Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 21

Chapter twenty-one

[Seychelles’ POV]

My eyes slid shut as Ray’s lips connected with mine.

Every single cell of my body was exploding that any moment now I was sure to spontaneously combust with nothing but ash left where I stood. Ray’s kiss deepened and I threw my arms around his neck as he pushed me back onto the sofa. The soft pillows of my sofa cushioned me while I revelled in the feel of Ray’s firm body. Heat coursed through my body and I arched up into him as my hands fell down to the bottom of his shirt. With a brief intermission from our kiss, I pulled his shirt up and over his head, throwing it somewhere on the ground.

Ray’s lips went back to mine and I splayed my hands over his chest, loving the feel of him. His skin was hot to the touch and I begged into his mouth for him to remove my jumper as well. I barely noticed him ripping my jumper off but I did catch his eyes widening as they took in my bare torso.

“Oh my God, baby... you are perfect” He whispered gruffly before swooping down to nip at an erect n!pple. A muffled cry left my lips as I felt his fingers push aside the material of my shorts and smooth my wetness over my intimate folds. My body shuddered at his expert touch and I couldn’t help but to spread my legs wider for him. “Tell me if I’m going too fast” He murmured against my other n!pple.

He was circling his thumb over my bud and my body was helplessly jerking in anticipation. “Ray! I need you! You’re not going too fast, you’re going too slow!” I practically screamed in frustration.

He chuckled and slowly entered two fingers at the same time inside me. I moaned longingly and grabbed the back of his hair to pull him up to my lips, thrusting my tongue inside his mouth to tangle with his own. Ray pumped his fingers steadily and circled them around, tracing around my walls. I was so wound up from even before we started kissing that I exploded suddenly with no warning.

I screamed and clawed at his back as my inner walls grabbed greedily at his fingers. Every nerve ending was on fire, burning a slow intense flame that ate up all my patience that Ray seemed to have an abundance of. Once I caught my breath my hands wandered down to his fly, which was straining against his impressive, throbbing er*ction. By some miracle I managed to undo his button and zip before Ray’s hands caught mine and stopped me.

He was breathing harshly and his eyes were shut tightly. “Seychelles wait. Give me a second... if you keep touching me like that I swear I’ll be finished too soon”

I bit my lower lip and stroked him gently with the palm of my hand. I wanted him. I was so sick of waiting and I wished that he would forget about being patient. Ray groaned sexily and buried his face in the crook of my neck as I lowered his jeans and boxers. I could feel myself salivating as my eyes took in every inch that was uncovered for my taking. Ray was a beautiful man and had a beautiful body. His scars added to his beauty and even though I was sure he’d prefer to be called handsome or sexy, the truth was that he was truly a beautiful specimen of a man.

Ray kicked off his jeans and boxers before sliding my shorts and panties down my legs too. Was this finally the moment? The moment?! Oh God, I hoped so!

Ray pressed his body down on me and I squeaked at the all bare feeling of him all over me. Every bulge and dip of his body was cradled onto me and I shivered violently. My breathing quickened, as did his, and I waited for him to press the tip of his member against me. Suddenly Ray twisted us so I was on top of him and my eyes widened when I felt his manhood throbbing against my folds.

My eyes flew to his. His eyes were dark, enlarged with raging lust and... and something else I couldn’t put my finger on, but he shook his head slightly. “I just want to feel you... we’re not going to make love yet”

I almost cried.

“What?! Why not?! Ray please! Please!” I complained.

“Shh” He calmed me, but totally ignoring my question. “Just feel me, please. Trust me”

And I did. I trusted Ray with my life. I knew he would have a good reason for prolonging our love making, but for the life of me right now, I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason. All of a sudden Ray’s hands gripped my hip bones tightly and I moaned as my body jerked. He seemed to know all the places I was sensitive.

His er*ction was covered in my juices and slowly he began to rock my hips back and forth over his long, hard member. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my head tipped backwards at the amazing pleasure radiating through my body. He was whispering for me to do what my body felt like doing, and soon that’s exactly what I did. My hips grinded down on him as I rocked back and forth along the length of his manhood while his large hands traced up my waist and cupped my brea$ts.

Outside, the storm worsened and the lights began to flicker as lightening lit up the dark grey sky. The lights cut out completely but both his and my sweat covered bodies were illuminated every time a flash of lightening cracked the sky. Waves crashed heavily against each other, like the motions of my hips against Ray’s. Our connection seemed so intimate and intense that even the sky and sea had taken part in it.

With every down stroke over his length, the head of his er*ction rubbed at my cl!t and I moaned. I wished he could be inside me instead of me stroking along the length of him but I trusted Ray when he said to wait. My stroking became faster and faster and just as my body was beginning to clench together Ray distracted me by pulling me down and kissing my lips. The action interrupted my stroking but Ray’s kissing was so delicious that I could barely remember to keep moving.

Ray’s hands grabbed my backside and fitted a hand over each cheek as he stroked my hips over him again. I broke our tongue tangling kiss and moved back up to take over the stroking and his hands helped me move faster and faster once again.

“Oh Ray” I moaned, “I’m going to- I’m... I’m-“

“Me too... oh damn Seychelles. Let your body go, come for me” Ray groaned as he began to thrust his hips to make his er*ction rub furiously against my bud. I screamed as every muscle in my body tightened. My nails dug into Ray’s shoulders, my back arched, my inner muscles clenched and my toes curled as my orgasm over took all my senses.

Beneath me, Ray roared as his climax began to take over. I bent down and took him into my mouth as his warm seed spurted past my lips. “Oh sh*t!” Ray groaned loudly as I sucked him gently. I licked him from the bottom to the tip and tasted his warm body. “Oh damn, Seychelles. You are amazing! You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to though”

Ray was stroking the hair from my face and my breath got stuck in my throat as he smiled at me. His dimples that I loved so much winked at me and I knew that I’d do anything for him. Even wait however long he deemed was efficient to make love.

“I wanted to, I like doing it. Besides,” I blushed, “you taste good”

Ray and I were spooning, still naked, on the sofa. Ray draped the blanket from the back of the sofa over us and was running his hand over every curve of my body. I felt like I was in heaven. His lips were doing crazy things to me as they grazed over my ear, to the small sensitive spot just below it and when he nuzzled my neck I felt myself become wet all over again.


“Mmm” He murmured while tweaking my painfully erect n!pples.

“How come you won’t make love to me?” The question had been on my mind for a while. He seemed to like me enough to spend almost all his time with me, go as far as what we did just earlier and that had to be difficult. Surely it would’ve been easier for a man to just make love than hold back... right? “I mean, I’m not complaining. Not at all! Trust me when I say that everything we’ve done was absolutely magical. But... I really want you”

Ray stopped kissing me. That alone was enough to make me wish I could take back my question but the curiosity of it made me hold my tongue. He sighed and turned me to face him. His eyes searched mine and he was quiet for a few minutes before speaking.

“You won’t be angry?” He asked. I frowned in confusion, but shook my head. “Beauty, I don’t want to make love to you just yet because I don’t know if I’m going to be staying here or returning to the Air Force after my physical”

He closed his eyes tightly and I felt my heart break for him. He literally looked like the confession pained him and I blinked back the tears that brimmed in my eyes before stroking my thumb over across his cheekbones. “Ray... That doesn’t bother me. I don’t expect you to leave the Air Force just because you and I make love. Is that the only reason?”

“Seychelles, you’re innocent. I don’t know if I can just make love to you not knowing that I could possibly leave for the Air Force and not see you again. I can’t handle it if you thought that I just used you for your body. You deserve so much better than that! Can’t you see how much you mean to me? You’re special! You’re beautiful, independent, caring and understanding and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I hurt you that way”

The tears that I tried so desperately to hold back finally fell. They streaked down my face and dropped to collect between our chests. “Ray, that’s beautiful. But don’t think that way. Even if you do decide to leave, I would want the memory of our love making together. Don’t take that away from me when you could possibly be leaving me in a month. Let me have that memory of us together in that way”

Ray’s jaws clenched and he stayed silent as he bent down to kiss me tenderly. “Let’s just not talk about me leaving until the decision has to be made okay?”

I smiled through my tears and nodded. Glad to have that conversation behind us, at least for the moment. “Okay” I whispered, “Ray? Will you stay here tonight? I know you usually leave... but will you stay here, with me?”

Ray pulled me closer and wrapped his body around mine, kissing my forehead. “I’d love to, Beauty”

I woke up the next morning naked in my bed with Ray snoring lightly beside me. He looked as ease and I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to watch him in slumber. Last night’s conversation came rolling back to me and I couldn’t help the unease that settled over me.

Was he ever going to make love with me? What exactly was his plan?

I carefully rolled out of bed and stretched the kinks from my back. I jumped when Ray’s fingers traced down my spine, sending goosebumps over my body. “Good morning beautiful” his husky voice greeted me. “As much as the back looks amazing I’d love to see your beautiful face, too”

How could I not smile?

I turned and saw him watching me with his bare chest on display. “Come here” He whispered.

I eagerly slid back under the sheets and laid on top of his naked body, lifting an eyebrow. “Good morning, indeed” I said smirking when I felt him poking me.

“What can I say, the first thing I see this morning is you stretching that sexy back of yours. That’s more than enough to make me happy” He replied pulling me down for a kiss.

We spent the rest of the morning rolling around the sheets, talking, kissing and pleasuring each other. I couldn’t even count how many times I orgasmed. This time I didn’t push for us to make love, I could understand that every time I did it would make him feel guilty or think twice and I wanted to leave all those thoughts until we got the result from his physical in a month’s time.

“Do you think the power’s back?” I asked noticing that my alarm clock was still blank.

“I’m not sure... I’ll go check the power box for you”

Outside, the rain still pounded heavily but there wasn’t any more lightening like last night. Ray rolled off the bed and walked, stark naked, into the lounge to look for his jeans. I just rolled onto my stomach and watched his backside in delight with every step he took. God, he had an ass to die for. My eyes lifted momentarily and I blushed profusely at the red nail marks that clawed down his back and across his shoulder blades.

I didn’t even remember clawing at him that much. Or that hard for that matter.

I followed after him, throwing on my baggy jumper from last night but left out wearing anything else as I followed him to the power box in the garage. “Anything?” I asked curiously.

Suddenly the lights flickered on and he turned to grin at me. “And there shall be light!”

“Oh my hero... how may I ever repay you?”

“Well... there’s always something a man likes from a woman” He replied seductively pulling me against him.

“And that would be?”

Just then his stomach rumbled and he pulled a puppy dog expression, “Breakfast? I’m starving”

I burst out laughing and playfully swatted his shoulder. “Come on then. I wouldn’t want your mom to think I’m starving you!”



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