimate hand holding than normal.

It’s nothing, Seychelles! He probably doesn’t even realise he’s doing it... I scolded myself. Ray thanked the nurse and we were off again. Finally we turned into a large open room with four beds, one in each corner of the room, with curtains drawn around two of them. Cole was sitting in the far right side, reading a magazine, when we walked up to him. Immediately I jumped to him and hugged him tight.

“I’m so sorry Cole!” I squeaked. I knew Cole had been beaten down by the guys in the club, but I had no idea how extensive they had been about it. Cole’s right eye had completely swelled shut and was sporting all the different hues of black, blue and purple while his nose had several cuts and stitches across it. He didn’t wear a shirt and instead was wearing thick bandages around his midsection. “Geez, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine, Shell. Don’t worry. It would’ve been seven shades worse if it wasn’t for Ray. I never did get to thank you for that man” Cole grimaced while offering his hand. Ray nodded and shook his extended hand.

“No need to thank me, I should be thanking you for putting yourself between those pricks and Seychelles. At least I got the pleasure of whooping their asses” Ray smirked.

“Well if I wasn’t too busy swallowing my own blood then I would’ve gotten a few punches in, I’m sure” Cole joked.

Ray sat in the spare chair in the corner and dragged me to fall into his lap. I didn’t fail to notice that he made every conscious effort to always touch me somehow , whether it was holding my hand, stroking my hip, tracing his fingertips up my arm or even a hidden kiss at the back of my neck. It was driving me mad and I wasn’t even sure he knew the effect it was having on me. My panties were beyond soaked, both from rain and his heated touches and fleeting kisses, goosebumps ran all up my exposed skin and I was practically gnawing through my bottom lip!

“So uh... when are you allowed out?” I asked distractedly.

“Right about now” We all turned to a greying nurse and saw her briskly walk up to Cole. “So all your paperwork has been through and the Doc is happy with the results, so you’re free to go. If you have any consistent or worsening headaches I want you to come back immediately okay?”

Cole nodded and she threw us a smile before power walking down to another patient. Well, looks like I’m a free man now! Thank God... the only reading material within my reach was this pregnancy magazine... I’m not so sure whether I want to forgo having kids now, or go visit my mom with every intention of renaming her Superwoman!”

Ray and I exchanged amused looks and both burst out laughing.


I waved as Cole shut the door to his house and sat back down properly while Ray came back from helping Cole get into his place. The rain was still pounding down heavily and I shivered slightly considering I was still wet. “Poor guy... he got soaked. Oh well...” Ray murmured as he shook out his growing hair.

“It doesn’t look like this weather is going to let up anytime soon. What a shame, it started off as such a nice day too” I commented.

“Perfect for movies on the sofa and take out? Tonight?” Ray smiled tilting his head a little to the side, giving him the impression of a puppy dog.

I leaned forward across the car and kissed him gently on the side of his chin, going upwards until I reached his ear and whispered, “Sounds like a date to me”

Ray growled softly and just as he turned to kiss me I pulled back and giggled. “Save it for later stud. Now drive!”

He laughed and bowed his head before driving down the street towards my house. Ray was a huge distraction. He made me laugh without trying, smile without even knowing and took up every inch of space in my mind without having to be in the same room. I desperately needed to finish off some paperwork for my clients and the new members of the gym, that I told Ray to go spend some time with his friend while I finished them off at home. I honestly hated having to say it, because something in the back of my head told me I could spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with him, but it was practically impossible to do anything work related with Ray anywhere near me.

“Are you sure?” Ray asked seriously as we stood in my front door.

“Yes. I have a lot of work to finish and you need to spend some time with Tom. God knows how much he’s driving your mother crazy” I joked. “Besides, I’m seeing you tonight anyway right?”

Ray bent down while lifting my chin up and gently bit my lower lip. His teeth gently rolled my bottom lip between them and he sucked it into his mouth before sucking on it again only to release it a few seconds later. “You couldn’t keep me away from you even if you tried, Beauty”

If he wasn’t holding my chin, I was positive that I’d be a puddle of melted emotions right on the doorway.

“See you later beautiful” He whispered with another peck to my lips.

“Bye” I squeaked.

I watched Ray run quickly back to his car as the rain pelted against him and once he was inside I blew him a kiss. He motioned for me to go inside and I knew he wouldn’t leave until I was safely in my house, so I sent him a smile and closed the door. Leaning against the wooden door I sighed wistfully and slid down to the ground.

“I am way over my head”

[Ray’s POV]

The familiar smell of baking goods wafted to my nose the moment I stepped into my house. I followed the sounds of Tom and my mom into the kitchen and laughed at the sight I found. Instead of the usual scene of Tom sitting on the counter as he stuffed his face with cookies and my mom doing the baking, I found my mom sitting by the bench leaning over as she threw instructions to my best friend. Tom was wearing my mom’s floral apron hooked around his neck and tied behind his back as he balanced three hot trays of muffins between his floral oven gloves.

“Wow, Shaw... one day with my mom and you’ve officially lost it!” I laughed loudly, “What the hell are you wearing?!”

At the sound of my entrance the two looked at me, Tom dropping the trays onto the bench first, and laughing along with me. “What?! You don’t like it? I think the multitude of flowers match my eyes perfectly Beast” Tom preened as he posed in his floral apron and mittens.

I quickly took a snap shot on my phone and saved it. “You just wait til the boys back at the base see this” I guffawed.

“I think he looks fine, Rayray. Don’t tease him” My mom scolded me even though she was smiling brightly.

“Yeah, man! Besides, the boys wouldn’t even find this strange for me” Tom threw at me. I nodded, giving in, he had me there. Tom was a unique character and didn’t seem to have it in him to ever be embarrassed. So it didn’t surprise me that he didn’t care about me showing off his more feminine side to the other airmen.

“You’re back early. I half suspected you’d stay out all day with Shell” Mom said after kissing my cheek.

“She has some paperwork to do so I’m seeing her later” I shrugged, “Guess you probably regret coming over here then huh Tom”

Tom was already stuffing his face with muffins and huffing at the same time considering they would’ve still been scorching hot. “Pfft, I think not! Do you even realise how good a cook and baker your mom is?! If you don’t visit her more often I will take your place and she can adopt me and feed me all her delicious food. For shame Beast!”

I rolled my eyes but my mom seemed to love having a constant flirt and compliment machine around the house, “Oh Tommy you’re too sweet!” She gushed.

The rest of the day I listened in to my mom and Tom’s chit chat as I massaged my thigh. The rain and the cold had gotten to it again and it was starting to feel a little stiff. I wondered if the ache would ever go away or if I was always going to feel the mementos of the bullets in my leg. I was leaning towards the latter.

This brought me back to my big decision.

I would never be back to my one hundred percent again as I had been before. I’d gone through being shot before but not to this extent. Maybe it was a good a time as ever to retire while I was on top of my game and not retire when I was packed up in a wooden box with a flag draped over me. Then again, it was easily something I could work with. It didn’t matter that it felt a little stiff when it got cold and wet, I would be physically active most of the time and busy if I went back. I wouldn’t be looking for things to do and relaxing all the time.

Pros and cons. Pros and cons.

With every pro I came up with, there was a con. As girly as I was beginning to sound even to myself, it felt as though my head wanted one thing while my heart said another. I shook my head and concentrated on trying to mimic Seychelles’ movements when she massaged my leg. Thoughts of her had me glancing over at the clock and mentally counting that I still had a few more hours until I was to drive over and have our lazy date night in.

“Want some?”

I looked over at Tom and saw him offering me a muffin. I eyed it carefully. “Uh... I don’t think so. I think I might pass on it” Tom rolled his eyes and continued to gorge himself. “I’m going to take a bath, my leg is killing me”


Armed with an umbrella this time, I jumped out of the car and walked up to Seychelles front door. I knocked firmly on the door and felt a little adolescent at the wait to see her. The door swung open and I nearly swallowed my tongue. “Damn, you’re a beautiful sight”

Seychelles’ face turned scarlet and as she cast her eyes down in embarrassment. She wore a large baggy, knitted sweater over tiny shorts and stood barefoot in the door frame. “Oh shush, you” She blushed, “Come on inside”

I grinned and set the umbrella just outside the door and followed her inside before shutting the door behind me. The first thing I noticed was that it was slightly warmer and no rain dripped through the ceiling. I felt proud knowing it was my hard work that was able to help Seychelles live a little more comfortably. Even if it was to stop wind from creeping inside and deter the rain to run into the gutters instead of inside the roof.

Seychelles turned around I held the plastic bag of Chinese food up along with the small ten dollar bouquet of assorted flowers I decided to buy as well. Her smile dropped from her face and a look of awe took over.  “Thank you so much Ray” She whispered, taking the flowers from me. “They’re beautiful and so thoughtful! And thank you for fixing up the house, too”

I shrugged and placed the take out on the coffee table before bundling her to my chest. “I missed you” I murmured. “To be honest, I’ve never felt this emotional about someone before. What is it about you that has me racing out the door to see more of you?”

I kissed her and pressed my hand on her lower back so her flattened against me, but the contact didn’t last long. I pulled her to the sofa and noticed she already had a movie lined up and waiting to be watched. Seychelles had picked a comedy to watch and we laughed and mimicked the actors all through our dinner. I found myself watching her and every little thing she did, I learned that she loved to shout at the television and picked out the capsicums from her food, and other small things.  When we were finished we sat side by side on the sofa and she leaned her head against my arm, her eyelashes tickling me every blink. “I haven’t felt this warm inside my own house in the rain for a while, and I have you to thank”

“You’re welcome” I smiled. I was about to say that I’d do anything for her, but considering my big decision I was stuck on, I held my tongue. “I actually needed to talk to you about that. I noticed this morning that your place actually needed more fixing. The beams and framework need some fixing or changing and just more general up keeping. It looks like it’s been a while since anyone’s had a look at the structure of it”

“Oh yeah, I’ve just been so busy that I’ve never had the time to book someone to come along, let alone pay for it to be done”

“I’ll do it for free” I shrugged.

“No Ray. Please, you’ve done way too much already I couldn’t possibly let you do this for free!”

I leaned in closer with a smirk on my lips, “Okay... I’ll take payment with kisses” And I leaned down to capture her lips with mine. “With kisses like these, I may have to charge you extra”



A bit of a filler chapter and a bit choppy in my opinion. I'm already working on the next one. I’m also getting distracted a lot, it’s very hard for me to write anything let alone edit it properly so I apologise for any mistakes.

I know how the story is going to end now and I want to get around to heading in that direction so it’ll maybe, probably perhaps start doing that after this chappy.


Oh, by the way... y’all rock my socks, thanks for being awesome!

Love you all!
Nix <3

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